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Pedigree DentaRask

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    5 Reviews
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      07.06.2011 20:22
      Very helpful
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      I wont be buying htese again

      Similar to the Denti Stixs these claim to clean the dogs teeth as they chew.

      The difference in this is that it is a bone shape apposed to a stick and is more expensive!

      I bought these as my Rotti was getting a bit of plaque on his teeth and even though he let me use a tooth brush on his teeth, anyone who has tried to clean a dogs teeth will know that if there are any easier options then they are used!

      I was optimistic about these and bought three, one for each dog. They are in different sizes for different size dogs. They are pretty expensive, about £1.50 a chew, and so I ended up spending a lot on them.

      To actually clean teeth I expected the chew to last a long time so that they rubbed the teeth and gums for a while. The dogs made short work of it though and the chew only lasted about 3 minutes. |I can not see that it actually did anything to their teeth or gums and so am not sold on them.

      Maybe if your dogs chews things slower then they would be good for them but not for mine, they chew too hard and just ate the chew too quickly!! Bit of a waste of money and I am back to cleaning teeth with a brush!!


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        14.06.2010 14:24
        Very helpful



        an easier way to clean your dog's teeth than by hand

        For this review, I will be looking at the Medium Rask that is for medium dogs.

        ===What Is It?====

        Denta Rask is a hard dog chew that is designed to remove plaque whilst your dog eats.

        ====What Do They Look Like?====

        They're about three to four inches long and one to one and a half inches wide. One end is shaped like a bone and the other is rounded. It's of a pale colour.


        None really, which is good as there won't be any taint left on your dog's breath. If it smells of anything, I suppose it would be rice.


        Well, these don't have a meaty flavour according to the pack, but they do contain milk, so that's probably what they taste like. My Brandy (Golden Retriever) loves them, so they must be good.

        ====What's In Them?====

        As well as milk, they also contain vitamins A, D and E.
        The contain EC permitted antioxidants and preservatives.
        They also provide 20% of the energy needs of a 15kg dog.

        ====Feeding Guide====

        One a day. But reduce the main meal to balance energy intake.

        ====Can All Dogs Have Them?====
        The medium rask is not suitable for dogs less than 8kg.

        ====Do They Make A Mess?====

        No. For a change, these treats are very clean.


        They come in a packet. To open, simply tear at the corner and let the opening cord do the rest!

        ====According To The Pack...====

        "8 out of 10 dogs over the age of three have gum disease"

        ====Why Are These Good?====

        They target the back teeth where plaque can build up and cause bad breath and gum disease.

        ====Value For Money?====

        If they help to keep you dog's teeth healthy then I would say "yes". It's cheaper than a vet's bill to sort out the problem once it's started.

        ====Do They Work?====

        Well, because of their price and because Brandy eats them in less than twenty seconds, I don't give them to him every day. He's had two this week and after eating, they do seem to have worked a bit. Although the cleanliness doesn't seem to last long. My main reason for buying them for him is that he likes them. I do try to give him one treat a week that claims to clean his teeth so I must have some faith in them.


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          18.05.2009 17:15



          Worth it just as an enjoyable treat. Double-worth it if it helps with dental health.

          I don't know if these do what they're supposed to, but I'm sitting here watching Stan, an 18 year-old Jack Russel, attacking one with great gusto. Despite having some tooth and gum problems he finds their hardness no problem at all and obvioulsy thinks they taste terrific. I've never seen him so obsessive about anything before.

          Despite his small size the 'Medium' ones seem preferable as they're easy to grasp between his paws so he can have a real gnaw at it.

          Other products to promote dental health get consumed within a few minutes. This is the first thing that shows any sign of being able to resist the tenacious attentions of Stan for a day or more.

          I'm giving this four stars - based solely on how much Stan likes them. If it helps improve the state of his teeth and gums (which we'll only know after some time) then it would deserve all five.


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          01.09.2007 13:33
          Very helpful



          Much easier than trying to pursuade a 43kg dog to have his teeth brushed!!

          *What are DentaRasks?*
          These are very hard bone shaped treats for dogs that are designed to scrape away plaque and tartar from a dogs teeth, they also help to freshen breath. They are produced by the Pedigree company which makes a wide range of dog food, treats and toys.

          *The product itself*
          The treats are bone shaped and off-white in colour, they are extremely hard and cannot be snapped in half by hand and seem rather hard for a dog to chew. The product claims to especially target a dogs back teeth where plaque is likely to form.

          DentaRasks come in a blue and yellow foil packet with the familiar Pedigree rosette logo, product name and a picture of a dog. On the back is more information about how the product works, and also the ingredients list and nutritional information. The packet is easy to rip open but cannot be resealed but as they are not moist or made from biscuit they are not going to go stale or harden.

          *Price & Availability*
          These treats are available in three different sizes for different sized dogs:
          3 Bones for Junior/Small dogs - £1.37
          2 Bones for Medium dogs -£1.38
          2 Bones for Large dogs- £1.38
          I purchase these treats from Pets At Home and they are often on some kind of 3 for 2 deal, they are also readily available from most supermarkets.

          *What the dogs think*
          I only feed these treats to my Bernese Mountain Dog Benson who is 2 years old, as my other dog Ruby is nearly 13 and has quite delicate teeth and struggles to eat them. Benson had 1-2 treats a week since he was about a year old and his teeth are in great condition, lovely and white with very little plaque. As the treats are so hard he has to actually lie down and hold the treat between his paws to have a good chew at it, which means his teeth are getting a good clean aswell as him getting enjoyment from it.

          *Pro's & Con's*
          + Removes plaque so keeps teeth clean and white, and breath fresh
          + Long lasting
          + Dogs get more enjoyment from them as they have to take a long time to chew them, compared to other treats that are wolfed down in one bite.
          + No mess

          - Too hard for senior or very young dogs
          - Even the smallest size may be too big for very small breeds of dog
          - The large and medium sizes are only available in packets of 2


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            19.08.2007 16:17
            Very helpful



            Good idea, but need some extra flavour to encourage dogs to eat them.

            My dog Max thinks these could quite possibly be the most boring dog treats available..

            They are very hard white-ish coloured 'bones' made by the Pedigree company, they come in 3 sizes for different sized dogs and are designed to help clean the dogs teeth as they chew on them. They would be a great idea if they actually tasted good enough for the dog to eat and enjoy. They smell of nothing and by Max's reaction they don't taste of much either. Max is a greedy dog who will normally eat anything that is given to him, he ate the first DentaRask I gave him but a few days later I gave him another one and he never ate it. Surprised by his lacks of intrest in them I checked the packet for the ingredients, I was rather shocked to find they contained no meat whatsoever, prehaps why they look so bland.

            If you could get your dog to eat these on a regular basis they should help to clean your dogs teeth really well, as the treat is very hard and a dog really has to give it a good chew before eating peices of it.

            The small sized treats are sold in packets of three (£1.37) and are suitable for young and small dogs, medium treats are sold in packets of two (£1.38) and large are also sold in packs of two (£1.38).


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