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Sainsbury's Mixed Dog Biscuits

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2 Reviews

Brand: Sainsbury's / Type: Dog Food

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    2 Reviews
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      24.07.2013 20:24
      Very helpful



      Good value doggy treat.

      These biscuits are one of several little treat items I buy from time to time for my dog. Currently (24/07/13) Sainsbury's Mixed Dog Biscuits 800g are £1.59 per pack and since (in our case) they are given out at a rate of three or four a day they last quite a while. The feeding guide on the back does suggest the minimum and maximum requirements for your dog depending on the size and weight of your dog. But it also notes that it is 'a guide...' and to 'adjust as necessary to keep your dog in lean, active condition.' I tend to be a bit stingy with these as my dog has a natural tendency to be a bit on the chubby side.

      The biscuits have different shapes and colours for variety. I have no idea if my dog cares about what they look like at all. They are crunchy and obviously tasty to eat since there are no left overs on the floor.

      The ingredients are Cereals, Oils & Fats, Meat & Animal Derivatives, Minerals, Derivatives Of Vegetable Origin, Various Sugars. Additives: Colorants; Nutritional additives; Vitamin A 5000IU/kg, Vitamin D3 500IU/kg, Vitamin E 30mg/kg, Iron sulphate 20mg/kg, Zinc sulphate 20mg/kg, Copper sulphate 5mg/kg, Manganese oxide 3mg/kg, Iodine iodate 0.5mg/kg, Selenium selenite 0.05mg/kg.

      They contain wheat gluten and soya.

      Nutritional information: (per 100g)

      Copper 1.0mg
      Protein 11.0%
      Oils and Fats 5.0%
      Fibre 2.5%
      Ash 4.0%
      They come in a cardboard box and must be stored in a cool dry place.

      I don't think they are my dog's utter and absolute favourite - they do not get 'the dance' (my dog does a weird dance around anything that is particularly gorgeous before eating it) but they are always gratefully received with a wagging tail. A sure sign of product approval if there ever was.

      Would recommend.


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        09.05.2012 21:09
        Very helpful



        Cheap but good

        When I was planning on getting my miniature schnauzer Sawyer, I thought that I would happily feed him own brand wet dog food - something cheap. However I found that my opinion completely changed after speaking to his breeder, and I realised that it was better for him all round if he was fed high quality dry food. This means that I, a mug who spoils their dog, feed Sawyer on Royal Canin which costs between £11 and £18 depending on the size of bag I get him.

        Therefore when it comes to dog treats, I do have to opt for something cheaper as to be honest the little sod is going to bankrupt me one of these days. I need to be very careful with buying treats because I have found that some can be very high in fat, sugar, and/or general rubbish. For example after initially giving Sawyer Pedigree Chum Shmackos, I found that these had the same effect that giving a small child a 2 litre bottle of Coke would. Not good.

        Schnauzers tend to have sensitive stomachs, and can also develop pancreatitis if they have too many high fat foods, so I knew I had to give Sawyer something dry, and well, rather boring.

        I saw these dog biscuits in Sainsbury's and decided to buy them as they seemed fairly inoffensive and on the blander side.

        These come in an 800g green cardboard box with a photo of a black labrador on the front, looking expectantly at a picture of the biscuits. The back of the box gives recommendations of how many you can feed your dog per day depending on its size, and a list of ingredients. The box is very sturdy and easily opened.

        Inside are what I would estimate to be 200 or so biscuits. There are 6 different kinds of varying shapes, including milk bones and a black one which I assume is charcoal. I like how charcoal biscuits are included as these aid your dog's stomach/digestion. As Sawyer can have a sensitive little tummy at times, I make sure I give him one of the charcoal biscuits every day.

        There is a vague biscuity smell off them but nothing strong and you can't smell them if the box is kept closed.

        Not so far. They haven't made Sawyer hyper like some treats can, nor have they upset his stomach or made him sick. There is sugar in these biscuits but from Sawyer's behaviour or lack of, I imagine that the content is not high.

        These contain wheat gluten, soya, cereals, oils and fats, meat and animal derivatives, and derivatives of vegetable origin.

        These cost £1.49 normally, but are on offer currently for £1.19. As a box normally lasts me around 6 weeks, I think this is very good value for money.

        I would recommend these. They are cheap and most importantly, Sawyer goes absolutely mad for them - his tail wags more than it normally does when he hears me so much as going into the cupboard to get the box of these. I use these as training treats but also for when I want a bit of peace and quiet myself - they are very hard and crunchy so it does take Sawyer a few minutes to eat one of these. They have not affected his stomach or his behaviour, so this is something I will continue to buy as and when needed.


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