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Asda Doll Gift Set with Stroller

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Manufacturer: Asda / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      14.08.2012 18:32
      Very helpful



      Fantastic value for the price

      My brother is known for being stingy with his money, he's not long turned 21 years old so his money is usually spent on going out and alcohol. However, he surprised me a Christmas giving my daughter a bundle of presents! One of the things he bought her was this doll pushchair and doll set from Asda.

      The set is one of Asda's own range toys so it can only be bought in Asda stores. I can remember seeing it on the shelves but can't remember the price, I think it was between £5-£8.
      Both the doll and pushchair come in the same cardboard box firmly secured in place by those annoying plastic ties. Once you have spent what seems like a lifetime undoing the ties you are greeted with quite a big doll and an umbrella pushchair folded up. The pushchair is easy enough to unfold by simply pulling the bottom away from the handles until it won't come apart anymore.

      The pushchair looks like a miniature version of a normal pushchair, with two handles to push and a fabric seat and strap for the doll, it even has the bar at bottom of the back that you gently tug up to start to folding down process! The colours are very girly with it being mainly pink with yellow wheels. The fabric seat is patterned with bright flowers on a baby pink background, this seat is attached to the top of the pushchair by loops of fabric, this secures it at the top very well. The bottom of the fabric seat is a pain in the backside, it attaches to the pushchair by putting the two metal poles into little fabric pockets. This sounds quite good in theory but the fabric always slips away from the poles so I spend a lot of time sliding them back into the pockets.

      The doll isn't anything spectacular but what can you expect for the price of the set. It is made entirely from a thin plastic and is around 35cm long when the legs are out straight. Both legs and arms move 360 degrees, they each have all of the proper digits complete with nails so the detailing is quite good. The face of the doll is quite good, there are some really ugly dolls around but this one is rather pleasant looking, with baby blue eyes and a slightly ajar mouth, it does look ok. The doll comes complete in a two tone pink baby grow and hat, these are both removable.

      Daisy, as my daughter calls her, gets played with quite often. As Daisy's legs move she is easier to get into a sitting position than all of her other dolls so when it comes to role play picnics and tea parties she is the first to take a sitting position as she doesn't have to lean against anything to sit up. Daisy isn't normally used with the pushchair as she is often sitting down somewhere!

      The pushchair is of a nice size and it can fit all of my daughters dolls in with ease (not all at the same time obviously, it would have to be huge!). My daughter finds it a little fiddly doing up the strap on the pushchair and sometimes gets agitated if she can't manage it herself. She also gets very frustrated, as do I, when the poles of the pushchair slip out of the fabric pockets they are supposed to be inside. She can't get the seat into a secure position herself so I spend half of the time that my daughter plays with the pushchair putting the poles back inside the pockets.

      As the pushchair is so lightweight, it often comes outside with us when we go for a walk around our little village. Even if my daughter gets fed up of pushing it half way through the walk, it is easy to fold up then for me to carry without any problems. As the pushchair is easy to fold, it makes it easy to carry pretty much anywhere, we've taken it all sorts of places as it is so small.

      For the price, I'd definitely recommend this pushchair for any fans of dolls. It isn't of the greatest quality but it's so cheap compared to branded pushchairs that it is so worth it. The way in which the doll is so easy to sit up makes this one of my daughters favourites and the lightweight pushchair make the set quite good. The problem with the fabric slipping off of the poles is a disappointment and quite annoying but that's the only problem with the set so we can't really moan.


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