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Argos Flying Twilight Ponies

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Argos / Pony doll with flapping wings / comes with charm bracelet.

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    1 Review
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      19.10.2010 19:06
      Very helpful



      With marketing hubris like Twilight's, who couldn't love the toy horse herself!

      Twilight Ponies from 'Vivid Imaginations' are like a slightly more grown-up successor to Hasbro's popular 1980s'My Little Pony' range of toy plastic horses.

      Like 'My Little Pony', Twilight ponies have disproportionately large eyes (but not in Twilight's case eyes so ridiculously dewy / gigantic as the MLP ones), long flowing manes and tails of synthetic 'hair,' and come in a range of distinctly un-equine, bright, rainbow colours - the flapping Pegasus-type pony I'm reviewing for example, has a body that is a solid block of vimto-can purple.

      The muzzle of flying Twilight - "Queen of all the Treasure Ponies!" - is white, as are her hooves which, I understand, actually glow in the dark(!) Happily whatever luminescent compound they've incorporated into the white plastic hasn't coloured it dirty green ; we have other various glow-in-the-dark creatures / stick-on stars in the toy basket, and they all have that distinctive green cast of luminescent material colouring them. It just wouldn't look right on a handsome horse like flying Twilight (who is of course the only Treasure Pony that can fly, as she is the only one adorned with wings).

      This magical horse has a very long, shining white mane and tail (they actually have strands of glittery 'hair' incorporated into them) and of course, wings, which are bit of a sore point....

      Yes, this toy is marketed as 'flapping Twilight' and I stupidly assumed that the wings would be connected to some mechanism by which they could be made to actually flap. We have a 'jaw chomping' Warg from the 'Lord of the Rings' range for example, that gnashes its teeth together when you press a concealed button in the flank - and I thought that given the fairly steep price of this toy it would have some similar kind of 'extra' mechanism too. But it doesn't. In fact you have to move the wings up and down with your fingers to make it flap, which I thought was a bit of a rip-off, because with 'Flying Twilight' what you've done is overpaid for a big hunk of plastic that just sits there and doesn't do anything. It costs £10 e.g. from 'Argos' which I think is a wee bit steep for this sort of thing, although it's currently on special offer from Amazon.co.uk for £6.

      On the plus side however, the wings (white plastic with imprints of large feathers) are nicely articulated - there's a sort of double-hinge arrangement - nicely incorporated into the base of the wing and nothing too noticeable or clunky-looking - that lets you move them up and down and rotate them into different positions against the horse's body. They're also made of a slightly softer plastic than the rest of the horse, and seem to be quite nicely 'sculpted'. Twilight comes with a transparent plastic crystal medallion for herself, and a somewhat nasty purple 'charm'-style bracelet for her owner. The accessories aren't brilliant, but it's quite a nice toy overall.

      It's intended for kids aged 3 and up.



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