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Wainwright's Adult Complete Dog Food Salmon and Potato

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2 Reviews

Manufacturer: Wainwright's / Animals Health/Service Type: Dog / Animals Equipment Type: Dog Food

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    2 Reviews
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      06.06.2011 03:57



      Good as a substitue

      This feed is similar to the feed I feed my dogs at the moment. It is a complete food so nothing else needs to be fed with it and it can sit in the bag until feeding time as the bags are double lined meaning the greasiness of the kibble dont filter through the paper.

      Feeding guidelines are on the bag and are about the same as Arden grange.

      These have about 20% protien and so a good amount for the dog and similar to other complete foods.

      This comes in diffence flavours, this one being Salmon and potatoe. There is a variety of other flavour and I've tried them all but there is very little difference between the flavours. The dogs dont seem to find much difference between them either.

      This feed is a bit more expensive than Arden Grange, about £35 of a 15kg bag.

      This is nice good quality food and there is nothing left when I put it in a bowl for my dogs. They make short work of it and dont complain at all!!


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      05.06.2010 13:55
      Very helpful



      A great product!

      My two favourite dry dog foods to feed my dog are 'Wainwrights' and 'James Wellbeloved' both around the same price and nutritional values.

      I buy Wainwrights food from my local pets at home store costing £7.19 for a 2kg bag, and £31.99 for a 15kg.
      I tend to buy the 2kg bags as they are easier to transport.. however If i were to buy the 15 kg bag, it would last me much longer.
      If I were to buy 14kg worth of Wainwrights food in the 2kg bags... It would cost me app £50! And I would be getting 1kg less than if I were to buy the 15kg bag at just £31.99.
      So you really are bagging yourself a bargain when you buy the 15kg bags.

      But why buy Wainwrights? Well I buy it because of the nutritional values!
      Ingredient; ....

      Wainwrights contain a minimum of 23% Salmon Protein!! When compared to the popular Bakers which contains just 4%... its pretty good!
      There is also a minimum of 21% Potato,
      Whole Grain Barley- min. 10%,
      Atlantic Fish Meal,
      Whole Linseed- min. 4%,
      Sugar Beet Pulp- min. 5%,
      Sunflower Oil,
      Natural Seawood- min. 0.5%,

      So overall, Wainwrights contain a fantastic; ....
      Moisture 8%,
      Protein 21%,
      Oils and Fats 10%,
      Fibre 3.5%,
      Ash 7.2%,
      Vitamin A 12000iu/kg, Vitamin D3 1200iu/kg, Vitamin E
      Advertised on the bag shows this dog food contains an essential Dietary Fibre - to maintain a healthy digestive system;
      Highly Digestible Carbohydrates - brown rice is gentle on your dog's stomach and full of goodness;
      Natural Protein - to help support and maintain muscle growth and development;
      Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids - for a healthy, shiny coat;
      Beta Carotene - a source of Vitamin A, benefiting your dog's eyes and skin;
      Natural Trace Elements - derived from seaweed.
      Im always happy to feed my dog something which I KNOW contains great ingrediants. I always like to choose a food which has a good percentage of meat.

      Compare; ....
      Bakers contains a minimum of 4% meat
      James Wellbeloved contains a minimum of 26% meat
      Wainwrights contain a minimum of 23% meat (which in this case is salmon)

      Packaging; ....
      Each flavour comes in a different coloured bag, making it very easy to go and pick up your favourite monthly meat! However be careful as to which age group you are buying! On several occasions ive bought senior food instead of adult as some flavours are coloured identical.
      The 2kg bags come with a very handy handle! Making it great for me as I have to walk home with my dog food at the minute!
      I would like the bags to be resealable for freshness, however for the time being they arn't! So I sometimes store the dog food in a handy air tight container.

      Smell; ....
      I don't find the smell of this dog food unpleasant at all, infact I find the chicken flavour smells quite nice!
      Some dog foods give off a really bad mouldy meaty smell, not these!

      Taste; ....
      I wouldn't recommend you try these yourself haha! But my dog looooovesss them! They really are worth the price when I see my dog doesn't hesitate at all at feeding times!

      Buiscuits; ....
      The size of each buiscuit is just the right size for my small dog, however I think large dogs may sometimes swallow them whole.
      The feeding guide is shown on the packaging.
      (5-12kg): 170-225gm; for small breeds
      (12-25kg): 225-335gm; for medium breeds
      (25-45kg): 335-650gm; for large breeds
      (45-70kg): 650-1100gm; for giant breeds
      Through using various dogs foods, i've found that with the more expensive ones such as Wainwrights and James Wellbeloved... you don't need to feed your dog as much as other cheaper foods! This is because there is a lot more nutrition in these buiscuits, so less are needed to fill your dogs daily needs!

      The product advertises that it is suitable for dogs with the following dietary requirements; ....
      Wheat Allergy,
      Sensitive Skin,
      Sensitive Stomach.
      This is because Wainwrights dog food is hypoallergenic which means it doesn't contain any of the ingredients which will provoke common problems in dogs.

      Wainwrights Complete Dog Food is specifically formulated to be gentle on your dog's digestion by excluding many of the known ingredients that commonly cause allergies in dogs.

      Wainwrights also have other flavours available which I like to try with my dog to ensure he has a healthy variety!
      Turkey and rice
      Lamb and rice
      Duck and rice
      I also used to feed my dog this food as a puppy! Because they also have food specialy formulated for different aged dogs!
      Large Breed Senior
      Large Breed Adult
      Large Breed Puppy

      The price is a little higher than other dog foods which are commonly advertised on the tv and seen in large supermarkets! However you pay for quality!
      Wainwrights can be bought from any Pets at Home store... I'm unsure if its sold anywhere else! I think this is just a Pets at Home food!
      I would recommend it to anybody!


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