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Pet Munchies Chicken Strips

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Brand: Pet Munchies / Type: Food

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    1 Review
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      06.03.2014 14:12
      Very helpful



      A healthy treat for your dog

      For my one dog (the fussy flat coated retriever) I have to try and ensure he has a hypoallergenic diet as much as possible due to allergies he has (excessive itching, redness and loss of fur if I don't keep him on this diet) but since the rise of hypoallergenic foods the variety available for both food and treats there is a much better range than there used to be. One brand I like to buy from not just for the fussy one but for my other two is a company called Pet Munchies.

      Pet Munchies are a company that produce 100% natural dog treats. Basically they roast (in their own juices) and then dehumidify select meats such as chicken and duck breasts (they stress that they only use the best quality) and which give the end result of being a healthy, all natural snack/treat for your dog without any additives, colourings etc. Because of this process they are also hypoallergenic and suitable for those with allergies/insensitivities.

      Pet Munchies Chicken Strips are an item from their range that I do buy regularly. They come in a bright orange plastic bag (with a self seal top to ensure freshness) which has a small transparent window so you can just see what the chicken strips actually look like. The Pet Munchies paw logo is on the front and on the reverse you will find information about the product, the daily feeding guidelines together with contact information for the brand itself.

      The chicken strips are quite literally strips of chick breast which are an orange colour which I am guessing is from the process they use to roast and dehumidify the meat (they have a shelf life of 18 months). The chicken strips are quite course to the touch and are not overly soft either but for dogs these are great as they help ensure they have healthy teeth and gums as they have to physically chew the chicken strips in order to swallow them. The chicken strips all tend to be about the same size in the pack, for smaller dogs it may be best to break one in half to help the dog.

      They don't have an overpowering smell about them although there is a roasted type smell when you first open the packet. The packet is self seal which is handy as without this the chicken strips would end up rock hard and pretty useless. I do tend to follow the guidelines when feeding these as although they are a healthy snack compared to other brands it still adds up against the main food allowance unless of course I reduce it down to take snacks into consideration.

      My two adult dogs without a doubt enjoy these chicken strips whether it is because they are more natural to eat rather than a biscuit type treat but they certainly won't waste any. They also don't rush to eat these like they do other treats as they are a bit tougher which does make them work a bit harder for them. My puppy however will have to wait until he his old enough and his teeth have settled to enjoy these as although they look like they soften up I do think they are just a little too tough for him.

      These can become quite an expensive treat if like me you have more than one dog. However, I only use them sparingly and not every day as I would easily get through a packet (or two!) a week. They make a great occasional treat and you know they don't contain anything harmful or anything that really your dog shouldn't be digesting. Overall, a definite recommendation and can give

      == Product Information ==

      Brand: Pet Munchies
      Price: £2.49 (VioVet - March 2014)
      Availability: Pet stores, online stores


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  • Product Details

    What better way to let your dog have a 100% Natural Treat. Pet Munchies Chicken Strips are made from the finest quality meat delicately cooked in its own natural juices. They are high in protein and low in fat and carbohydrates.

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