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Pedigree Rancho

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Brand: Pedigree / Food Type: Dog Food

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    2 Reviews
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      07.06.2011 18:02
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      Good for long walks

      I spend most of my days off out with the dogs and my favourite place to wlak the dogs is along the Ridgeway National Trail.

      This is a hard going track for the dogs, made even harder by them as they spend their time racing up and down chasing each other. They probably travel 10 times the distance I walk.

      I like to give them a little treat when they get back to the car and so have tried all these packets of treats, the Rancho being one of them.

      Pedigree probably are the leaders in making dog treats and there are so many different treats out there. Their ingrediants seem a little better than their competitors like bakers which seem to have a lot of sugar and artifical colours in them. Pedigree treats will always be brown or beige in colour so you can be almost confident that there is not artificial colours unlike the bright red treats from Bakers!

      These are straight sticks and are quite hard. I find them difficult to break into bits and so just use them as a treat at the end of a walk rather then a little treat to keep in your pocket.

      They are in a plastic packet which can be sealed back down with a little sticker when leaving treats in the packet.

      The dogs seemed to love these and the smell made them sniff the air when the packet was opened which is a good sign. I am discouraged when there is not change in the nose activity when a packet is opened!

      They dont last long though and all got devoured in a matter of 2 minutes. However all the crumbs are hoovered up by the dogs which is a sure sign that they were enjoyed.

      These are a winner for me and I buy them whenever I can. They tend to be expensive, as everything is at the moment, but sometimes they can be found on offer and so a handful are bought then!!


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        17.01.2009 15:29
        Very helpful



        Another great Pedigree treat which your dog will adore.

        *What are Pedigree Rancho's?*
        These treats are produced by Pedigree, the world famous manufacturer of a large variety of dog products including dry complete foods, canned and pouched moist foods and a very large selection of treats with something to cater for every age of dog.

        *The product itself*
        I hate to think of how boring it must be eating the same food day in day out, so for this reason I like to make sure my dogs always receive a good variety in their diet- the base of their diet will always stay the same with either one of two dog kibble brands, but I'll add something different to their evening meal everyday such as some cooked vegetable, raw meat or a small amount of canned dog food, and regularly change the types and brands of treats I feed in between meals.

        One type of treat I will buy quite often are these strangely named Rancho treats by Pedigree. As well as a strange name, the treats also have quite a strange appearance to them too- they're a very dark brown in colour and have a somewhat plastic type appearance to them and are feel very tough to the touch although you can just about make an imprint in them with your nail if you press hard enough. They're an oddly shaped rectangular treat at around 3 inches long, an inch wide and half an inch thick with a mildly abrasive texture to them if your run your fingers over the surface and have a very rich meaty aroma which the dogs adore.

        One thing I like about these treats is that they claim to be scientifically proven to help reduce the build up of plaque and tartar on your dogs teeth with is a nice change as most dog treats of a similar style are a lot softer and will actually coat your dogs teeth rather than help clean them. As your dog chews on the Rancho, his teeth will sink down in the chew causing a wiping effect and the hard, slightly abrasive texture of the treat, combined with the chewing action needed to eat them will help clean their teeth and keep gums firm and healthy.

        The Ranchos are also clean to feed which is most definitely a good thing, they don't stain or go all horrible and sticky which the Jumbone and Rodeo chews in the Pedigree range have a habit of doing, and they won't stick around the mouth of a dog with longer fur.

        The Rancho treats come packaged in small plastic packets which follow the bright yellow colour scheme that runs through the entire Pedigree range, on the front is the familiar rosette logo, product name and a rather bouncy looking Spaniel dog and on the reverse we are told all the usual nutritional information, ingredients and a contact for the Pedigree company. The packaging is easy to open and comes with a sticky tab to stick down the top of the packet after opening to keep the treats fresh.

        *Price & Availability*
        Pedigree is a hugely popular brand that can be found stocked in most, if not all, supermarkets and pet shops. I purchased my pack of Rancho's, which contains 4 Poultry flavoured treats for £1.10 from my local pet store. Pets At Home often have Pedigree treats on either 3 for 2 or 3 packets for £3 deals, so its worth keeping an eye out and stocking up whilst you can if your dog enjoys these treats.

        *Ingredients & Nutritional Information*
        Cereals, Milk and Milk Derivatives, Meat and Animal Derivatives (min. 4% Poultry), Minerals, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin

        It's well known that Pedigree make their products with low quality ingredients and the ingredients list for these Rancho's make it clear that they follow suit. The main ingredient is cereals, which means these treats may not be suitable for dogs with skin allergies as an excess of cereal is known to trigger them further and the very little meat they contain is just derivatives, as is the milk and vegetable in the treats too. They do however contain minerals so at least there is something good in there.

        Moisture 14%, Protein 13%, Fat 2.5%, Ash 8%, Fibre 3%

        The moisture content of these treats are really quite good, there is enough in there to make them a little bit moist and very chewy but not so much that they run straight through your dog. The same goes for the protein, at 13% there is enough to provide benefits to keep muscles strong and healthy but not so much that they cause hyperactivity or stomach upsets. At 2.5% the fat content is reasonable but there is much lower treats on the market better suited to dogs on diet, the ash content is high even by Pedigree's standards and there isn't enough fibre contained within in them to be of any real benefit.

        *My opinion*
        I must admit that the first thing that attracted me to these treats was the price, at just £1.10 for 4 pieces they are very good value, especially when compared with other Pedigree treats that retail around the £1.89 mark, and with the weekly food bill for all my pets hitting around £120 a week on average, anything that can save me a little bit of money is just fine with me!

        The treats are advertised as being longer lasting so I had hoped they would keep my monsters out of mischief for five minutes at least, but as soon as I pulled one of the treats from the pack I soon realised that I would be kidding myself if I expected them to last any longer than 30 seconds! I had initially thought that the treats would be stood vertically in the packet, making them 6 inches or so long, but they are infact laid horizontally making them much smaller than I first thought they would be, but if the dogs enjoyed them, then that's all that mattered.

        Benson is a walking dustbin who really isn't fussed at all by what he eats so his treat was chewed up and swallowed within a matter of seconds but Grace seemed a little taken back by the strange appearance and texture of the treats at first, she took a while licking and sniffing at the treat before attempting to taste it but as soon as she had a bite she did enjoy it massively and polished up the rest very quickly. Her treat lasted her a bit longer than Bensons had and her teeth did appear to sink right down into the treat before she broke a piece off so I was pleased that her teeth were getting benefits from the chew at the same time as her enjoying it. The pair of them don't get enough Rancho's to tell if they are actually managing to reduce the very little plaque the dogs have on their teeth but after each time they eat one their teeth always look quite shiny and they are certainly helping to keep them clean with all that chewing.

        These treats are definitely ones that I'll continue to buy for my dogs. I know Pedigree pack their treats full of a fair bit of junk but whilst Grace and Benson are getting good nutrition from their high quality main meals then I feel its fine to supplement their diet with treats from the lesser quality ranges. The dogs enjoy them massively and even though they may be better suited to smaller dogs due to the size of them they are excellent value for money and of course have the added benefits of helping to keep teeth clean and healthy, the claim of them being longer lasting didn't prove true for my dogs but obviously my dogs are larger than the majority so perhaps they may last a smaller dog a bit longer and turn out to be even better value for money.


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      • Product Details

        Long lasting dog treat. Helps maintain health gums and teeth.

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