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Wilko Complete Puppy Special Feast

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Brand: Wilko / Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2012 22:48
      Very helpful



      A great puppy food from Wilko's.

      ~ Wilko Complete Puppy Special Feast ~

      Since bringing home the naughtiest puppy in the world ... Ever, we have been feeding her on this Complete Puppy Special Feast from Wilko's. The previous owners had said that she was eating dry food, the same as what the mum had and said they got it from such and such a place for about £18 a sack, now I wasn't driving miles away for a sack of dog food and as she is only a pup I thought it best for her to have puppy food anyhow, so whilst looking in Wilko's for anything dog related I saw this and thought "Yep that'll do".

      The puppy food comes in a large bag which is mainly white in colour, it does have a picture of an adorable Labrador puppy on the front as well a little love heart showing what food is contained inside the bag. It also tells us that the food inside is semi-moist and tastes like succulent beef with country vegetables! Sounds better than the food I eat at times haha!
      The bag contains 2.5kg of food and costs just £2.98 which I think is rather cheap.

      I bought Mookie a pair of stainless steel dog bowls and as soon as she hears the food being poured in she bounds into the kitchen like a headless chicken for her food, the food clangs into the bowls and I am now thinking that maybe ceramic bowls would have been a better choice!

      The food looks okay, the little kibbles are coloured in light brown, dark brown/almost black and green, with the semi-moist pieces looking like pieces of cooked mince beef!
      The first time I fed her this I measured out the correct amount as stated on the back of the pack and put it straight into her bowl, but I think as the previous owners had softened the food with water she simply thought I had given her a bowl of treats and she kept pinching bits out of the bowl, taking them to her bed and eating them there, so I gave in and soaked the food with a little bit of boiling water and once cooled she wolfed it down happily and this time directly from her bowl ... Silly puppy!

      The back of the bag has a chart with breeds/weights of puppies and the appropriate amount of food to bed fed to the dog throughout the day, Mookie I think is classed as a small to medium dog, she is a cross breed of Whippet and Jack Russel with the mum being very small (she is the Whippet) so I don't think Mookie will be a huge dog when she's older, anyway, it stated that at the moment (for her age) she should be eating 200g of food a day, so I split this into four 50g portions as I thought as pups like to poop a lot this would be ample for her and would give us time to get used to her ermm patterns.
      At the time the 200g split over the course of the day seemed to satisfy her completely but of course she grows and is now needing more so I have upped what she has and now don't measure it. I put two scoops into her bowl and remove her bowl when she has had enough and that seems to be working fine for now.

      The food seems to fill her well, she doesn't go sniffing around for anything else and it really does seem to satisfy her hunger. A few weeks ago she was ill, so ill that it has cost nearly £80 in vet fee's to find out that yes she was ill and no she couldn't keep down water??! This I knew! Well at the time I carried on trying to feed her this food and she decided that she only liked the mince beef looking pieces and would pick them out of my hand and refuse the rest! She is fine now and back to being a mischievous little puppy and now happily wolfs the food down once more.

      The food smells great ... For dog food! It also looks fab ... Again for dog food! It is apparently enriched with vitamins and minerals to keep her healthy, her teeth and bones healthy, promote a nice shiny coat and growth and provides easy digestion and I have to say that her coat is very shiny and smooth, her teeth look fine and she is growing just fine! I can also vouch for the easy digestion .... She has no trouble in that department at all, however it does make her poop a green colour which I can only put down to the being green pieces in the food. This did change when we recently used Asda puppy food when we ran out of the Wilko one and has come back now we have bought more!

      She now will eat it completely dry but it does soften well with a little added water.

      This can be bought online at www.wilkinsonplus.com where it can be delivered to store for free or your home for a £3.50 delivery charge or you can of course buy it in Wilko stores and can be found in the pet area.

      Overall I have found it to be a great puppy food at a great price. And I think Mookie agree's ... Woof!

      Thanks for reading :o) x


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