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Royal Canin Rottweiler 26

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Brand: Royal Canin / Food Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      09.07.2009 22:36
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      A dog as stunning as a Rott deserves the best... and this certainly isn't it!

      *What is Royal Canin Rottweiler 26?*
      This dog food is produced by the Royal Canin company, the world famous manufacturers of a large range of premium pet food including dry and wet foods for cats, dogs, puppies and kittens and also a selection of special veterinary diets, designed for animals with various complaints or disorders.

      *The product itself*
      Grace and Benson love their grub, there is no other way to put it! Given half a chance they'd quite happily eat absolutely anything, all day long! Because of this, their diet needs alot of careful consideration and finally, after months of trial and error when they were younger, we seem to have found the perfect feeding routine for them, and it works very well for us.

      For breakfast, it is always dried food- I use either Burns or James Wellbeloved, and then they have the same again in the evening, but this time with something a bit tastier added in, either some rice or pasta, a little bit of veg, some egg or even a little bit of meat or offal. They do fantastically well on either brand, so I never saw myself changing them... that was until curiosity got the better of me!

      At work, we have started stocking Royal Canin pet food, due to a huge demand from our clients. Personally, I've always dismissed it, I think it is extremely expensive, especially when foods of the same quality can be purchased at a much lesser price and secondly, all these breed specific foods they do seem a bit of a con to me! After all, surely the only differences that is needed in dog food is small kibbles for the small dogs and big kibbles for the big dogs? Right?! Well, apparently not, as Royal Canin are making foods tailored specifically for various separate breeds!

      After it's arrival in the surgery, I never really gave it much more thought. It sold exceptionally well, and we had good feedback from clients about it, but still, I saw it as overpriced, gimmicky grub! The next month however, when our new delivery arrived with new different varieties, I started to take a little more notice when I spotted the formula designed for Rottweiler dogs.

      I had no reason to change my dogs from their current food, but with a huge urge to buy a food specially aimed at Rottweilers, I purchased a bag to take home with me for Grace, my 20 month old Rottweiler girl, purely to see what it was like- and whether Royal Canin could change my mind, or prove my suspicions about it to be correct!

      The food I selected was their Rottweiler 26 variety, which is designed for adult Rottweilers, so that's those aged between 18 months and 7 years and is part of their Breed Health Nutrition range. It claims to have various different benefits aimed directly at their care of this breathtaking breed:

      Firstly, is the addition of their unique 'Cardiac Tone' supplement, which has been added to help support the cardiac functions of a Rottie, which are typically very active and athletic dogs and are prone to heart problems in later life. Secondly, it has an increased protein content and added L Carnitine which is essential for strong, healthy muscles characteristic of the breed. Also included are increased levels of Chondroitin, Glucosamine, EPA and DHA to help maintain mobility and help keep joints strong and supple.

      Last, but not least, is the shape of the kibble. The kibble of Royal Canin Rottweiler 26 has a unique flat curved design which has been exclusively adapted to fit the jaws of a Rottweiler and encourages the dog to chew the food correctly before swallowing, which in turn helps to minimise the risk of potentially fatal bloat, which is sadly common amongst Rotties, killing many each year. The special shape also reduces moving around the food bowl, which helps Rottweilers, who have a short flat face in comparison to some other breeds, to pick up the kibbles easily.

      The food comes packaged in gold, white and brown plastic bags which bear the Royal Canin logo clearly, as well as the type of food, which in this case, is of course, the Rottweiler 26 kibble. Also featured is a picture of a stunning Rott, so the food is easy to spot on pet shop shelves and you know at a glance that you are getting the right food for your handsome chunk of muscle! On the reverse of the bag you'll find all the usual information such as ingredients, nutritional information, feeding guides and contact details for Royal Canin.

      *Price & Availability*
      Royal Canin is only available from specialist stockists, so be sure to run a quick search online before setting off to purchase some. You should however, be able to find it in most of the larger pet shops such as Pets At Home and from many veterinary surgeries.

      Royal Canin Rottweiler 26 comes in two packs sizes, firstly 3kg for £15.69 and then secondly, 12kg for £42.99.

      *My opinion*
      As much as I love Grace, I never thought I'd see myself buying her specialist dog food apparently tailor made for her breed! After all, dog food is dog food, and as long as she was getting a premium range, which she already was, then surely you could get no better anyway? On the other hand however, I never thought I'd see myself owning as many animals as I currently do, and spending alot of my free time on a review site- so there!

      Royal Canin would never be my top choice of dog food, I'd always go for Burns or James Wellbeloved, which are the very best dog foods available, in my opinion. However, when we started stocking this at work, and wanting only the best for my gorgeous Rottie, then I decided to give it a whirl and see Royal Canin could change the poor opinion I had of their pet foods.

      Grace is 20 months old, or there abouts, so I brought the adult variety for her, which is the Rottweiler 26 diet as I previously mentioned- although I'll admit I have no idea whatsoever what the 26 means- Royal Canin seems to like putting random numbers on the end of their pet food names!

      The same evening I brought the new food home, I tried Grace with it straight away- giving her mainly her normal James Wellbeloved with just a handful of the Royal Canin scattered on top. The food look quite appealing from an owners prospective, I must admit. It was a pale brown colour, so thankfully not pumped full of artificial colours and the kibbles were a nice shape and definitely appeared to be suitable for the incredibly powerful jaws of a Rottweiler.

      I let Grace get stuck in and sat watching, to see what she thought of it. Well, she certainly enjoyed it to say the least! She tucked right in, gobbling all the Royal Canin kibbles up before the James Wellbeloved ones and then sniffing around the bag on the table in hope of getting some more- it wasn't until she realised I wouldn't give in, that she went back to finish the last bits of James Wellbeloved! I really liked the shape of the kibbles, it really did take Grace a fair while to chew them, which was great. Benson isn't a Rottweiler- being a Bernese Mountain Dog, he is far from it, in fact! However, I can't give one without the other, so he too enjoyed a few small pieces of the Royal Canin kibble.

      Other the next week I slowly increased the portion of Royal Canin I fed to Grace, whilst decreasing the amount of James Wellbeloved, until she was eating purely Royal Canin. I also started to prepare the dogs meals out of their sight, giving Benson entirely their usual food, and reserving the Royal Canin exclusively for its target audience, the Rottie.

      Grace continued to enjoy the food, looking forward to meal times like always and never failing to clear her bowl. However, I quickly started to notice some things that concerned me.

      Firstly, although I introduced the new food to Grace slowly, she had terrible upset stomach after eating the Royal Canin- she generally has a stomach of steel but clearly the food was way too rich for her and it completely didn't agree with her at all. I brought two of the 3kg bags, and determined to give it a fair trial, I stuck out feeding it her until the bags were finished, which was roughly 2 weeks.

      At the end of the fortnight however, god was I glad to see the back of Royal Canin! Not only did the food upset her stomach- it caused sickness, Grace began to absolutely stink, she was always going to the toilet, she became cranky with Benson, she was hyperactive (in an awful annoying way, not her usual playful fun loving way), her breath smelt, her eyes became dull, she was restless and the wonderfully glossy coat that I pride Grace on, lost absolutely all of its softness and shine. It was quite unbelievable the difference visible in Grace in just two weeks. Everything about her changed for the worst and I couldn't wait to get her back on the James Wellbeloved, and neither could she! After a week eating her normal food, she sprang back to her normal self.

      Overall, I know not every food will agree with every dog, but this Royal Canin muck, well, it was awful. Yes, some Rottweilers may thrive on it, and it's a nice idea, but for Grace- it was the pits and I couldn't wait to get her off of it. It's incredibly expensive (so over priced), the food is too rich and generally just poor quality. I pay £44 for a 15kg bag of the James Wellbeloved, so thats the same money for 3kg more of a much better food.

      Sadly, Royal Canin have just confirmed my suspicions- their food is overpriced, a huge gimmick and generally just crap that I won't be wasting anymore money on!


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