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Puredog Stagbar Antler Dog Chews

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Brand: Puredog / Type: Natural dog chews

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    4 Reviews
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      01.05.2013 15:58
      Very helpful



      Great for persistant chewers with sensitive tummies

      My dog Max has an intolerance to most meat and animal related products such as bones and rawhide. As you can imagine this makes it very difficult to find him suitable alternatives to chew and to have as treats. A friend whose dog has similar issues, suggested buying Max a stag bar, from the pure dog website as they are very good for dogs with sensitive tummies.

      Stag bars are basically pieces of naturally shed antler in sizes appropriate to that of your dog. Current prices taken from the the Pure dog website are are follows:
      "Small Stagbar £3.98
      Medium Stagbar £5.99
      Large Stagbar £8.99
      Extra large Stagbar £10.99
      Jumbo Stagbar £12.98"

      There is no uniform size or shape and they are sold by weight- and as such no two pieces are identical. For Max this keeps it fresh as each stagbar he has is little different.

      Stagbars are great for keeping dogs busy and for helping to clean their teeth. With Max both of these are especially important to us, as many teeth cleaning chews he cannot have and he needs something to chew to keep him occupied and out of mischief.

      What I love about the Stag bar is that is very clean, unlike bones it has no smell and will not leave a mess on carpet or sofas or any other fabric for that matter. Stagbars last a really long time as dogs slowly grind them down with the chewing action.

      Max can have one of these on the go for several months. He loves to sit and chew it and keeps coming back to it. They really do last a long time. He will forget it for a few days, remember, and then it goes everywhere with him.

      Unlike rawhide, bones, paddy wack etc there is no smell or mess so I am quite happy for him to have it in the house.

      Highly recommend for persistant chewers and those with sensitive tummies.

      This review also appears on CIAO under the same username.


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        14.08.2012 22:50
        Very helpful



        A natural dog chew made from antlers

        I feed my miniature schnauzer kibble, and he rarely has any meat or 'natural' products in his diet. I dislike giving him rawhide as it smells, has no nutritional value, and gets all stuck in his schnauzery beard, yuk. He also has a sensitive stomach, so I'm always reluctant to give him anything that may be too rich.

        I saw these stagbars in my local branch of Jolleyes and they seemed ideal. I do feel guilty that Sawyer only has kibble, so I wanted to give him something natural to chew on.

        Stagbars are sold by a company named Pure Dog, who use only ethical methods. You can view their website by going to http://www.puredog.co.uk/.

        The stagbars are parts of real antlers that deer have shed naturally. I like this aspect very much as it means that no deer have been harmed and these are completely natural.

        These really just look like brown coloured bones, or even bits of hard bark. Because they are 100% natural, they come in various shapes and sizes - some are straight whereas some have prongs. They are very hard and dry. The core of each stagbar has marrow inside it, but until the dog starts to extract it with its teeth, this is also dry.

        There is not really any smell to these - once the dog starts chewing it and the marrow inside becomes moist, I can detect a sort of 'earthy' smell to them, but it's nothing too unpleasant and smells better than rawhide does.

        These come in 5 different sizes:
        Small Stagbar (toy dogs) £3.98
        Medium Stagbar (small to medium dogs) £5.99
        Large Stagbar (medium to large bars) £8.99
        Extra large Stagbar (giant breeds or dogs with strong jaws) £10.99
        Jumbo Stagbar ('really big dogs and very strong chewers') £12.98

        I got Sawyer the medium stagbar which is a perfect size for him.

        Obviously you should not leave your dog unattended with a product like this. Sawyer didn't really know what to do with it at first - he just threw it up and down the living room. I'd estimate it took about 10 minutes or so before he realised he could chew it. Because the stagbar is hard, it is great for cleaning dogs teeth and scraping any plaque off (and therefore preventing doggy breath!) The first time I gave this to Sawyer, he chewed and chewed at it for around 3 hours without a break - and he hardly made a dent in it. Therefore these are fantastic value for money because they will last for absolutely ages. He goes mad when I take it out of the drawer and he doesn't show any signs whatsoever of getting bored of this.

        Now that Sawyer has gotten to the marrow in the core of the stagbar, I have noticed that his beard smells a bit - but that's the occupational hazard of owning a dog with a beard! It's worth it to see how much he enjoys it, not to mention that when I give him this, I get peace and quiet for a few hours.

        Nope, not really. Unlike rawhide they don't go sticky. They aren't greasy either. I have a wooden floor but I wouldn't have a problem letting Sawyer chew these on a carpet as they won't leave any residue. Because they are hard and brittle on the outside, I do find that tiny bits can chip off, but it's no big deal as they are easily cleared up with a dustpan and brush.

        You can buy these in Jolleyes, Pets At Home, and on the Pure Dog website. I hope they become more widely available as they are a great idea.

        - Ethical and natural aspect.
        - Not very messy.
        - Dog is entertained for hours.
        - Healthy and low fat for dogs.
        - Helps keep teeth clean.
        - Cheap and long lasting.

        None, really.

        Absolutely. Your dog will love these.


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          25.05.2012 08:21
          Very helpful



          Five out of five stars

          Puredog Stagbar Antler Dog Chews

          I have two dogs and they are completely different sizes, I have a six and a half stone large labradoodle that is still growing and gaining more and more muscle and I have a tiny toy poodle who doesn't realise that he's tiny.

          Both of them love to chew. Thankfully, they are both fairly good at chewing only on their own things. So I like to keep them stocked up on items to keep their pointy little teeth occupied.

          However, it's hard to find things for them to chew on that keeps them interested. We've went through loads of nylabone toys but they haven't shown a huge amount of interest in them. They both adore raw hide but I only ever give them rawhide to chew on when I am in the room, because I am scared that they might choke. I know perpetual worrier!

          What makes these Antler stagbars so different to what you might find in the local pet store?

          They are a completely natural product, the antler stagbars contain quite a lot of minerals that are good for dogs and they are hard. Very hard. And certainly hard enough to deal with the most ambitious chewer, while being long lasting, which is something that is a rarity in this house.

          As far as I am aware stagbars are only available from Puredog.co.uk. The website is really straight forward to use and order from. I've always received my stagbars in the post quite soon after ordering and I've never had a reason to complain. They come wrapped in a plastic envelope, it is nothing fancy but it does the job. I don't personally think the stagbars have much of a smell but my dogs can sniff these out as soon as they arrive in the house. The last time these came in the post I hadn't even opened the parcel before my labradoodle was wagging up a storm.

          When you decide to try these. And I hope you do. Puredog gives you a lot of guidelines about what size to get for what size of dog. The stagbars are available in small, medium, large, extra large or jumbo. Even thou I have a small dog I always order the large or extra large size because I'd be worried my larger dog might choke on something way to small for him. Even with the largest size of stagbar they are usually still fine for the toy poodle because of their shape and because he'd probably turn his nose up at anything that was designed for his true size.

          Because stagbars are a natural product, the shape of the bar you receive will always vary. To date we have always received quite a mixture of stagbars and from what I have seen the dogs don't tend to have a preference, which is just as well. Even the largest ones have always had smaller parts that have been fine for the Tiny dog to wrap his teeth around.

          It's best just to have a look and decide what you think your dog would enjoy the most, after all you know your dog best. The stagbars are also suitable for puppies teething, something I wish I had known a couple of years ago.

          A great thing about these stagbars is that they don't make hardly any mess. The dogs do wear them down and its clear to see their teeth marks on these after a bit of use but unlike some other bones or rubber toys that they've had there isn't a trail of bits left around for me to clean up. They also don't smell which again isn't true of a lot of the other chew treats that they enjoy.

          Unfortunately these stagbars don't come cheap. They are expensive, but more importantly I think that these are completely worth the money. They last for ages even with the mighty jaws of destruction clamping and chomping down on them for hours. For a list of prices see the end of review.

          To date I have ordered from Puredog four or five times now and I tend to buy them a new set of Stag bars at least once every month or second month. Don't get me wrong these bones would survive longer than that but after some constant chewing from some very large teeth a month or two in our house is usually the point where I begin to worry about them being weakened and/or the dogs have snuck them out into the garden to never be seen from again. As well as being a chewer the little one is also a burier of an assortment of items if I don't catch him in time.

          I wholeheartedly recommend these antler stagbars but only for dogs that like to chew otherwise they are just very expensive toys.

          Five out of five stars.

          At the moment the prices and sizes available are:
          Small - £3.98
          Medium - £5.99
          Large - £8.99
          Extra Large - £10.99
          Jumbo - £12.98
          Postage £2.50 for deliveries in the UK (larger deliveries and deliveries out with the UK are more expensive).



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            16.03.2011 17:37
            Very helpful



            A unusual yet fantastic product, a must for all power chewers!

            My loopy Rottweiler is the Peter Pan of the dog world! She may be over 3 years old now, but she shows no sign of growing up any time soon, and I suspect she shall remain as nutty as she is now for the rest of her life! Don't get me wrong, it's good in a lot of ways- she's the life and soul of everything so there is never a dull moment, and she is always up for a game or a walk, so you could certainly never get bored with her around, but of course there are a couple of downsides too...

            Namely, her chewing. Grace still acts like a puppy in a lot of ways, and one of her retained puppylike traits is the need to chew! Thankfully, she's now passed the destructive chewing stage, where sofas, cats and coffee table legs were all fair game, and like a good girl, will now only chew things she is actually allowed to chew on. Here however is where we encounter the problem of trying to find things that to stand up to the powerful jaws of a young, fit adult Rottweiler!

            Over the years, we've a tried seemingly endless amount of products- various chews, treats and toys that all claim to be long lasting and virtually indestructible, only to meet an ugly death a day or two at the most after being given to Grace. Extra tough Kongs, certain Nylabones and raw marrowbones are the only items that have passed the durability test so far, but after all, variety is the spice of life, so I like to continue trying to find her new things as much as I can.

            Up until a couple of weeks ago, I'd never even heard of Stagbars, and it was only after a member on my forum brought them up in discussion, that I became aware of them, and instantly had a browse online to find out a big more about them, thinking they might sound like something worthwhile for Grace.

            I soon discovered that Stagbars, manufactured in the UK by a company called Puredog, were simply 100% British deer antlers- nothing added and nothing taken away.

            My first thoughts, with myself being the naive person I can sometimes be, was how awful it was that they were hacking off a deers antlers to produce as dog chews, and proceeded to announce to my husband how cruel these things were! But following a fit of giggles from the hubby, and a little more research, I soon discovered that deers naturally shed their antlers, and that's where the Stagbars come from- so with my panic over, and myself left feeling a little silly, I was happy to purchase some for Grace to try!

            Being made from 100% deer antler, these chews are obviously completely natural, and claim to be extremely safe, non-splintering, non-chipping and with no risk of causing blockages, which can sometimes happen with bones or rawhide chews. They're also exceptionally low in fat, and boast that they contain important minerals, no artificial colours or flavours and are excellent for keeping teeth clean. With all those apparent benefits, I was sold on the idea.

            At present, the Stagbars seem to have limited availability, but can be purchased online from the Puredog website, where prices are as follows:

            Small (for toy breed dogs)- £2.99
            Medium (for small to medium dogs)- £4.99
            Large (for medium to large dogs)- £6.99
            Extra Large (for giant breeds or powerful chewers)- £8.99

            Seeing as Stagbars are completely natural, the chews are not a uniform size or shape, and the sizing is based on the weight of the Stagbars, rather than length or thickness. They can also vary in shape, with some having a forked appearance, and others being a more stick shaped chew.

            A couple of days after ordering, our Stagbars arrived, and I didn't hesitate in giving them to the dogs to sample. On first impressions, I wasn't sure what to make of the Stagbars, they were much lighter than I expected them to be, but were much harder. I don't quite know how soft I was expecting deer antlers to be (!), but I had it in my mind that the chews would have at least some degree of flexibility in them, but they didn't- they're rock solid and as hard as nails. They had absolutely no odour to them whatsoever though, which can only be a good thing.

            Curiosity soon got the better of the dogs and they came over to investigate what new goodies I had for them. Benson wasn't in the slightest bit interested, up until recently he was as mad on chewing as Grace but has really settled down and matured in the past few months (a bit sad really- I miss my puppylike Benson!) but Grace on the other hand was chomping at the bit to get her paws on her Stagbar and wasted no time in taking it off to her bed for a good ol' chew.

            Personally, I can't see the attraction in chewing a lump of rock hard old deer antler, but clearly there was something about them that Grace adored, and it took her a good 2 and a half hours before she chewed herself to sleep! Upon examining the Stagbar after her first chewing session, I was rather shocked to find hardly any damage whatsoever- not a tooth mark in sight! Over the next couple of days, Grace kept at her Stagbar and I remained very impressed at the durability of them.

            It wasn't until three days after I first gave Grace the Stagbar that I started to question them! She came down with an awful stomach bug and my first thoughts were blaming the Stagbar, since it was the only thing she'd had which Benson hadn't, so they were confiscated! However over the next couple of days, a virus was diagnosed, completely unrelated to the Stagbar, so I let them off the hook, and once Grace's tummy was fully better, she was allowed the Stagbar back again!

            It's now been just over 3 weeks since we first got the Stagbars, and they're still looking as good as new, a little colour has been worn off of the end that Grace prefers to chew, but that's it! Since Benson was uninterested in his Stagbar, Grace has claimed the both of them- we received a stick shaped one, and a more forked style one, and it's definitely the stick shaped one that is the favourite, presumably because it is an easier shape to hold and chew, but unfortunately you cannot choose which style you'd like, so it's pot luck as to what you receive.

            If you've got an ultra strong chewer, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending Stagbars. Like I mentioned earlier, Grace has previously been able to demolish nearly every other apparently long lasting chew or toy, but with Stagbars, I think she has finally met her match. They don't dissolve or break up like many chews, they remain solid only wearing away every so slightly as your dogs grinds their teeth against them.

            They're low fat, 100% natural, very healthy, are packed with minerals, fantastic for helping to clean teeth, entirely mess and odour free, and are exceptionally durable. If you are wanting to be picky, you could consider the price as their only downside (they're a little 'deer'!) but if you add up the money you've wasted in the past on supposed durable chews, only to throw them in the bin minutes later, Stagbars reflect very good value for money indeed.


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