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Pets At Home Gravy Coated Bones

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Brand: Pets At Home / Food Type: Dog Food

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    3 Reviews
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      29.06.2011 21:56
      Very helpful
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      I used to buy pedigree gravy bones but they were starting to get expensive at the rate my 4 dogs got through them so i had a look around for a cheaper alternative (but something similar that my dogs would like), and found these gravy bones which are from pets at home.

      The bones come in a 1.5kg bag which is £3.15, £1-£2 cheaper than the Pedigree ones. The packaging is plastic and transparent so the bones are visible to see, on the front is a green box which says 'Gravy coated bones' and the weight of the entire bag.

      My dogs love these. I usually cut the bag open and put the treats into a container to keep them nice and fresh and crispy as these treats are very biscuit like; a smooth outside and crunchy inside. They're bite size so are ideal for taking on walks in aid with walking to heel, can be used for training to sit/lay etc or are nice just for a little treat for your dog to enjoy. On average my dogs have 10 each a day which is spread throughout the day.

      The treats are brown in colour both outside and inside, and have a plasticy feel to them and are quite shiny but they snap in half easily exposing the biscuit texture. They are dry to touch and aren't greasy. Smell wise they're not very strong and smell quite sweet, it's not unpleasent as it's barely noticeable. The ingredients of these bones includes vitamins (A, D and E) and they contain no harmful ingredients, which is brilliant as i know my dogs are getting nutrients from the treats rather than unhealthy additives.

      The only downside is because the treats are bite size, it's easy for dogs to choke on them if attempting to swallow them whole as a lot of dogs do so i would reccomend supervision while your dog eats the bone. (this doesn't take long!) The treats aren't too hard but for a puppy may be a bit tough. My dogs don't struggle in the slightest however my dogs all have strong teeth and gums so with an older, fragile dog you may want to break the bone into little bits to allow your dog to enjoy it more.

      As the bones are biscuit like they do leave crumbs. I have wooden flooring so this is not a problem as my dogs can lick the crumbs up and i can wipe the patch where the crumbs were with a wet wipe, but people with carpet should be aware of this and it may be a good idea to put your dog outside while it eats the treat to avoid crumbs getting inbetween carpet fibers. I doubt it would leave a stain however it's possible due to the colour of the bones.

      Overall these are a cheap alternative to more well known brand names and are as good quality.


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        03.06.2010 22:15
        Very helpful



        A great buy

        I tend to go through a variety of dog treats as i'm always interested in which kind my dog prefers... as there are some which he completely turns his nose up to!!

        Pets at home gravy bones.. although not an expensive professional company made (such as wainrights or bakers) have proven to be a favourite to my little dog!

        They can be bought in two ways from my local pets at home store... in a 1.5kg bag for £3.15 or from the doggy pic n mix bay.
        I tend to get them from the pic n mix bay as you do get a lot more! However for the price of these, theres not really much worth stressing over a few pence!

        These treats aren't supposed to be given as part of a meal or main daily food. They are intended to be used as treats or as rewards when training.
        However you do have to monitor the amount of buiscuits you give to your dog!
        Pets at home recommends to feed your dog per day depending on its size; ....
        Up to 6 Biscuits- for small breeds (5-12kg)
        Up to 12 Biscuits- for medium breeds (12-25kg)
        Up to 18 Biscuits- for large breeds (25-45kg)

        The buiscuits aren't too large to give whole to small breeds, however I like to split them into halves as 6 buiscuits for my little dog doesn't seem to be enough haha!

        Ingredients; ....
        Meat and Animal Derivatives,
        Derivatives of Vegetable Origin,
        Oils and Fats.

        Typical Analysis; ....
        Moisture <11%,
        Protein: 11%,
        Oils and Fats: 8%,
        Fibre: 1%,
        Ash: 7%,
        Vitamin A: 4500iu/kg,
        Vitamin D3: 450iu/kg,
        Vitamin E (as alpha tocopherol): 45mg/kg.
        Coloured with EC Additives.
        Vitamin level valid until best before date printed on pack.

        I am happy to give my dog these gravy coated bones as a treat as they contain many vitamins, a good amount of protein and he loves them!
        The nutritional values aren't great, however they aren't exactly unhealthy! And when fed to your dog in safe amounts advised, they are just fine!

        I tend to keep the gravy bones in a tight seal container as the packaging isn't resealable and i've had many ocassions where the bones have gone everywhere in the cuboard I keep them in!

        Smell and taste; ....
        The bones don't give out an unpleasant smell, I actually think they smell quite nice compared to other dog treats I've tried.
        They are coated with a dry gravy shell and are a crunchy texture- this means the bones don't leave a nasty smell on your hands if you like to carry treats with you when out on walkies!
        I've not tasted this bones, they don't really appeal to me that much! Haha, but my dog really enjoys them. We test him out with them the first time we bought him some, and he was happy to run from one length of the garden to the other to get each bone half we threw out for him!
        Excersie and a treat! :D

        Overall; ....
        A great amount, at a great price. My dog loves them, and I love the price!


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          12.04.2010 00:58
          Very helpful
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          great treat for dogs

          I am a regular shopper at pets at home. having 4 dogs in total in our house (1 is mine the other belong to my mu, but we all look after them) we buy quite a lot from there. I am always on the look out for new treats for the dogs and brought these a couple of months ago for them to try.

          Our dogs wont eat dried dog food. We have tried them with it several times, with different types, but they just prefer wet food. I am always concerned about this because the wet food is not very good for their teeth compared to the dried stuff.

          Because of this I try to buy them biscuits as treats to balance it out a bit and give them dental sticks at night to keep their teeth as healthy as possible.

          When I saw these gravy bones I thought they were very good value just £3.15 for 1.5kg. Other branded gravy bones cost a lot more than this.

          I brought a pack and gave them to our dogs and they seemed to like them. I gave them as a reward for good behaviour or just as a treat and they ate them every time.

          The bones are like a biscuit bone covered in a dry gravy. They are hard and don't feel greasy or wet at all.

          I would prefer my dogs to eat the plain biscuit bones but they don't like those ones - so fussy!

          The dogs continue to eat them now and they are a part of their daily diet. They go a very long way and are very cheap to buy. Great if you have a lot of dogs!


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          Gravy Coated Biscuit Bones Dog Treats

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