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Pedigree Senior Pouch

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    1 Review
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      30.08.2007 22:25
      Very helpful



      Hopefully Pedigree Senior will keep my Ruby happy and healthy for many more years yet!

      *What is Pedigree Senior?*
      Pedigree Senior is a complete pet food for dogs over 8 years old, it comes in handy single serve foil pouches which keeps the food fresh right up until you feed it to your dog. It is produced by the Pedigree company which makes complete foods, treats and snacks for dogs of all ages aswell as toys and treatments.

      *The food itself*
      After opening the pouch I can see why a dog would find this product tasty, it has good large chunks of meat covered in jelly, but unlike some other brands there isn't more jelly than meat which is good. Also it doesn't smell awful like the Butchers brand! The food is complete, meaning you don't have to feed your dog any other food if you wish, as Pedigree Senior containing every thing your dog needs, however I feed Pedigree Senior dry food aswell to my dog to add more texture and flavour.

      As mentioned before, this product comes in single serving 300g foil pouches, normally sold in multipacks of 8 containing four different flavours- lamb, beef, rabbit and chicken. The cardboard box in which the pouches come are yellow and red like most of the Pedigree products with a purple rim around the top of the box, also on the front is a collie dog and a picture of the product. On the back is a feeding guide, ingredients and nutritional information.

      *Price & Availability*
      I buy 8 pouch multipacks from Pets At Home, which costs £5.39, this food is also available from most large supermarkets too.

      *What my dog thinks of it*
      Ruby, my Cavailer King Charles Spaniel is now 12 years old so I feed her this product which she loves! She has 1 pouch a day divided into two meals, she has a handful of the dry food mixed in aswell. Whilst I prepare her food Ruby is always waiting at my feet wagging her tail full speed and eats it quickly when I put it down for her, which makes me think the food is pretty tasty, although I haven't tried it myself! However she isn't too keen on the beef flavour, it is very dark in coloured compared to the other flavours but it can't be that bad as she does eat it, but just doesn't seem to enjoy it as much. But apart from that, clean bowls everyday!

      *Pro's & Con's*
      + Comes in handy pouches, simply tear off the top and pour into a bowl. No need for can openers or serving forks.
      + Doesn't reak like some other wet dog foods.
      + Seems easy to digest, my dog has no problems.
      + Easy for eldery dogs with missing teeth to eat!

      - Ruby isn't keen on the beef flavour and I know other dogs who won't eat it either. Would be great if it was replaced with turkey!
      - Only four flavours available so dogs could get easily bored.
      - As far as I know, 8 packs are the largest available. Only lasts a week with my small dog, so will go quickly if you have a big dog!


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