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James Wellbeloved Puppy Pouches

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Brand: James Wellbeloved / Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      18.09.2012 20:38
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      A great product for a growing puppy

      When I bought my golden Labrador earlier in the year I had already given a lot of thought to what food I wanted to feed her. Obviously when feeding Labradors you need to be careful as they can get fat easily and although my dog was going to be quite active I still had to take it into consideration. I decided on James Wellbeloved for my puppy's new food as apart from having used it in the past I wanted something of decent quality without breaking the bank.

      My puppy who is now coming up to 8 months old is on junior dry food by James Wellbeloved but I find it important that she also has wet food to give her a little bit of variety - I also give her extra vegetables, rice, pasta, fruit and pulses when there is leftovers! Because of feeding James Wellbeloved dry food I naturally decided to choose their wet food pouches knowing that they use decent ingredients as well as not adding as much rubbish.

      James Wellbeloved is a brand who makes dog and cat food that is hypoallergenic as well as healthy. They only use wholesome ingredients making their foods a healthy choice for your pet. They do not use beef or pork and they are wheat, dairy and egg free making their products suitable for dogs and cats with sensitive stomachs or food intolerances. The James Wellbeloved Puppy Food Pouches are suitable for both puppies and junior dogs and are available at most James Wellbeloved stockists.

      The pouches come in a small cardboard box just like all other cat/dog food pouches and their packaging in terms of colours and design is exactly the same as their dry food bags. A different colour dependent upon the flavour so they are colour coded. Each box contains 10 pouches which again are exactly the same colour and design as the box - complete with the James Wellbeloved logo. Each pouch is made of foil to ensure the upmost freshness. They have two little inserts at either side at the top of the pouch for easy opening.

      The box the pouches come in has all the information you need about the pouches themselves such as the ingredients use together with the feeding recommendations. Just remember that just because the feeding guidelines are on the box does not mean that they are ideal for every breed of dog so you do sometimes have to make a judgement call. I personally feed mine one pouch a day as she simply has the pouches as a topping not her main meal so my box obviously last me 10 days making the price of the box last quite a while.

      The pouches themselves are hypoallergenic as stated above which does mean there is a reduced risk of a food allergy. They contain no added artificial colours, flavours or preservatives making them easy on your puppy's delicate digestive tract and because they are hypoallergenic they reduce the risk of itchy skin and coats. The meat in the pouches are only a single source so you get pouches in either turkey, duck, lamb or ocean white fish therefore making them a lot easier to digest. For energy James Wellbeloved use oats, rice and barley and of course vegetables such as carrots and peas are also used.

      On opening the pouch there is no distinctive dog food smell, that in your face meaty smell which for me personally I really dislike. Instead there is a gentle aroma of meat but it certainly isn't particularly noticeable. When emptying the pouch out the chunks of meat are quite small and pale in colour and unfortunately whilst I was expect something looking like proper meat but alas the chunks of meat just looked like normal meat chunks in most pouches. However, there are visible pieces of carrot as well as a fair helping of rice and peas which is nice to see.

      Obviously I don't test the pouches myself. However, my dog has no problems with eating them - generally all in one go mind! They hardly touch the sides and yes I am well aware Labradors are not particularly fussy so I didn't expect her to turn her nose up at them and she didn't. She really does seem to enjoy them and as soon as she sees me get a pouch out of its box she gets incredibly excited and cannot be patient for a few minutes whilst I sort her breakfast/dinner out. Within a matter of what seems like seconds the whole meal has gone.

      On the serious side she does have a slightly delicate stomach and her brands she has dabbled with haven't suited her so we have always ended up coming back to James Wellbeloved and she has never had any problems with an upset stomach and the like. Her coat looks in fantastic condition and she is full of energy. I really do believe that because they use a lot more meat in their pouches together with wholesome ingredients that it does her a lot better especially when the meat content is a higher than most. I certainly do think these are far better for a growing dog than other brands.

      If you are wanting a decent, wholesome wet dog food for your growing puppy then these should definitely be considered. Yes, they are a little more expensive compared to say Pedigree but they are far better for your dog and contain a lot less rubbish. For me I won't be changing my dog onto anything else and would definitely recommend them. 5 stars from me.

      ~ Useful Information ~

      Brand: James Wellbeloved
      Price: From around £7.20 per box
      Volume: 10 per box


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