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Pedigree Jumbone Bites

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Brand: Pedigree / Food Type: Dog Food

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    6 Reviews
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      12.01.2011 21:32
      Very helpful



      A great, lighter alternative to the Jumbone for a Medium Dog

      For Christmas my mother-in-law bought Rafael a jumbone- it was a chicken one, and he had never had one before so I was unsure what his reaction would be. My thoughts were 'my goodness this is heavy'. Well Rafael loved it, and eat it all in one sitting, and promptly slept with a full stomach all through Christmas dinner!

      I started purchasing jumbones when I needed rafael to be distracted and then sleep, but knew he should have such a big treat everyday. Enter Jumbone bites!

      I saw these on the top shelf at wilkinsons priced at just £1. I would say each 100g bag contains approx. 10 'bites' of a jumbone (the beef variety). They contain added vitamins and calcium and omega 3 which makes you believe that these are good for your dog. The feeding instructions recommend up to 2 pieces a day for a small dog, 4 for a medium dog and 7 for a large dog. You must use them within 7 days of opening so if you have a small dog these would be an everyday for a week treat, which, if your dog likes variety like mine may become a bit boring. If you have a large dog, great, the treats almost all gone within a day of opening! Althought it states 'adult dogs' they are not suitable for dogs under 5kg, which is quite understandable because the pieces actually feel quite heavy. True to Pedigrees word, I observed that as a few days past, despite my effort to seal the bag, the bites got a little harder and lost their freshness.

      They have a slightly musky meaty odour to them, neither pleasent or offensive. They don't leave a smell on your hands which is a plus. The most important thing is my dogs reaction however, and he absolutely loves them. They are a fair size, about 1.5 inches in diameter so Rafael chewed it rather than swallowed it whole- I feel it would be a different situation with my in-laws labrador though! I would recommend these to owners of medium dogs, because the bag can be finished within a few days and they can stay fresh and they provide a chew that lasts a bit longer than a few seconds. With smaller dogs I doubt the bites would be up to much by day 4 or 5, and your dog may be bored. With larger dogs, a mouthful might not be so satisfying.


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        26.05.2010 21:31
        Very helpful
        1 Comment



        I buy these a lot for my dogs

        I first discovered these when my mum brought them for the dogs at Christmas. Our dogs can get quite fussy and don't always like some of the treats we buy them, so we try to buy new things when we see them now and again.

        Pedigree jumbone bites are very similar to a jumbone and look like a large one that has been cut into pieces. They a bit bigger than the size of a large egg yolk and are a round shape. The outside is quite hard and a pale creamy colour, whilst the inside is a dark brown colour and soft and chewy. They come in a plastic bag wrapping and I do think they would be a lot better if they came in a re-sealable bag so that you could keep them fresh.

        These treats are available in most supermarkets and pet shops and from what I have seen, they can differ quite a bit in price. I have paid as much as nearly for a bag of these, but you can get them on offer for as cheap as 3 bags for £2, which is very reasonable. You seem ti get about 8 to 10 treats per bag, although it does go on weight, rather than quantity.

        Our dogs love these and would eat them all the time if we let them. We have Shih Tzu's and Westies and all of them like these, which is unusual. The Shih Tzu's seem to take ages to eat one, whereas the Westies' eat theirs in seconds. They are a great treat for the dogs as they have to chew quite a bit, so it's a good idea for their teeth and their not messy like some treats can be.


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          17.05.2010 16:10
          Very helpful



          super treat for your pooches


          I was wandering around Pets at Home and had a basket full of toys and treats ready for Christmas a year or two ago. I probably spent more money on toys and treats for them than I do for my friends and family. One of the bags of treats that I picked up was Pedigree Jumbone Bites, a bag of treats that I thought Poppy and Coco would enjoy as they love Pedigree Jumbone.

          *About the Product*

          All the meaty goodness of Jumbone but in a delicious, chewy slices, so that you can treat your dog with Jumbone at any time. They are low in fat and fortified with vitamins and minerals, so are good for your pooch and because they have a tasty, meaty centre, your dog will love them.

          *Price and Availability*

          Pedigree Jumbone Bites can be found on the shelves of most pet shops as the Pedigree brand is extremely product. You can find it in the big pet stores like Pets at Home as well as most supermarkets like Tesco and Asda. You are also able to find it in various smaller pet stores. Alternatively, you can buy it from various sources online, for example www.petsupermarket.co.uk.

          A bag of these treats can be purchased for £1.79. This is a little bit on the expensive side for a small bag but Pedigree is a brand that I trust so I am willing to pay this price for a treat that my little rascals thoroughly enjoy.

          *My Opinion*

          The packaging: As for all Pedigree products, Pedigree Jumbone Bites are packaged in a classic and distinctive yellow and red plastic bag. This can be spotted from quite a distance on the shelf of a supermarket or pet store due to its vibrant colours. On the back of this bag, you can find a list of the ingredients and nutrients that go into the product if you wish to view these details. The packaging is relatively easy to open and it comes with a small sticky tab which you can use to seal the packet closed after opening. Unfortunately this tab that makes the product re-sealable isn't all that great but you just need a small piece of cello tape to conceal the jumbone bites in order to keep them fresh. Alternatively, you can put them in a small pot or jar which is what I do myself.

          The appearance of Jumbone Bites is the same as with the Pedigree Jumbone. They are a golden yellow colour on the outside which is hard but without being a biscuit texture and inside this outer shell is a soft, chewy, meaty centre which is a dark brown colour.

          Smell: I am not really a fan of smelly dog treats so I like Pedigree Jumbone Bites as they have just a slight meaty scent to them. This isn't too bad as I don't seem to notice it much. Perhaps I am just getting used to these smells though as we seem to have tried pretty much all the dog treats available now. You will need to make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after feeding your dogs these treats as the smell does stay on your fingers.

          Flavours: As far as I am aware, Pedigree Jumbone Bites are only available in one flavour: Chicken & Rice. This is limited but my two dogs seem to enjoy this flavour and the treats barely even touch the sides so clearly this doesn't matter to them.

          What is in them? Cereals, Various Sugars, Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives.

          Allowance: The allowances for Jumbone Bites are as follows:

          Small (i.e. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel): no more than 4 per day.
          Medium (i.e. Cocker Spaniel): no more than 6 per day.
          Large (i.e. Golden Retriever): no more than 8 per day.
          Also, when feeding your dog these treats, you should ensure that there is plenty of fresh drinking water available for them.

          How long will one pack last? I would take an estimate at between a week or two. I have two gorgeous dogs that are pretty well behaved so we seem to go through a packet pretty quickly. I used them a lot when teaching them commands as they were eager to get the treat but I wouldn't give them it until that had done what they were told. They learned pretty quickly.

          How long will one Jumbone Bite last? Less than a second or two. I'm serious! Poppy and Coco devour these treats the instant that they hit their lips. They then look at you as if to say 'Where did that go?'.

          Are there any negatives? None whatsoever. The product doesn't smell overly strong, the packaging is easy to use and resealable, the treats (according to the speed in which they are devoured) are delicious and that create no mess. What is not to like about them?

          *Would I Recommend This Product?*

          As I have said before, Pedigree is a brand I trust wholeheartedly therefore I would definitely recommend this product. They are fairly good value for money (although a tad pricey) and superb to give to dogs who love Pedigree Jumbone but don't want to give them a huge treat. These jumbone bites are the perfect treat to use as a training reward or simply as a treat.


          Pedigree Jumbone Bites is a great treat that although is slightly more expensive, I like as you can give them to your dogs as and when you want to over a period of time. The small bite size treats don't seem to keep Poppy and Coco quiet for very long but they do seem to enjoy them very much. There is very little doubt in my mind that if my little rascals could speak for themselves, they would say that the treats are tres bien!


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            27.01.2010 15:06
            Very helpful



            Pedigree Jumbone Bites - Chewy treat for your dog.

            Pedigree are known the world over for producing good quality dog food and a vast range of dog treats, for which my Murphy is eternally grateful.

            Murphy is my one year old border collie (his first birthday was yesterday!)
            He did get a few goodies yesterday, but is still working his way through the massive amount he got in his Christmas stocking!

            One of these Christmas goodies, was a packet of Jumbone bites. He did also get the medium, whole Jumbones, but found them quite large to chew and ate them with mixed enthusiasm. The Jumbone Bites, though, are proving to be a huge success with him.

            Pedigree Jumbone bites are designed to look like slices of marrowbone. There is the outer 'bone' which is hard and chewy and an inner, meaty centre. I have been giving Murphy a couple of these a day, as a treat when he has been good and has did what he was told. He is a very clever little dog, but can be quite stubborn! I don't like to give him too many though, as they do contain a worrying amount of sugar.

            Cereals, Various Sugars, Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives (inc. minimum 4% beef).

            On Pedigree's website it states the following on nutritional benefits:


            Omega 3 to keep him fit for life.
            Calcium to give him strong teeth & bones.
            Vitamins & Minerals to help maintain his natural defences.

            Murphy does love his treats, and I love to spoil him, but I am going to take a closer look at these products before buying them now. I am quite shocked at the amount of sugar being added to dog treats. My last dog, Ridge, was never introduced to dog treats. He lived for 16 years and had all his teeth bar one. I would like the same for Murphy.

            Pedigree Jumbone Bites can be purchased in Tesco. A 185g bag will cost you £1.50.

            Murphy loves these, but due to the sugar content, I can only give them 4 stars.


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            16.12.2008 18:52
            Very helpful



            A very good value for money for treat which dogs adore!

            *What are Pedigree Jumbone Bites?*
            These treats are part of the Pedigree range, who produce a very large selection of dry foods, cans, trays & pouches, and their highly popular range of dog treats, chews and biscuits. Owned by Masterfoods, Pedigree produces products to cater for every canine life stage, from puppy hood through to adult and senior pets.

            *The product itself*
            Regular readers of my reviews will already know all about the two very important fluffsters in my life who feature heavily in a lot of my reviews- my Rottweiler bitch Grace, and Benson, my Bernese Mountain Dog. They aren't exactly the fussiest dogs in the world and would eat just about anything and everything they get their paws on if they were given half a chance, and they have probably sampled just about every dog treat on the market by now, but if they were they were made to choose their top five favourites I'm pretty sure Pedigree Jumbones would be well up there.

            These treats have been out a couple of years now, making them one of the newer additions to the Pedigree range of dog treats and are based on their hugely popular Jumbone chews. They are identical in appearance to the standard Jumbones- a very hard chewy outer casing filled with a soft moist meaty centre, but cut into 'slices' about one inch in height and a centimetre thick, making them an ideal everyday treat or training aid. To the touch the outer part of the treat feels quite smooth and is very tough but you can just about make an indentation in it if you press it with your nail, and the inner part looks quite bubbly and aerated in appearance and has a fairly rough strange texture. Most dog treats tend to whiff a bit and these are no exception, they have a very strong meaty odour to them that not only tends to linger on your hands after handling, but also on your dogs breath until the next time they take a drink, which isn't too pleasant if they deicide they'd like to thank you for their treat with a lovely big slobbery kiss.

            Disappointingly, unlike most of the other Pedigree treats which nowadays seem to have various health benefits added to them such as extra calcium, omega 3 or 6 and added vitamins and minerals these Jumbones Bites don't claim to have anything added to them, which makes them entirely a treat product and would probably be something you would want to limit your dogs intake of. The chewing action needed to eat these treats however would be good for your dogs teeth, helping to remove plaque and helping to keep teeth and gums clean and strong.

            Jumbone Bites come in small plastic packets which sports the easily recognisable yellow colour scheme and rosette logo than runs through all Pedigree products. The product name and a picture on the treat and a small dogs sits on the front and on the reverse we are told all the usual information such as ingredients, nutritional information, a feeding guide and contact details for Pedigree. The packet is easy to open and comes with a sticky tab which you can use to reseal the packet after opening, this serves its purpose for a little while but soon looses its stick, so you may wish to transfer the treats to an air tight container if your dog isn't going to eat them within a fortnight.

            *Price & Availability*
            Pedigree is a hugely popular brand and can be found in most supermarkets and pet shops. Although the regular sized Jumbone chews come in beef and chicken & rice flavours, these Jumbone Bites are available in the beef flavour only and are sold in 185g packets which contain around 20 treats. I purchased my packet from Pets At Home for £1.89.

            *Ingredients & Nutritional Information*
            Cereals, Various Sugars, Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Meat and Animal Derivatives (min. 4% Beef).

            As with most Pedigree products, the ingredients list is pretty poor- cereals and sugar are the two top ingredients with meat not making an appearance until last in the list, and even the very little meat in the product isn't proper meat- just derivatives. So they're not exactly the best thing you could feed your dog, but the way I see things is that if you are feeding your dog a high quality food for their main meals (which I am with my two) and they are getting adequate exercise for their age and breed (which again, my two do), then its fine to supplement their diet with a small amount of low quality treats daily.

            Protein 6%, Oil 1.5%, Ash 6%, Fibre 3%, Moisture 15%

            Jumbone Bites have a decent amount of protein in them- enough to be beneficial to muscles and growth but not too much to cause hyperactivity or stomach upsets. Oil is essential for a healthy skin and coat but unfortunately these treats contain very little, and an awful lot of ash which isn't needed at all. Fibre is low, although the moisture content quite pleasing- the treats aren't just full of water like some dog treats so they aren't going to run right through your pet.

            *My opinion*
            I like to buy a variety of different treats for my dogs to enjoy but as I mentioned before, the Jumbone chews are probably one of their absolute favourites, both Grace and Benson will go crazy for one, offering paws and a showing off an array of different tricks in hope of getting one. The large Jumbones however, which are the size suitable for my dogs are sold for a fairly expensive £1.45 each, and as they only last the dogs five minutes maximum I'll only buy these for them as an extra special treat a couple of times a month. So when I saw these Jumbone Bites a couple of packets made their way into my trolley.

            When it came to giving my dogs one of their new treats they went down just as well as their regular Jumbone chews, both dogs absolutely adored them and kept looking for more. I'm a bit of a mean mother at times and my dogs rarely get a treat for free, I generally like to make them work a little bit for their food- either a simple command such as 'sit' or giving the paw before they get their reward or sometimes something a little bit harder to make them use their minds and keep them stimulated. The Jumbone Bites fit nicely into Kong toys and also into old sterilized bones that the dogs have already cleaned of marrow and it takes Grace and Benson a little longer to figure out how to get the treat from the bone or toy before they get to eat them. They also make ideal training rewards- they have a fairly strong smell so they capture and keep the dogs attention and then can be eaten quickly and easily before moving onto the next task, as they are a fairly large treat though they may be best suited to larger dogs. Benson recently finished a course of antibiotics and I also found the Jumbone Bites very handy for giving him his medication in, I could make a slit in the meaty part of the treat, pop the tablet in and give to Benson and he'd swallow the tablet without even noticing.

            One thing I have noticed though is that the Jumbone Bites can make the dogs quite thirsty, just like the regular Jumbones do, well with my two dogs anyway, so always ensure your dog has plenty of clean, fresh water to drink at all times which should be the case anyway.

            All in all, they're a treat I will continue to buy fairly regularly for my dogs. They enable Grace and Benson to have a small taste of their favourite treat often and for me they work out a lot cheaper than buying the regular Jumbones as you probably get the equivalent of two of the large sized regular Jumbones per packet.

            *Pro's & Con's*
            + Good value for money
            + An excellent idea- enables dogs to have a tasty treat without paying out for regular Jumbones all the time
            + Widely available
            + Suitable for dogs of all sizes, whereas there isn't a regular Jumbone small enough for very small/toy dogs
            + Make good training rewards
            + Handy if your dog needs medication, can hide the tablet in the inner meaty part of the treat
            + Chewing action helps keep teeth clean and strong

            - Strong odour
            - Can make the dogs very thirsty
            - No added benefits such as calcium and omega 3
            - Poor ingredients


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              13.12.2008 22:32
              Very helpful
              1 Comment



              henry loves them

              Pedigree is a well known dog food and treat manufacturer that make all sorts of treats for your dog, one of these is the pedigree jumbone which has a hard outer and a meaty middle making it last longer, We recently brought one for henry which he realy enjoyed, it didnt take him long to eat it and due to the price wasnt something i would have given him every day so when i saw these jumbone bites i thought they were ideal as they are exactly the same as the bone but just sliced into small treats so he could have a couple each day.

              These treats are low in fat with added vitamins and mineral so are also giving your dog health benefits, the chewy hard outer helps to remove the build up on your dogs teeth and keep them healthy wholst the soft meaty middle appeals to them, henry loves these and at just £1.75p a bag he can have a bag each week and have a few treats each day.

              Pedigree jumbones are also sold in different sizes but even there small bone may be too big for some toy breeds of dog so these would be ideal if you have a very small dog.


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              Meaty goodness in a delicious chewy slice.

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