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Baby Annabell Doll Stroller

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2 Reviews

Lots of fun for children, the doll stroller is well built, sturdy and has a very cute and appealing design.

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    2 Reviews
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      08.10.2013 12:33
      Very helpful



      Baby Annabell stroller for your little one's dolls

      My girls were recently 3 and one of the presents they were bought was this Baby Annabel stroller. Due to one of my girls being a late walker they hadn't had this kind of toy before as it wouldn't have been stable enough for her to use as a walker.

      The stroller came folded in a long box and it didn't take long to get it out and open it up ready to play. 3 year olds are keen to start playing the second the present is open, well they are in our house, and so quick to set up is a big advantage.

      In play
      The stroller comes with a toy changing bag including a small fluffy pink dog toy for your child's dolly. These added extras made this stroller stand out from others on the market when shopping. The stroller has pale pink handles and wheels. The seat is also pink with a pretty cupcake design.
      The first thing one of my daughters did was find her doll and place her in the stroller, she asked for help doing up the harness straps which are quite difficult to undo. The stroller was soon being pushed up and down the living room through all the wrapping paper.
      Since their birthday it has been played with daily and they love pushing it around with different toys, often several are crammed in.
      We haven't taken it outside when walking as just going out with the twins is enough of a challenge but as a child I loved taking my dolls for walks and in time I hope they will too.

      The stroller is really sturdy and well made. The material seat slots over the metal frame and stays securely in place. The changing bag neatly hangs over the back of the stroller so it looks just like their real buggy.

      Price and availability
      I spotted this stroller in the Argos sale reduced from £19.99 to £10.99 and although I wouldn't have paid full price I am pleased with it as a sale purchase.

      Would I recommend?
      Yes, this pretty Baby Annabell stroller is perfect for pre school children, it is well made and hopefully my girls will be playing with it for a long time.


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        16.08.2013 10:38
        Very helpful



        A great stroller for all dollys, not just annabell.

        *Getting to know a little girl who wanted a pram that wasn't hers....

        Since my daughter was born I yearned to buy her girly things, a doll, tea set, pram....etc. Though I always suspected she would be a tom boy, after all she has an older brother who goes to taekwondo, and she always tries to join in. In fact they practice their taekwondo together at home (its very cute to watch them get the smartie pads out....but that's another review altogether)
        Anyway....recently we went to a christening, and after the ceremony we stayed and played with the toys in the play room and my daughter found some toys she had never played with before. She found a doll, pushed it head first into a little pram and pushed it around for half a hour until we left.
        It didn't leave her side.
        It went into a play house, back out of the play house, into the book corner, to the table.....and when it was time to go she tried to take it out of the church with her. Cue a paddy, screaming, throwing herself around and eventually the pram being dragged from her hands and her carried kicking and screaming away.
        Now you may ask why after that she managed to get a doll pram? We certainly do not reward bad behaviour, nor do we "give in"" to a paddy. She was well behaved at the party, ate all her dinner and behaved once we had gone home, so we decided to look for her own pram for her dolly.

        *Choosing the right pram....
        We looked around at different dolls prams and I was surprised at the price of them, and the poor quality of many of them. In the end I decided I would look on ebay and I came across the baby annabell stroller.
        I paid £5 for this stroller, and postage was free as it was collected from just up the road (lucky or what). It does however retail at £16.99 on toys r us, or £16.45 on amazon (with 10p postage!!!)
        The stroller is a basic white metal frame, with pink padded handles. The wheels are pink plastic and the seat is material patterned with multi coloured dots, each with a little lamb inside. There is a good quality harness and buckle to fasten "dolly" into, as well as a pink mesh shopping basket at the back. It folds up quite small, and when put up you click the back bar into place, and slide 2 catches at the sides to keep it all up. There is also safety catches (a metal hoop) just under the catches that slide, which ensure that its very difficult to fall down, even if it isn't put up correctly and is safe for little hands.
        The stroller weighs 1.2kg, and is 71cm high.
        It does state that this is not suitable for children under 3 years, but I think that's mainly to do with putting the pram up and down, we keep our pram up all the time unless we are taking it in the car, in which case I fold it down and put it back up when we're at our destination. My 18 month old is small for her age, still wears 9-12 month clothes but has no problems with the height of the handle and no problems pushing it or turning it.

        *The day daddy brought home a pram....
        Daddy walked through the door and was greeted with "hello daddy, let me see" and was soon peeping inside the bag he had in his hands. When she saw what it was she was ecstatic with a big grin on her face. Her brother ran and got her cabbage patch doll (but that's another review altogether...) and I put it in. Although this pram is made to hold baby annabell, a cabbage patch doll fits perfectly in the seat and fastens in securely. The stroller was an immediate success and walked up and down the lounge multiple times.

        *Move over brother....dolly needs to sit here....
        The first night the stroller was at our house, my daughter lifted it onto the sofa and plonked it on top of her brother....he promptly moved to one side and she climbed up between dolly in stroller, and her brother. He was sternly told "NO" so he wouldn't touch the stroller. There the dolly sat, in a stroller on the sofa, until bed time when it folded up ready for a camping trip the next day.

        *Rainy days are good days for walking....
        Well I mentioned camping, and with our never ending luck we managed to choose a day where it was pouring with rain when it came to put up our tent. After a 2 and a half hour drive my children were like caged animals and didn't care about a little bit (or a lot) of rain, and wanted to play....so out came the pram and dolly.
        Unfortunately the pram doesn't come with a rain cover, so dolly got wet, and so did the stroller. Luckily we found that the stroller dried pretty quickly once it stopped raining.

        *Run Dolly.....RUN...
        My daughter has been walking since 10 months, but she has never really RUN!! She does a sort of fast walk, but never a full on, both feet off the ground run. That was until she got in a big open camp field and her stroller....and a hill! I'd turn my back and turn again to see my daughter going full speed down hill pushing her doll in her stroller....yes....thanks to this little stroller my daughter has learnt to run!!! and she's not slow.
        This stroller is quite sturdy, but I wouldn't recommend you use it as a walking aid for a child learning to walk. It should only be used once your child can keep their balance well.

        *Keep away from cars....
        I don't need to tell you to keep your children away from roads and cars which are moving, but I would also suggest you keep your child and this stroller away from any PARKED cars. My fiancé prides himself on taking good care of the car, he washes and polishes, cleans inside and vacuums and only last week went mad that a bird pooped on it.... so how could I tell him that his daughter got her pram wheel stuck on a tent guide rope, swung the pram around and scratched down the side of the car....ooops!!! so yes.... keep away from parked cars or there is a risk that there will be scratches!!!
        As you can see the stroller is light enough for even small toddlers to move around. She can do all the pushing and turning herself because it's so light and easy to push.

        *Plenty of storage in the basket....
        As with any parent pushing a stroller, my daughter has a lot of "stuff" she needs when she takes dolly for a walk. The mesh bag at the back of the stroller is very useful for her to put it all in, and ensure she has her hands free to carry her bag and push the stroller.
        She manages to fit in it; her teddy/blankie, a cup of juice, crayons, dolly's teddy, mobile phone. and her bag with tea set in hangs on the handle.

        I wouldn't hesitate in recommending this stroller, its good quality and a lot sturdier than other strollers. It also looks really pretty and the padded handles add a bit of comfort when pushing the stroller. the harness is also good quality and our dolly doesn't fall out once fastened in, even when the stroller is swung upside down (thanks to her brother)
        all in all a great stroller and definitely worth 5/5 stars.


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