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Winalot Roast

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Brand: Winalot / Food Type: Dog Food

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    1 Review
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      08.10.2007 08:42
      Very helpful



      check your pets food labels as well as your own food ones

      Winalot Roasts is quite new on the market and although I did buy it because it was something new for my dog there was an even bigger reason

      We all look at human food and look to see what is added and look for anything that is not good for us but we dont think of doing it for pet food.

      When we were going to have a baby in the house I didnt want him barking when people came in and many other reasons which is another dooyoo and to cut it short was asked which pet food I fed my dog and to see if it had sugar in it and if it did buy one that didnt.

      This started me looking at the labels and it worked out that most of the brands like Sainsburys own had lots of sugar in it. So looked for the brands without sugar like this one.

      You would not believe the change in my dog!

      When we have a family roast I always do extra of everything for my dog and he loves it so seeing the word "Roast" caught my eye

      Winalot by Purina is one brand that does not have sugar mentioned so I presumed, and rightly so, that Winalot Roasts wouldnt either.

      I buy my dog the 1200g tins which cost between £1.30 and £1.45 which yes it is more expensive than some but he loves it and it seems more meaty than others.

      The big tins have beef in gravy, chicken, and lamb.

      They contain and I copy from the tin:-

      Vitamin Enriched, nutritionally balanced complete pet food for dogs

      Tin sizes =
      400g, 1200g

      WHAT'S IN IT?
      Meat and animal derivatives (of which chicken 4%), cereals, vegetable protein extracts, minerals. Coloured with EC additives

      Protein - 6.5%
      Oil - 4.0%
      Ash - 3.0%
      Fibre - 0.5%
      Moisture - 83.0%
      Copper (as copper sulphate) - 3mg/kg

      Vitamin A 1310IU/kg
      Vitamin D3 160IU/kg
      Vitamin E 10mg/kg
      Vitamin levels are guaranteed up to the best before date.

      You will notice no sugar is added.

      A daily feeding guide is

      dog weight Amount
      per day: Cans per
      day: 400g Cans per
      day: 1200g
      Toy (Up to 5kg) Up to 525g Up to 1.25 Up to 0.5
      Small (5 - 12kg) 525 - 1050g 1.25 - 2.5 0.5 - 0.75
      Medium (12 - 25kg) 1050 - 1820g 2.5 - 4.5 0.75 -1.5
      Large (25 - 45kg) 1820 - 2800g 4.5 - 7 1.5 - 2.25
      Giant (45kg+) 2800g + 7+ 2.25+

      An individual dog's requirement may differ from this guide. Adjust the amount given to keep your dog in an active, lean condition.

      it is advised to serve at room temperature and if your dog has not tried Winalot before, introduce it over a week by mixing it with his usual food.

      The tin has a pull off lid so no tin opener is needed.

      When putting the food into the dogs bowl it comes out of the tin looking very apetising and the gravy is nice and thick but not lumpy. The meat is about 1 and half inch square.

      My dog loves this. The smell is quite nice to my nose too.

      I always leave water down but I notice he does not rush to his water bowl immediately after eating and sits and enjoys it every mouthful.

      It is more expensive than a lot of tins but he likes it and never turns his nose up at it but that may be because it is by appointment to HM Queen Elizabeth II as I tell him and if the Corgi eats it so can he!

      Thank you for reading.


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