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Wainwright's Complete Dog Food Mature Turkey & Rice

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Brand: Wainwright's / Type: Complete dry dog food

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    1 Review
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      16.03.2011 18:52
      Very helpful



      Better than the cheap brands

      My dog is a nine year old West Highland White Terrier who sometimes answers to the name of Joey. At certain times though, he won't answer at all, and that's when he wants to be left alone. He then becomes deaf. But one thing you can be sure of is that if you call his name near to dinner time he'll come running. Well, that was true until a few weeks ago when he was unwell and couldn't stand, let alone let alone run. He also 'lost' his bark! Thankfully, now he is recovering and although not running he is beginning to at least walk at a decent pace. His bark is just about back to normal volume but not positive that's necessarily a good thing!
      While Joey was unwell he didn't lose his appetite.

      My dog is usually fed on a complete dry dog food. I used to give him Bakers complete which he seemed to really appreciate but I reviewed this product and a pet expert informed me that this wasn't a good dog food at all and explained about the poor quality ingredients in this food and of the very low meat content. I began to be much more careful in the food I gave to Joey, always making sure that I fully read the contents on the pack.

      The complete dog foods that I now buy are more expensive than Bakers, but I feel that a good quality dog food is important to my dog's health and therefore inferior brands are a poor economy. I do however; make sure that I get a good price by shopping around.

      Joey tends to get a discharge from his eyes and it has been suggested that we feed him for a week on a hypo allergenic free dog food to see if the discharge decreased. It did appear to be improved after a week or two. Because of this I would want to keep Joey on a hypo allergenic diet.

      Joey has always been a bit of a sickly dog. I don't think this is due to him being poorly but more of a having poor digestion. I feel this is another good reason to take great care when choosing his food.

      I have tried a few of these better quality foods; James Wellbeloved was one of the brands recommended and I have often purchased it although it is on the expensive side. But to be fair as it has a good meat content a dog shouldn't need so much perhaps as it would with a cheap brand. And my dog is a small breed Not a Rottweiler who would obviously get through the food much quicker than Joey does.

      A few weeks ago we were running very low on dog food and the better dog foods aren't available from most supermarkets so we (I and my husband) stopped off at 'Pet's At Home' where we knew there would be a good choice.

      Well, we were bewildered by the choice. After having a good look on the shelves we purchased two packs of Wainwright's complete dog food for mature dogs. Mature in this case is classed as seven years old and over. My husband thought that as Joey liked fish we should buy a fishy flavour (salmon and potato) but knowing just how fussy our pooch can be I thought the turkey and rice flavour would be safer buy. Joey never turns down anything chicken or turkey flavoured; poultry seems to be his favourite. We decided to buy both. We chose the Wainwright's food as it looked to be similar to James Wellbeloved but a little cheaper. It seemed worth trying.

      As it turned out Joey wasn't too keen on the salmon and potato but when a little cooked chicken was added he did get through the pack. Next we tried him with the turkey and rice variety and this was much more of a success.

      Joey's feeding routine is that he has some dried dog food placed in his bowl in each morning, which he doesn't always eat, but then in the early evening he is again given complete dry dog food, but with something added to make it more interesting such as a little cold cooked chicken or some fish.

      And so now Joey has munched his way through two large packs of Wainwright's and it seems a success. His eyes seem bright and healthy and he continues to improve mobility wise, although I don't think the improvement is due to his diet.

      I will buy this again but would also be as happy to purchase James Wellbeloved. I am not certain that this is as good as JWB but consider that they are both good quality dog food. I admit though that Joey seems to prefer Bakers but to me this is akin to a child wanting to drink lots of fizzy drinks and eat a bag full of sweets; what one likes isn't necessarily what should be consumed.


      "Wainwright's Mature Complete Dog Food with Turkey and Rice is a nutritious, complete dog food that is specifically formulated to be gentle on your mature dog's digestion by excluding many of the known ingredients that commonly cause allergies in dogs.

      Made from high quality ingredients, including a minimum of 20% Turkey and 43% brown rice; Wainwright's Mature Complete Dog Food is infused with:

      Essential Dietary Fibre - to maintain a healthy digestive system;
      Highly Digestible Carbohydrates - brown rice is gentle on your dog's stomach and full of goodness;
      Natural Protein - to help support and maintain muscle growth and development;
      Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids - for a healthy, shiny coat;
      Beta Carotene - a source of Vitamin A, benefiting your dog's eyes and skin;
      Natural Trace Elements - derived from seaweed.

      Wainwright's Mature Complete Dog Food is hypo-allergenic "


      Currently I have only purchased Wainwrights complete dog food from Pets at Home where I paid £7.69 for a 2 kg pack. The same flavour for mature dogs is also available in a large 15kg pack for the price of £33.49. I prefer to buy the smaller pack simply due to not having enough space to store the larger size.

      The 2kg pack comes in an easy to transport, thick paper bag with carry handles.

      Wainwrights also manufacture wet dog food in various flavours in tins and trays.

      This brand is sold in other pet stores and many online stores.

      *If your pet is fed on dry dog food he/she will need to drink more than they would if fed on a wet food diet. Joey always has plenty of drinking water available to him.


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