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Winalot Shapes

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13 Reviews
  • Don't smell.
  • Contains lots of good things.
  • bit heavy
  • Contains colourants.
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    13 Reviews
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      29.01.2015 18:55
      Very helpful
      1 Comment


      • "don't break in your pocket."
      • "Don't smell."
      • "Nice and crunchy"
      • "Contains lots of good things."


      • "Contains colourants."

      A tempting treat for a salty sea dog.

      I am lucky enough to have an adorable 'golden retriever mix dog which came to us from the local rescue center. She came with a very wobbly tum and a sad history. Now she is a bouncing floozy of a dog like Marylin Monroe in dog form.

      Jess easily adapted to our life which involves boats and soon became a happy salty sea dog. So happy that she started to mess about and play to the crowd when it came to getting up gang-planks and we were all worried about whether she and the rest of us would end up going for a cold, early bath.

      Either Jess stopped messing about or she would have to stay at home.

      The next time we went to the boat we stopped off at Morrisons where I surreptitiously bought a box of Winalot Shapes. Ever conscious of Jess's wobbly tum I went for the best that I could get. I chose Winalot because it is a reputable brand providing dogs with food since 1927. It is manufactured by Purina and I was confident that they would have good quality ingredients.

      My 800g box is a green cardboard box with a lip on the top of the box which helps it to close. The box has "Winalot Shapes." clearly marked on the front and the back of the box and the various shapes displayed on the front. The shapes are as follows. Hearts, stars, bones, fish,flowers and a sort of black arrow. Between them they provide antioxidants, calcium, Vit D and other vitamins. Fibre and omega 3 and 6. A large range of good things for my dog.

      The biscuit are about 1" across and have a good crunchy texture and do not fall to bits in your hand or pocket. Also, and this is important, they hardly have any smell so your coat pocket does not honk of dog biscuits!

      On the side there is a easy to use daily feeding guide depending on the weight of your dog.

      We are advised to use the biscuits as a reward or a treat and as a help to training. The size of the dog's meal should be altered depending if you are giving them a few or a lot of treats. You should also supervise your dog whilst giving them the treat.and have fresh drinking water always available. They should be stored in a cool and dry place and have a long use-by date. My box has a long date and should be used by March 2016.

      I have not listed the ingredients but Jess has not suffered any upsets as a result of eating about 6 a day. Some owners might not like that they contain colourants.

      Did it Work?

      One single, little wave of a Winalot Shape and Jess is up that gangplank whatever the weather, without a single hesitation. Just up-and-away. I'm going to start eating them myself.

      The 800g box sells for 1.75, the bigger 2kg bag for 3.25


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        06.11.2014 03:05
        Very helpful


        • "different flavours"


        • "bit heavy"

        A bit heavy but a good solid biscuit.

        To me these were the first dog biscuits I remember feeding the dogs when I was a little girl, they have changed the shapes since then but not much else!

        These biscuits are made by Winalot, they have been making these biscuits for years but they used to be called Spillers Shapes. When I was younger I think there was only 5 shapes I think, I remember one being an oval, one being a diamond, one being a circle and I can can not remember the last ones were. There are now 6 shapes a bone, a heart, a fish, a star, a flower and a dog house.

        I think the biscuits all have different flavours because over the years different dogs have liked different biscuits more, we had one dog who would not touch the black ones , someone once told me were charcoal biscuits and really good for the dogs digestion (not sure if its true though).

        Winalot shapes are a very crunchy biscuit and no bad meaty smells to them. They contain calcium and vitamin D to help with strong bones and teeth, fibre to aid digestion, iron for vitality and omega 3 & 6 for a nice sleek coat.

        Ingredients for the biscuits are :-

        Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives, Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetables, Minerals

        The biscuits come in many different sized bags/boxes starting at £1.79 for 800g, £3.25 for 2KG to around £30 for a 15KG box.

        They are available in most supermarkets and pet shops, we buy these at both Tesco's and Pets at Home.

        Personally I think compared to some biscuits these are heavy and thick for smaller dogs however all the dogs have enjoyed one shape or other.

        Would I suggest them? Yes given sparingly I would suggest them, they do take a little longer than the average small biscuit to bite through and have proven their quality with the test of time.


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        10.03.2014 19:42
        Very helpful



        Good enough for the Royal Corgi's!

        Winalot Shapes

        Winalot is part of the Purina group of pet foods which also includes Bakers Complete and Bonio as well as Felix for Cats.

        Packaged in green bags or boxes and available just about everywhere that sells dog food Winalot Shapes are a bit of an iconic feedstuff for dogs, they are crunchy biscuits in 6 different shapes, each being a different flavour and having a different attribute:

        *Black Kennel Shape with Fibre for healthy digestion
        *Brown Flower Shape added Iron to help support vitality
        *Cream Star Shape contains Vitamins to support health and energy
        *Orange Fish Shape with added Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin and coat
        *Pink Heart Shape contains Antioxidants to help natural defences
        *White Bone Shape added Vitamin D and Calcium for strong teeth and bones

        Winalot shapes are traditionally fed either as a treat, training aid or as part of a balanced diet with wet food such as tinned or raw meat.

        I have used Winalot Shapes on and off for a long time, I have had dogs that love them and dogs that turn their little noses up at them, but generally for each dog there is a favourite flavour. Currently I feed them as a treat a couple of times a day and to use as a reward for good recall and so-on. As well as my own two dogs I currently have a foster rescue dog and all three dogs have different favourites, so they take it in turns in choosing the first one from my hand and usually end up with their favourite anyway. All three dogs are small and they enjoy crunching them up and it is good for them to work their jaws and teeth. Some small breeds don't like these as they find them a bit big which is a shame as they are missing out.

        On the packet is feeding information including a daily feeding guide according to weight of your dog:


        Feed Winalot Shapes as a snack, a treat or as a tasty addition to your dog's main meal. For the number of shapes to feed your dog look at the feeding guide on the side of pack.
        A complementary pet food for adult dogs
        Wholesome biscuits that give your dog the bounce he needs to go out and enjoy life!
        6 wholesome varieties
        A complementary pet food for adult dogs.
        These satisfyingly crunchy biscuits are a complementary food baked with wholesome ingredients. Fortified with vitamins and essential fatty acid to promote health and vitality, they also help to maintain strong teeth and bones."

        "7kg up to 10 biscuits 15kg up to 13 biscuits 30kg up to 15 biscuits"

        The above guide assumes you are feeding them as part of your dog's diet and not as an additional supplement to their normal healthy diet. Our little dogs probably have an average of 1.5 a day each.

        As mentioned they have their favourites and look forward to their treat of a Winalot Shape Biscuit.

        Price & Availability:

        Readily available from the following supermarkets. Normal RRP of the 800g box is £1.75, however they are currently on offer in Asda for £1.00. also from Morrison's at £1.75, Sainsbury's, Ocado and Tesco at £1.79. The 2Kg bag is available from Scats at £2.99 and that is how I usually buy them, decanting them into an air tight tin once opened.


        A lovely treat that most dogs love. They really are different flavours as tested on my little dogs. I recommend Winalot Shapes as the best product of its type. I buy them because they are worth it!

        Stars: 5/5


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        07.03.2014 14:08
        Very helpful



        My boys can sniff them out a mile off!

        My three spaniel boys are very typical - in that they will eat almost anything! It seems no matter what they are offered they will woof it right down, so when I give them a treat I want at least to feel it is something special and good for them too.

        I bought Winalot Shapes at first when they were on special offer: before I'd just bought own brand snacks or even just threw them a few scraps of people food as they seem to eat anything I give them with relish, but I did feel like a better owner by giving them something that I perceived at least to be of better quality.


        Winalot Shapes are crunchy dog biscuits in a variety of 6 different flavours - and of course, shapes! The box/bag points out the different benefits of each one:

        Heart shape - Antioxidants to help natural defences
        Fish shape - Omega 3 & 6 for healthy skin & coat
        Flower shape - Iron to help support vitality
        Bone shape -Vitamin D and Calcium for strong teeth and bones
        Star shape - Vitamins to support good health & energy levels
        Kennel shape - with Fibre for a healthy digestion

        It's quite cute that they have different Shapes to support specific relevant benefits - I'd often thought a lamppost would be a good one for a healthy urinary tract!

        The daily feeding guide offers advice on how many biscuits to give according to size:

        Adult Weight
        7kg - 10 biscuits
        15kg - 13 biscuits
        30kg - 15 biscuits

        and suggests that "Shapes can be fed at any time of day as a treat, reward or tasty addition to your dog's meal". It is advised that fresh drinking water should always be available.

        We limit the amount of biscuits to about 6 each a day - not because we are big meanies, but just to be sure that they know the difference of being "treated" and getting a meal. We usually feed each dog one at a time - again not to be mean, but if they are handed more than one they tend to let go and drop a biscuit, and then there is a scrambling match and a lot of "grrr"ing!


        Despite the special offer being long gone, I still continue to buy these for my boys for a variety of reasons.

        Nutrition - Winalot shapes are produced by manufacturer Purina, and I can feel confident that as a respected pet food company I can give my boys a tasty but healthy snack. As I said, they will eat anything, so unless it is a homemade doggy dinner, I have to put my trust in the manufacturer to know that what I am giving them doing them good - as well as giving them a treat.

        Price (if you buy a big bag) - Shapes are available in two sizes: the 800gm box currently priced at Tesco at £1.79 and the larger bag weighing 2kg and costing £3.25. The Tesco website helpfully works out that the latter is £1.63 per kg - as opposed to £2.24 per kg for the 800gm box, so since there is a significant saving on the larger bag (and since I have three hungry boys) it makes sense to go for this. This also compares really well with own/other bands when buying biscuits on the supermarket shop.

        Smell - theirs not mine. The big difference between these and other biscuits I have got for my boys is that they really seem to pick up on the Shapes' smell. As springer spaniels they have great noses, and although they will eventually sniff out any treats I have hid in my pocket, they seem to detect these right away! My oldest dog (who is the Daddy) is a sleepy old thing and I often wake him up gently by putting one of these at his nose - even before he opens his eyes his nose has a little twitch and he licks his lips!

        Whether or not this means that Shapes are a superior product I don't know, but it is reassuring to think that the boys easily identify these as a treat, and that they excite their sense of smell as much as their tastebuds!

        However the smell isn't that strong to me. I'm well used to handling various substances that having dogs inevitably requires, and don't mind them one bitl, but these biscuits don't smell offensive or yukky top me in any way at all.


        It might be just because the boys associate Shapes with a treat, but the on occasions when any of them have been sick and refused their dinner, they will always munch away on a couple of these. Again I am confident that even though they are only eating a little, what they are eating has plenty of important nutrients included.


        I don't think that my dogs would dislike any snack that was offered to them - I just think they like Shapes a little bit more than some others.

        I would definitely recommend these as a treat - and they boys' noses recommend them too!

        Thanks for reading.


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          08.11.2012 19:23
          Very helpful



          a Wholesome treat for dogs.

          Winalot Shapes.

          I sent my son to the corner shop to get our dog Max some treats. I had given my dog the last few and always like to have some in the cupboard for treats and rewards. Mistakenly I had failed to say get a few chewies that cost 5p each as opposed to a box as I was going shopping that evening. However he returned home with not only one but two boxes of these. He was so impressed with himself for completing his mission I didn't have the heart to return them. Maxi though was thoroughly impressed by the treats, and I now purchase them on a regular basis. The corner shop was selling them for £1.49 per 800g box. You can purchase them at most pet shops and superstores, I have seen them in Tesco for £1.69 or two for £2.00, so I tend to only buy them on offer at Tesco or buy them at my corner shop which is cheaper.

          These treats are also great for supplementing their normal diet because they are fortified with calcium, vitamin D, iron, Fibre and omega 3 and 6. These are full of vitamins that enhance your dog's health giving more energy (not that my maxi needs more). It's supposed to improve their coat also but as I give my dog supplements anyway and brush him daily, I have not noticed any significant change in his coat. The box is green with a picture of a golden retriever on the front and images of the biscuits all over it. The packaging is fairly appealing. The biscuits are loose in the box and not cellophane wrapped which although not necessary, would be an improvement for me, as a way of keeping them fresher.

          The Nutritional Values are:
          Typical values Analytical Constituents:
          Protein: 12.5%
          Fat content: 5.5%
          Crude ash: 5.0%
          Crude fibres: 1.0%
          Calcium: 1.4%
          Omega 3 fatty acids: 800 mg/kg
          Omega 6 fatty acids: 8000 mg/kg
          Nutritional Additives: IU/kg:
          Vit A: 14590
          Vit D3: 1050
          Vit E: 92
          Fe(E1): 61
          I(E2): 7.7
          Cu(E4): 8.4
          Mn(E5): 4.6
          Zn(E6): 174
          Se(E8): 0.09
          With colourants and antioxidants

          The ingredients are Cereals, Meat and Animal Derivatives, Oils and Fats, Derivatives of Vegetable Origin, Vegetables, Minerals. And as you can see does contain mainly cereals as a bulk ingredient.

          The manufacturers contact details are:
          Nestlé Purina Pet Care (UK) Ltd.
          PO Box 1941
          St George's House
          Park Lane
          CR90 9EB.
          Nestlé Purina Pet Care (Ireland)
          3030 Lake Drive
          City West Business Campus
          Dublin 24.

          The recommended daily limits are for a 7kg dog: 7 biscuits, 15kg dog: 13 biscuits and for a 30kg dog: 22 biscuits, and are designed for older dogs. Although I never give max this many as this is rather excessive. These are not a complete dog food and should only be used for treats; you dog will still need either a complete dry food or tinned food. And you need to ensure your dog has access to water when being offered these as they appear rather dry. The biscuits come in six shapes a heart, a bone, a house, a star, a flower and a fish although really this is unimportant as it does not affect the quality of the product but it does make it more enjoyable for the kids to feed them to the dog. Winalot is a well-established and well known pet food supplier and have been established since 1927. So is trusted brand for my dog. We ways have some in our pockets for rewards when we walk him and use them as treats at home and Max always appreciates the gesture.


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          18.08.2012 22:55
          Very helpful



          Highly recommended

          ~~Winalot shapes~~

          Living in Cyprus I find dog treats over here are extortionate due to the extra mone they add to everything they ship from the UK, so I tend to buy all my doggy related products in bulk off Amazon and save myself a few pennies in the process. I normally buy Bonio biscuits but thought I would give these ago when the last lot ran out. These are also made by Purina who make Bonio and I therefore thought that I would stick to a reliable brand when I decided to purchase these.

          The specific product I purchased was the 800g box of Winalot shapes, this contains a hefty amount of biscuits and lasts for a good period of time especially as my dog is only 7kg and she is a miniature pinscher so these are ideal for her. The box is an ordinary shape and quite uninteresting to the eye, it features the label and is predominately green. The front of the box also features pictures of the individual shapes and their individual nutritional quality such as the bone biscuit has calcium and vitamin D, there is also a picture of a dog on the front which I believe is part of the products branding however, I don't think this picture is very necessary as it is obvious the product is for a dog and it looks out of place alongside the other images. On the left side of the box it gives the daily feeding guide which is as followed: 7kg: 7 biscuits, 15kg: 13 biscuits and 30kg: 22 biscuits. I do think this is quite a lot but it is good to know a guideline of what they would recommend rather than you accidently over feeding your dog. It also gives ideas on how to serve to your pooch; you can either give them simply as a treat, or as a snack or you can add them to their meals to add a bit of variety. They also state that you should give your dog access to drinking water when they have these treats, but the majority of people leave water down for the majority of time for their furry friends. These biscuits should be stored in a clean dry place as I don't think your dogs would appreciate a soggy biscuit, well you wouldn't either would you! On the opposite side of the box is all the nutritional information (it does go into quite a bit of detail, to the point of which I think you would need a science degree to be able to understand it all, but it's nice to feel informed, even if you have no idea what they are talking about), contact information should you have a question for the company or to issue a complaint should you have one. This side also displays the quality assurance mark which is a great sign to have on a product as it shows that the product has been seen as of high quality, which is what I want for my little dog. On the rear of the box it features all 6 Winalot shapes with their images and a description of what each shape is good for. The heart contains antioxidants to help support natural defences. The bone has calcium and vitamin D for strong teeth and bones. The house has fibre which helps with digestion. The star has added vitamins which help support good health and energy levels. The flower has iron which helps vitality and finally the fish contains omega 3 and 6 to help maintain healthy skin and a glossy coat. I think each of these in turn are great as they are so much more than just a treat, I would happily give my dog a few of these a days without feeling guilty that she is being given rubbish like most of the dog treats are packed with. I think it's brilliant that they all hold different qualities and that not only are these nutritionally different but they will also be different in taste for her so she does not get bored of them.

          Bella my dog is 1 year old so these biscuits are ideal for her, they are not recommended for a dog younger than this; however most products of this type are the same. I like this product as Bella only has dried food as she does not do well with meat so it is good to know that she is getting vital nutrients from these biscuits and that she is also receiving them as a treat. It's a shame it doesn't work the same with children and vegetables! I have noticed that her fur does appear to be more glossy and smoother and she seems to have plenty of energy! I can tell she likes these products because as soon as I go to her treat cupboard where these are kept she is sat nicely waiting for her daily fix. The biscuits are of a good size for all dogs as they are of a reasonable size and the amount given can be increased to suit a bigger dog. The biscuits themselves look great too, they are different colours and different shapes which makes each one easy to identify if you want to give your dog a specific biscuit for its nutritional quality. I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who would like a good quality product for their dogs I honestly cannot find anything that is wrong with this product, and I will definitely be purchasing this product again.
          The price of this product as of writing 18/08/12 is as follows:

          Amazon (800gx5) I purchase these as they are great value for money: £9.99
          Amazon (2kg bag): £8.17
          Sainsbury's (2kg): £3.48
          Waitrose (2kg): £3.25
          Tesco (2kg): £3.25
          Asda (2kg): £3.48
          Ocado (2kg): £3.25
          Asda (800g): £1.68 or 2 for £2.00
          Tesco (800g): £1.69
          Ocado (800g): £1.69
          Waitrose (800g): £1.69
          Sainsbury's (800g) £1.69

          I think all of these are great prices especially the ones I purchase 5 boxes of 800g for £9.99 this includes free delivery from Amazon UK, this works out at £1.99 a box so more on average then the supermarkets however as I live in Cyprus and I still qualify for free delivery this is the best option for me. However, I would recommend that those of you, who live in the UK, would find it more cost effective to take advantage of the Asda 2 for £2.00 offer while it lasts.


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            07.06.2011 18:13
            Very helpful



            Always have a box of these.

            These are the original dog biscuits and now all the supermarkets have copied them and make their own, identical biscuits. Identical in almost every way apart from some shape of the biscuits.

            To be honest most dog biscuits are the same, made of the same ingrediants, mainly composed of cereals!!

            I find it nostalgic to buy these original Shapes as I can remember them as a kid and it feels nice!!

            However, the supermarket do tend to sell their version of the shapes at a cheaper price and so I do tend to buy them over these Shapes.

            I use these as a sweentner to get the dogs off their beds and out for a wee at night and a box will last a month.

            As luck would have it I bought this large bag last month as they were on offer at Sainsburys and worked out cheaper than the box. This bag is about twice the size of the box. (Very very sadly) having only two dogs now instead of the three I thought this bag would last me ages.

            That was before my Malinois developed an abcess on her back paw and I needed to bathe and dress it daily.
            She is a fiddily dog anyway and raely stays still, with a sore paw I was trying to touch she was even more fiddily. These biscuits became a savour! As she occupied her self with eating a handful of these biscuits she let me sort her paw out each day. Perfect.

            In addition to this, she was ending up eating a lot of these biscuits, and the lab as she was looking longingly at me giving them to the Mali, but she has not put any weight on. It is nioce to have a treat for the dogs which you know will not put weight on excessively even if fed in quite large volumes.

            These are good treats but unfortunately supermarkets do do them cheaper. Shop around, offers can make them cheaper and buying in bulk makes them cheaper too.

            I always have a tin full of these in the kitchen for the dogs.


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            13.10.2010 17:11
            Very helpful



            A good price dog treat


            In this hectic world us pet owners are one up on everyone else. We've got a friend who remains true no matter what. In return a couple of walks a day, a few treats now and then, and a square meal is all that is required.

            There are numerous toys, treats and the like out there and there are a few companies whom we have come to regard as also actually caring for our pets health. Pedigree is one which springs to mind but it is Winalot that I remember from the days when as a young boy we got our first dog.

            In these days Winalot was just a biscuit type addition to the dogs main meal now its fun. Winalot Shapes are one of Tasha's favourite treats and she most certainly enjoys them when they are on offer.


            The large 800g box is quite brightly coloured in the traditional green associated with this brand. Across its top is what seems to be a golden retriever looking over the company slogan, under which the word shapes is written in a red colour.

            Inside is a multitude of delights for your dog, well actually it's all biscuits and they are all different colours. There are black ones brown bone shaped ones. Reddish star shaped ones and a few other varying colours and shapes, hence the name.

            A while back (whilst purchasing our weekly shop we were as per usual going to get a box for Tasha, they retail at around the £1.50 mark but they fluctuate quite a bit.) we noticed a large green ball on sale next to the Shapes. This appeared strange since the toys are further up the aisle so we investigated.

            The ball, which was £1.99, was about 6 inches in diameter and had cut outs around its surface. On closer inspection we discovered that these cut out were identical to those in the shapes box of biscuits. A dog toy similar to that of a child's where they put shapes into the cut out hole.

            Now Tasha is a clever little dog but I do not believe she is nearly smart enough to fit the biscuits in the same shape cut out, so I deduced that it was us owners who were going to have to place the biscuits in the holes............................was I smart enough for such a daunting task. Luckily it caught me on a good day and I figured it out quite quickly. Anyhow we purchased both the biscuits and the box of shapes and parted with the three-pound odds.

            On returning home Tasha as per usual was sniffing in all the carrier bags to see what goodies we had got her, but we had kept the ball aside for now. A quick shake of the Winalot box and she knew the score...........................biccies.

            We gave her a few more black since they appear to be her favourite. After a while we decided to give her a few more and this time we put them in the ball. It is now compulsory to put the biscuits in the ball and she'll play away happily for ages trying to get a biscuit out while rolling the ball around. Her footwork is quite nifty and I thought of contacting Fabio, but on reflection realised he already had too many problems without this added distraction.

            I've never tasted the biscuits but they are hard and crunchy and Tasha certainly enjoys them, as I said the black ones are her favourite from this I formed another deduction they are all different flavours.

            In the days before the ball she'd scoff the lot up no problem and she still does only now she gets to play while doing so.

            There is advice on the box as to how many your dog is allowed and it is certainly what I would consider sufficient, but does depend on the size of the dog. They have added nutrients and vitamins to make them pretty decent snacks for your old faithful.


            For £1.50 you can't really get many decent dog snacks they are all way overly priced, but Winalot have stayed true to our friend and provided us with a nice option. Tasha looks forward to her handful of shapes every so often, so I have no complaints and I guess she doesn't either.

            The ball is an obvious bonus and although I have not seen a Winalot shapes one available for a while there are similar ones around for a similar price, so she gets a treat and a bit of fun. And we get a laugh watching her paw around the ball trying to get the biscuits out.


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              17.01.2010 10:31
              Very helpful



              Keep a few with you

              I have two wonderful dogs - Katie, a Golden retriever, and Millie, a chocolate brown Labrador - and no matter what training issues I have had over the years Shapes have been a constant aid. As I go out to work, for example, I will say "on your beds" and suddenly there are two expectant faces looking at me ready for their treat. Same thing happens at night and any time they are told to get on their beds (clearly if they are naughty they don't get a biscuit - I'm not THAT soft!)

              The packaging claims that there are six varieties of biscuit - I suspect that the comment refers to the shape rather than the actual flavour although I do try and not give two of the same type! Shapes consist of a heart, a bone, a house, a star, a crown and a paw print - the latter is black.

              The biscuits contain cereals, meat and animal derivatives, derivatives of vegetable origin, minerals, oils and fats - all of which does not sound too great. All I know is that my two would do anything for a biscuit.
              Packaging comes in several forms - box, plastic bag, sack and looses (in some dog food shops). I have also seen cheaper varieties around but my two prefer the original. Originally labelled as winalot, the packaging now carries the Purina logo.


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              16.01.2010 00:12
              Very helpful



              A perfect treat for your four-legged friend!

              We have a beautiful black Labrador called Holly who is nearly 13 years old, and have been buying Purina Winalot Shapes as a treat for her for ages.

              Shapes are for adult dogs and not really suitable for puppies.
              They come in an 800g box which is mostly green showing pictures of the different shaped dog biscuits as well as an adorable Labrador. (My favourite breed.) I believe you can also get much larger bags/boxes. The packet claims that 'every dog has his favourite.' This may well be true but my dog hasn't told me her favourite yet as she seems to like them all!

              There are six different shaped biscuits which are:
              A black paw print (This contains min 4% charcoal)
              Cream coloured bone
              Cream coloured star
              Brown "W" presumably for "Winalot"
              Pinkish heart
              Pinkish kennel

              They all have the word "Shapes" written across each biscuit.
              These crunchy biscuits can be fed as part of your dog's main meal or, as we do, given sometimes just as a treat. We always give Holly a couple of Shapes first thing in the morning, if we go out leaving her behind and also just before bed.
              Winalot Shapes are made with wholesome ingredients. They are fortified with vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids for health and vitality, they also help to maintain strong teeth and healthy bones,

              The box has a feeding guide printed on one side. It recommends:
              Up to 15kg weight 2-13 biscuits
              15 - 30 kg 13-22 biscuits
              30kg and above 22 -30 biscuits

              Our Labrador is about 26 kg but we do not feed her more than about 8- 10 biscuits per day. Although she is almost 13 years old she does not appear to have any trouble crunching the Shapes and is always interested in having one. In fact she is sitting near me watching carefully as I write this as I have her box of Shapes on the desk!

              The biscuits have a slight smell (no doubt a strong smell to dogs!) which is not unpleasant. To my nose all the different biscuits smell the same.

              As the biscuits are dry, it is important to make sure you have a supply of clean drinking water available at all times to your pet. We have noticed that Holly always goes to her water bowl after eating her biscuits.

              I paid £1.57 for an 800g box in Somerfields. I think this is good value as a box last 2-3 weeks depending on how many you feed each day.


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                19.11.2009 14:57
                Very helpful



                Tasty variety of biscuit treats.

                I have three medium sized dogs and I have to purchase treats just about every week in order to keep them content and to help with training exercises. I have always tended to buy treats which were meaty strips like Pedigree Schmackos or basic raw-hide chews but when out shopping recently my mum recommended getting these Purina Winalot 'Shapes' biscuits. She told me that a dog she'd had when she was young had been mad for them.

                I bought an 800 gram box of these. The biscuits are immediately inside the box - not in any inner plastic bag or anything so the packaging is environmentally friendly. The box top has a easy fold tuck like most breakfast cereal boxes have. This stops the biscuits from spilling inbetween uses. There is some information about the product printed on the box including a feeding guide. It would help if you know the weight of your dog for this purpose. Your dog's most recent weight is usually listed on their yearly booster injection form. The guide is as follows:

                Dogs weight up to 15kg can have 2-13 biscuits daily. 15-30kg are allowed 13-22 biscuits daily and dogs of 30kg and over can have 22-30 biscuits per day. I do think this is an over-estimation of how much you would actually want or need to feed your dog though. My dogs tend to get only two or three a day.

                Winalot reccommend adjusting your dogs main meal (reducing the food) so that your dog dosn't gain extra weight from eating the Shapes.

                Ingredients are also listed on the box. These include cereals, meat and animal and vegetable derivatives, minerals and oils and fats. A breakdown of the biscuits in nutritional terms shows that they contain serveal minerals and vitamins including vitamin A, E and a B-complex as well as calcium.

                The Shapes have a very strong meaty and shortbread aroma which I can smell from a distance even with the box closed. They don't, as many biscuit treats do, have any kind of powdery coating. This means they are great to slip into coat pockets for walkie time and they won't leave any mess! My dogs are able to smell these through my pockets though and they are always really excited by the aroma!

                There are serveral different shapes in the box which are also different colours. There is a white bone, a pink heart, an orange kennel, a yellow star, a brown 'W' which looks more like a bat, and a black paw-print which has a degree of charcoal listed in it's ingredients.

                All three of my dogs enjoy eating all of the various Shapes in the box and don't appear to have any preference for a particular shape! My smallest dog, a terrier cross, has a small face though and seems to sometimes struggle to bite down into the biscuits which are quite dry and crunchy. The biscuits also seem quite big for her. The biscuits measure about 1 1/2 inches long. I find that a few biscuits fill my dogs up quickly, especially my smallest dog. All of my dogs tend to leave crumbs when eating these biscuits as they are, as mentioned, quite hard and difficult to crunch. The dogs seem to enjoy the challenge of the slightly dry texture though an gnaw away happily although it takes them a little while longer to eat than it does with softer snacks like Schmackos.

                Overall these are a treat I will buy again in addition to other softer textured treats as all of my three dogs enjoy eating the Shapes and they offer an exciting chewing experience, larger size and mouth-watering smell unique to many other treats on the market.

                Check out:


                for more information on their range of pet products.

                This review is also on Ciao!


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                  14.07.2009 16:46
                  Very helpful
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                  An ideal treat to compliment a dog's main meal.

                  Both my dogs love Winalot. They will eat other biscuits but they get really excited when they see the green box go into the cupboard. I don't have to call them when it is treat time as they can smell the contents from 100yds away and vroom they are there with their wagging tails. I used these biscuits at first to train the dogs when they were puppies but now I use them as a treat to compliment their main food and give them a balanced diet.

                  The product can be purchased in a number of sizes from an 800g box, a 2kg bag to a 15kg box. The packaging is mainly green with a few different shapes biscuits on display and a Labrador. I tend to buy the 2kg bag for £3.59 as it is easy to carry and store.

                  There are 6 different types of biscuits varying in shapes, sizes and colours - Tess has a particular liking for the bone shaped ones and isn't to keen on the paw shaped ones whereas Meg just scoffs the lot.

                  The biscuits are hard and firm to touch but when the dogs gnaw on them you can hear that they are crunchy as their teeth break the biscuit into smaller pieces. This process must help clean their teeth and help them maintain clean and healthy gums. I always have fresh clean water for my dogs to drink afterwards as when they have finished they always take a drink. Thirsty work obviously eating their treats!!

                  Recommended Daily feeding guide:-

                  Small dogs up to 10 biscuits
                  Medium up to 15 biscuits
                  Large up to 20 biscuits

                  Although I would say that my dogs are of medium stature I always limit them to 10 a day.

                  Winalot shapes are suitable for any breed of dog and are made from wholesome ingredients. They contain essential vitamins and minerals as well as, cereal, meat, oils and fats.

                  (Protein 14% Oil 5.5% Ash 6.5% Fibre 1.5% Calcium 1.1% Phosphorus 0.8% Vitamins A, B, D3 and E)

                  Highly recommended.
                  Thanks for reading.


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                    06.10.2008 22:53
                    Very helpful



                    Does Gary Want A Biscuit? - Of Course he does

                    Winalot Shapes describes itself as "a complementary pet food for adult dogs" that can be fed at anytime as a treat or a reward. It comes in six wholesome varieties ranging in size, colour and shape and to put it in the simplest possible way, my dog (Gary) absolutely loves these. Given the choice of a Shapes biscuit, or any other treat such as a Pig's ear or a Gravy Bone, then my dog will go for the Shapes biscuit on every single occasion. He has even somehow taught himself to climb up on to the table and take a few sneaky biscuits from the box when he thinks no one is looking. I can't tell you exactly why he likes them so much, he just seems to be obsessed with them. Even if you just rattle the box he'll stop what he's doing and come running.

                    There is a daily feeding guide provided on the packaging and is as follows.

                    Animal Weight Quantity To Provide

                    Up to 15 kg 2-13 biscuits per day
                    15 - 30 kg 13-22 biscuits per day
                    30 kg and above 22-30 biscuits per day

                    And while my dog fits in to the 15-30 kg category, and would love to be fed 13-22 of these biscuits a day, in reality he gets considerably less. I use Winalot Shapes purely as a reward on top of his ordinary diet. The packaging does also advise that you reduce you're dog's feeding if you are feeding those amounts which is a sensible suggestion, and remember to provide plenty of clean drinking water.

                    The only real fault I can comment on, is that often when buying a packet, there will be a lot of crumbs and broken bits in the bottom from the biscuits being bashed about. I know its a very minor complaint and I'm sure that a dog won't mind if his biscuits are damaged, I thought it was still worth mentioning.

                    I have to admit that dog biscuits is one of the more interesting reviews I've done to date. Not be able to taste them myself, I have to relay on the opinion of my dog, and I don't think I have to tell you that he would never forgive me if I awarded this item any less than five stars.

                    So to Purina the makers of Winalot Shapes, I thank you on behalf of my dog - Gary, or as he would say "Woof."


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