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Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone Chew

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Pets at Home / Type: Dog Chews

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    2 Reviews
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      13.04.2010 01:38
      Very helpful



      Great for a long lasting treat

      I shop in pets at home all the time and am often there in a weekly basis.

      At Christmas time last year I was out looking for some little gifts for our dogs (I have 1 and my mum has 3). I had a look around but a lot of places just sell the dog stockings have a few treats and a toy for about £4. This is good value if the dogs eats it all but my dog doesn;'t always like the chocolate treats and some of the other chews that come in those stockings. As for the toys, she is a westie and very rough on her toys, she can ruin one of those in 10 minutes.

      When I saw these bones in pets at home I thought they would be good idea for each of them and picked up one for each of the dogs.

      When I was on my way to the tills I saw a christmas gift display for dogs and they had a massive chew, just like this but huge and with a big red bow tied around it. The chew was exactly the same as the one pictured above but bigger, it must have been over half a metre long. I diecided to buy the large one for my dog and the smaller ones for my mums dogs.

      The dogs all loved them. I believe my dogs eyes actually lit up when she saw it and she dived at me and the bone. She loved it and managed to carry around with her even though it was almost as big as her.

      The funniest thing was when our puppy tried to nick it off of her and run away with it!

      I liked the idea of the bone more than all the other treats because they are good for the dogs teeth. These bones are a bit more pricey than other treats, but they last and last. My dog seems to have been chewing on it since Christmas and it's still going strong!


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      10.03.2010 15:16
      Very helpful



      A long-lasting chew that my dogs love


      Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone Chew is something that my two guzzle guts Labradors love. On special occasions, I will buy them one each as it is one of very few things that will keep them quite and happy for a sustained period of time. It was Poppy and Coco's 3rd birthday on the 4th March and alongside a number of toys and treats they got one of these knotted bone chews each.

      *About the Product*

      Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone Chew is a delicious natural rawhide treat that your dog will love. Dogs love to chew on Rawhide and this chewing action actively helps to prevent the build up of tartar on teeth and strengthens gums, thus improving the overall dental health of your dog. It is made from 100% natural rawhide and this tasty bone will help to keep your pet entertained and encourage non-destructive chewing.

      *Price and Availability*

      Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone Chew can be purchased for £4.99 for a large bone. Unfortunately I am unsure of the prices for the smaller versions but I think that it is safe to say that they will be less than this as they are smaller in size. I do consider this price to be a tad on the expensive side but as it is not a product that I buy on a regular basis, this is not a big problem for me.

      You can buy this knotted bone chew from just Pets at Home as it is one of their own brand products. Although if you do not have a store that is located close to you but you are interested in buying this product then you can also buy it online at www.petsathome.com.

      *My Opinion*

      The Packaging: I have said before in my reviews that I don't like unnecessary packaging. Like with products like this, I am sure some companies would have put it in a nice cardboard box and increased the price by a pound or two. Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone simply has a small plastic label wrapped around the centre of the bone and it informs you of a few important pieces of information but that is it. Well done Pets at Home for not wasting unnecessary material! This means that when it comes to giving the treat to your dog, you can easily cut this away and it's ready.

      Appearance: Pets at Home Knotted Bone Chew is rawhide that is rolled and shaped like a bone (as you would guess by the name of the product). The colour of this is light and off-white although not quite cream. The texture is rough and hard but I guess this is why it is beneficial for your dog's teeth and also the reason why is takes a long time for them to chew the bone to nothing. I imagine that it is quite dry therefore when giving this to your dogs; I would ensure that they always have plenty of fresh drinking water accessible. It will depend on the size of your dog as to which size it is that the length of the bone chew will be.

      Smell: There is little to no smell with this product which satisfies me immensely as I don't particularly like those products that have a strong and often unpleasant smell.

      Allowance: A specific allowance for this product is not given but I think it is safe to say that it should be a maximum of 1 per week although I do only tend to give them this as a treat every other month or so.

      Flavours: As far as I am aware, this knotted bone chew is only available as it is but I am sure it is only a matter of time until different chicken and beef flavours are on the shelves.

      You need to make sure when purchasing the treat that you select the appropriate size rawhide bone for your dog. This is a warning that is written on the very little packaging that the product has and I happen to agree wholeheartedly. If you chose one that is too big then your dog may not be able to chew it and if it is too small then it could pose a choking risk and this is definitely not something that any dog owner wants.

      Are There Any Negatives? The only negative that I can think of is that is can create a little bit of a mess on the carpet. I definitely recommend that you keep them well clear of any beds when you give them this as it causes a lot of mess of duvets. And it isn't like crumbs where they can go back and hoover it up. This mess you have to clear up.

      How long does the knotted bone chew last? Rather than a few seconds or a few minutes, Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone Chew tends to last my dogs well over a few hours. Although once they have the treat, they don't tend to stop gnawing away at it until it has disappeared. But like I said, it is certainly longer lasting than any other dog treats that I have given them in the past.

      *Would I Recommend This Product?*

      Yes, I would definitely recommend Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone Chew providing you select the right size for your dog. Poppy and Coco seem to love most things that are edible (as they are typical Labradors) but this knotted bone chew is definitely a favourite of theirs. And I like too as it is beneficial to their dental health by preventing the build up of tartar.


      Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone Chew is a firm favourite with my rascals. I can see this by the look in their eyes and the rapid wagging of their tails that they enjoy it. And it keeps them quiet for a very long time which means that it is also popular with me. It is perhaps a little on the expensive side but as a treat on special occasions, I don't mind paying that little bit extra.


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