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Pets at Home Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat

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3 Reviews

Manufacturer: Pets at Home / Type: Dog Treat

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    3 Reviews
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      27.06.2011 07:36
      Very helpful



      Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat

      I have 4 dogs, and am forever trying to keep them occupied with treats and toys, or else they cause havoc! They are all big on chewing things so it's important that they have access to an object that is safe to chew, and i've found rawhide works best for this.

      Rawhide is 100% natural. It's the skin of cattle and it's prepared by removing fur, flesh and fat. It's then stretched and dried out, which makes the skin hard and translucent. It is then shaped into the desired design and sold. It does sound quite a gross product but to be honest it's really not!

      I've tried lots of different rawhide products; little rawhide shoes, rawhide twists, rawhide pig ears and ofcourse these, the rawhide knuckle bones, which are by far my favourite!

      These bones are available from a huge variety of shops for around £1-£4 each, i usually purchase the Pets at Home ones which are £1.99 each and these are the ones i'm reviewing. £1.99 is quite expensive for a single dog bone however due to the longevity of the product i feel it's worth every penny. It's also quite a large treat and i'd guess each to be around 7 inches long and 3-4 inches wide. Smaller ones are available but i've not really taken much notice to the sizing as my dogs are all on the large side. (husky, 2 labs and a jackrussell, who although is quite little has a big gob full of massive teeth on him!) I am assuming the smaller ones are a tad cheaper but i'm not certain so if you are interested in this product i'd reccomend checking instore your pets at home or maybe having a look on the website.

      There is no packaging involved with this bone apart from a little cardboard tag wrapped around the middle with the product name (Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat) and tells us some basic information and ingredients. As it's cardboard it is recycable and it's easy to tear off.

      Moisture 8%
      Protein 40%
      Oils and Fats 22%
      Fibre 1.1%
      Ash 34%

      The bone itself as mentioned above is large. It's smooth in texture and has a pearly tan colour to it which is darker in places and you can see the very slight different shades of the different layers. It is shaped like a real bone with the edges designed to be like a joint bone. These bones are extremely sturdy and are pretty heavy. I reckon if you hit someone full blast on the head with one of these it could do some damage, and this is a downside to the product. The first time i got these for my dogs, they were so excited they were flinging them around playing and Harvey (jack russell) literally lobbed it at the patio door and although it didn't smash it, it left a mark which i wasn't too happy about however i now make sure they're outside so that if they do start playing with them/chucking them about, i know that they can't smash the tv or windows etc!

      I suppose the fact they're sturdy and pretty 'heavyweight' (for a dog chew!) is a good thing though. They literally last for ages and keep dogs busy for hours on end playing with and chewing the knucklebone. My dogs usually fall asleep while chewing and upon waking up start chewing again. When the dogs have chewed the rawhide it turns into a froffy white material (non smelly) which can attract dirt and mud easily in the garden and in the house can leave damp marks on the carpet (doesn't stain it though in my experience, although on wooden floor it can scratch it if the dog is rough with the chew!) so it's best to chuck them when they get to this stage (this is usually around the 3/4 day mark) as it's unhygenic and spreads dirt around.

      My dogs have never finished a knucklebone due to the size of them; they last for ages and although they have to be thrown away after a few days, they're really worth it. My dogs thoroughly enjoy them anyway! They are completely natural and keep dogs entertained and also help in keeping there teeth strong and clean, aswell as keeping the gums strong. As i said before they're available from a variety of shops, and although pets at home ones are brilliant quality, i've discovered packs of 5 in my local poundland, so i'd reccomend having a look in there! They're not as good quality or quite as big but they do the job, and i've taken to buying these most of the time rather than the pets at home ones, as at £1.99 per bone for 4 dogs, it gets rather expensive. For those with only 1 dog though it's not as bad.


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        03.06.2010 23:24
        Very helpful



        A great buy

        My dog LOVES the Rawhide treats!

        At Pets at Home there are various Rawhide chews available in different shapes and sizes.
        There are bones, frisbies, balls, rings and more. But the large ring is my dogs favourite.

        The chew is 100% natural rawhide and can be fed as a treat or reward at any time.
        The treats come in various sizes and it is important to choose the right size for your dog - Too large and your dog may not be able to chew it, too small and it could pose a choking risk.

        The price is reasonably cheap priced at £1.99 although there are other smaller pet shops which sell it cheaper around where I live so I only tend to buy this item from Pets at Home on my monthly visit.

        The item; .... I have a small to medium sized dog and the ring lasts him around a week, sometimes even longer.
        What is good about this chew is that it doesn't leave a mess on the rugs or carpet, and it is great for your dogs teeth! The rawhide chew helps to prevent build up of tartar on the teeth and strengthens gums; improving the overall health of your dogs dental!

        The ring being the shape it is, makes it easier for dogs to grap between their paws and really get their teeth into, keeping them busy for hours!

        The chew is fully Rawhide and contains; ...
        Moisture 8%,
        Protein 40%,
        Oils and Fats 22%,
        Fibre 1.1%,
        Ash 34%.

        Comparing other Rawhide treats; ....
        I have also wrote a review on the rawhide rings, and I have noticed a big difference in the nutrition value! The protein in the rawhide rings is a whooping 77%!
        The oils and fats in this treat is also very much higher than the rawhide rings! There is just a 0.2% of oils and fats in the rawhide rings!
        I'm not sure why there is such a big nutritional value difference to these treats! Ash, Oils and fats, and the protein contents are much higher!
        Because of this, I would recommend the rawhide rings compared to the bones, purely because they contain more protein, and less 'ash' and 'oils and fats'.
        However if given to your dog every once in a while as a treat, either treat can't hurt!

        The rawhide chew is fully edible and it's very rare that my dog ever leaves any! However sometimes when the chew has been played with for a long time and left, it doesn't look very pleasant and I do tend to throw it away if that happens - As with many edible dog chews!

        When the dog chews an area for a while, the material becomes white and soft enabling them to break off bits to eat. When used on a rug or carpet ive found the chew does get fluff and dirt stuck to the damp areas although my dog doesn't seem to mind the slightest.... he hass eaten worse things!

        I will continue to buy my dog Rawhide treats and would recommend them to anybody for their pet as they help a lot with the overall dental health of the dogs teeth whilst providing hours of entertainment!


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          22.03.2010 13:21
          Very helpful



          A great chew for dogs


          Pets at Home Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat is a product that I sometimes buy Poppy and Coco as a treat. They are very spoilt dogs who are given numerous treats and toys so I find it important to get the balance between treats that the dogs love and those that they enjoy whilst also benefiting their health in some way which is why I'll frequently buy different types of rawhide treats as they are commonly known to help their teeth and gums.

          *About the Product*

          Pets at Home Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat is a delicious natural rawhide treat that your dog will love. Dogs love to chew on rawhide and this chewing action actively helps to prevent to build up of tartar on teeth and strengthens gums therefore improving the overall dental health of your dog. It is made from 100% natural rawhide and this tasty bone will help to keep your pet entertained and encourage non-destructive chewing.

          *Price and Availability*

          Pets at Home Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat can be purchased for £1.99 for the large size. The prices vary depending on the size that you have selected based on your dogs size and unfortunately I am unsure of the prices for the smaller versions. I can only assume that it would be less than for the large. This is very reasonably priced and certainly a price that I am willing to pay for a product that my dogs clearly enjoy a lot and is very long lasting.

          Unfortunately, you can only buy this dog treat from Pets at Home as it is one of their own brand products. You can however, buy it via the internet at www.petsathome.com, a very easy website to use.

          *My Opinion*

          The Packaging: Pets at Home Premium Knotted Bone has limited packaging which is great. No unnecessary cardboard boxes or pieces of plastic here! It merely has a small plastic label that is wrapped around the middle of the knucklebone dog treat. This label notifies you the essential pieces of information that you need to know. I like this as you then just need to remove the piece of plastic and you can hand it over to your pooches.

          Appearance: Pets at Home Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat is a funny looking thing. It is rawhide that is shaped and moulded into the outline of a bone. The colour of this product is strange: it is a brown/green shade. The texture is hard but smooth with the occasional rough edge. Its hardness is most likely the reason that it is beneficial for your dog's teeth and also the reason why is takes them a long time to chew into nothing.

          Smell: From a selfish point of view, I prefer to give my dogs treats that have little or no smell and I find some very unpleasant. With Pets at Home Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat, I find there is only the very slightest smell but this is neither unpleasant nor strong which pleases me a lot.

          Allowance: There is no specific allowance given for this product but I think that it is fairly easy to use your initiative and know that it shouldn't be something that you give to your dogs every day (in my opinion). It is one of those treats, due to its size, that I only give to my dogs as a treat every other month or so.

          Flavours: I am only aware of this product being available in a standard, plain taste although it is possible that there are other flavours.

          Are There Any Negatives? Yes but only one and that is that it is quite messy. Be careful where you give this treat to your dog to eat as the dogs' mouth plus the knucklebone dog treat does create a little mess that isn't as easy as crumbs to clear up. My advice is to keep them well clear of any bedrooms and perhaps keep them in a room will wooden or tiled floor.

          When purchasing this treat, you must make sure that you choose the appropriate size rawhide treat for your dog. This is a warning that is written on the very small amount of packaging that the product has therefore I find this information to be a serious caution. If you chose one that is too big then your dog may not be able to chew it and if it is too small then it could pose a choking risk and this is definitely not something that any dog owner wants.

          How long does the knucklebone dog treat last? It actually keeps my two pooches occupied for a fairly long time. It tends to take a while for them to get into it, often swapping several times before deciding between them which one each of them wants and then taking a while to really get into it. The treats tend to last a good couple of hours though, sometimes even longer. Unfortunately, they don't know the meaning of pacing themselves or saving any until later so they will eat it until it is gone.
          It definitely lasts longer than most of the other chews that I have given them though.

          *Would I Recommend This Product?*

          Yes, I would recommend this product as it is one that I can see my dogs enjoy and it is also cheap and beneficial for their teeth and gums. It is one of the few long-lasting treats for my dogs which I think is good because they usually last a few minutes at the most.


          Pets at Home Rawhide Knucklebone Dog Treat is messy but popular with my two gorgeous dogs. They seem to enjoy the ritual of swapping it over and over again before settling on whose is whose and eating it throughout the day. It keeps them quiet for a very long time and they sometimes don't even get up to say hello to visitors when occupied with this treat which is strange for Poppy and Coco as they are both very inquisitive.


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