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Rolled Trixie Chew Sticks

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Brand: Trixie / Type: Chew Sticks

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    1 Review
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      10.09.2011 15:05
      Very helpful



      A tasty little treat for your dog

      I am very cautious now days as to what I give my dogs as treats, after the episode of the bleeding gums when a treat I gave them had sharp edges. I tend to stick to straight forward treats instead of novelty shapes. This is why I now buy these Trixie Rolled Chew Sticks.

      ~Trixie Rolled Chew Sticks~

      These treats are made from a single piece of twisted cowhide, really basic and straight forward, with no nasty sharp edges. My dogs love rawhide as I'm sure most dogs do, and these little sticks are ideal, they are about 7 or so inches long and quite thin, a bit like a pencil, maybe even thinner. I can give each of my dogs one of these, knowing they will be safe with them and I also know the sticks will keep them busy for a while. I like to give my dogs these particular treats as they don't make any mess and they don't really smell of anything, so to me it seems like a good deal all round. I don't make a habit of just dishing these treats out though, I don't give them more than one a day and even then I don't give them one everyday. That way it's more of a treat when they do get one and they don't get sick of them.

      I keep a pack of these Trixie Rolled Chew Sticks in the dog food cupboard which is a cool dry place, keeping their food and treats fresher for longer. The dogs know exactly where they are, as each time I go to feed them they are both there sniffing around in the cupboard looking for a tasty treat.

      Pippa does tend to take longer to chew through hers as she hasn't as many teeth as Red and I think she struggles a bit, she usually waits for Red to drop his when he goes for a drink because his stick is more chewed than hers and therefore a lot softer to chew and many times I've witnessed her run off with his because of this reason, she sometimes doesn't even touch her own and patiently waits for Red's instead. I don't think Red minds, as he gets to start again with hers, they seem to chop and change these sticks with each other all the time. As long as their happy that's all that counts, even if they do sometimes fall out over which belongs to who.

      ~Something good and tasty at the same time~

      I've read somewhere that these Trixie Rolled Chew Sticks are good for their teeth and gums as they are good for removing plaque and so therefore act as a sort of teeth cleaning device which can't be bad, I wish I could have a nice treat knowing it was cleaning my teeth at the same time.

      ~Other information~

      I picked up a few packs of these treats from Wilkinsons and I think I paid about 99p for each pack of ten sticks, it could have been less than that I can't really remember, but either way I think they're a great buy and perfectly safe for my dogs to chomp away on. I continue to buy these treats for my dogs as I think they are worth the money and they are doing my dogs some good at the same time as treating them.

      I recommend these Trixie Rolled Chew Sticks and going to give them 4 stars.

      Thank you for reading my review which may also be posted on other sites.


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