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Vitakraft Beef Sticks

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Brand: Vitacraft / Food Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      30.07.2009 17:36
      Very helpful




      This is Pippa the Chihuahua's favourite dog snack. At 9pm every night all we have to say is either "What time is it?" or "Where's the beef Stick". She will jump down and go to the cupboard where they are kept. I've got a smart dog.

      I started buying these for her years ago. I used to buy so many Chews from Pets at Home, but she's a little fussy. Herself and the Chihuahua we had before were never into dog Biscuits, or those colourful hard chew sticks you get. Pippa likes Hide products as well, so the tiny little Chew Shoes are another favourite for her. I'm not sure if you get these Chews in other stores than Pets at Home, but i've never seen them in a Supermarket say.

      These cost 49p each, but they are nearly always on offer at 3 for £1. You get cheaper alternatives to these in Supermarkets and Tesco used to do a great one that Pip liked loads as well, but they stopped them! So what are these?

      Best way to describe is like a Pepperami. They are 12g and sort of packaged the same way as a pepperami. The packaging is quite bright and colourful and the main colouring is a bright orange. There is a few different flavours in this product, and each different flavour has a little picture of the Meat it has in it, and a different breed of Dog. The flavours are Game, Chicken, Ham and Beef. Pippa likes them all, but I notice although she still tucked into the Game one, she didn't gulp it down as quick as the other ones. This is perhaps best, as she simply swallows and doesn't tend to chew, but I don't buy the Game ones anymore. It is easy enough to get the product out of the pack, as you just tear at the side of the pack where there is a little slit and you get the Beef Stick out.

      I would say the stick is about the lenght from my index finger to my palm, and it is not that thick. Again about the thickness of a pepperami and the same kind of consistency - sort of textured and not that ridgid. it feels slightly greay to the touch, and you can smell the Beef scent when this is opened. have never smelt the Chicken, Ham or that through the Beef, as they are all beef sticks, but with a hint of the other Meat mixed in.

      In the grand scheme of things, these aren't the cheapest Dog Chews, as this can set me back £10 a month on just Chews, and that's when they are on offer - just thought £120 a year these cost, which would cost £180 if they weren't on special! Anyway it is my Doggies happiness that counts and I hope they never stop these, as i'm sure they would be heartbroken!


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    • Product Details

      Moist and skinless sausages for dogs.

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