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Prize Choice Frozen Minced Tripe

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Brand: Prize Choice / Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2012 14:20
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      Stinky but good quality dog food for a reasonable price.

      Now that my Greyhound Oscar has been living with me for around a year I've just about sussed out his fussy eating habits and have a found a diet which works for both of us. Fortunately for my purse strings Oscar doesn't really eat that much and is perfectly happy with two meals a day (plus the odd treat inbetween) of wet and dry food mixed. The only dry food I've successfully introduced to Oscar's fussy diet is Harringtons so I stick with that. Wet food, however, he's more laid back about. As long as it doesn't come in a tin he'll give it a try!

      When I found the Prize Choice frozen range in my local Pets At Home store I originally bought a few just to treat him from time to time. Living with a vegetarian means Oscar rarely gets the pleasure of leftover chicken or whatever else but I thought he'd appreciate some all of the same. Looking at the ingredients list in this food you could very easily serve it to a human without anyone suspecting anything dodgy, it's just minced meat - in this case minced tripe. The Prize Choice frozen range of dog food is just pure meat with nothing else added to it. It's basically what you'd find down the meat isles of Tesco just in different packaging! Knowing how much Oscar enjoys Tripe dog food I thought he'd appreciate some minced tripe so tried him on this.

      The food comes in either 400g or 2Kg bags and is available from Pets At Home, the Prize Choice website (www.prizechoice.co.uk) and a number of independent pet stores, a full list of which can also be found on the Prize Choice website. Prices vary depending on where you buy the food but typically a 2Kg bag will cost around £3-£4. I now buy this directly from the Prize Choice website (it's even delivered in refrigerated vans) and pay £11 for twelve 400g bags which is a reasonable price considering that's twelve days worth of good quality food for my dog which he enjoys. There are eleven different varieties of meat in their frozen mince range most of which Oscar has tried with tripe being a firm favourite.

      I take one of the bags out of the freezer before I go bed and by morning it's defrosted. Oscar has half for his breakfast and then I store the other half in the fridge until it's dinner time. You can serve this raw straight from the bag once defrosted if you wish although I always put Oscar's in the microwave for a couple of minutes before serving as he just seems to prefer it warm. As I've mentioned, I normally mix this up with Harringtons dry food for him but I'll mix it up with rice or potatoes or vegetables every now and again too which he seems to like just as much.

      The only downside to this food is that being tripe it obviously stinks. I normally end up with my head out the back door whilst I'm mixing this for Oscar, the smell really does turn my stomach and it doesn't smell much better when it comes out the other end either which is unfortunate as tripe gives Oscar rather a lot of wind! Typical that this should be the food which he loves so much he wolfs it down in about two seconds flat. He licks the bowl so clean after eating this that it looks like it's been in the dishwasher!

      I'd recommend this food entirely. It's good quality meat with nothing else added to it so you can be sure you know exactly what you're feeding to your dog and give them an artificial free diet. Despite having only bought this as an occasional treat originally Oscar now has his own draw in my freezer for this food which I now get delivered for him weekly. I can put up with the smell given the good quality of the food and the fact Oscar likes it so much and, fortunately for me, the other flavours he enjoys do not smell as bad!


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