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Baby Born Mummy Pick Me Up

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3 Reviews

Brand: Zapf Creation / Type: Doll

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    3 Reviews
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      16.02.2013 13:10



      Doesn't sound quite right

      My daughter picked this baby born doll from Toys R us for £29.99.

      She has beautiful blonde hair and sparkling bright blue eyes, and is completely hard bodied. She is 35.5cm tall. Baby born comes wearing a thin baby pink romper, with a cute little pink clip in her hair. She takes 3 x AAA batteries and is for children of 3 years and upwards.

      Baby born responds to her mummy, just as a normal baby would. She has sensors in her lips and cheeks, so that she giggles when her lips are touched, kisses when her lips are touched, and senses when mummy is near. Baby born asks for her "mama", tilts her head, raises her arms when she wants to be picked up and giggles if you press her belly button in.

      While this doll is very pretty, it quite often makes a horrible grinding noise if its limbs are moved too far. It is best in a sitting position as otherwise the mechanical noises are quite scary.

      I wouldn't recommend this doll as it doesn't always respond the way it is supposed to, and the grinding noises are that loud they often have my daughter in tears. My daughter doesn't really play with it as it is too stiff to go in her pram or cuddle. I also think that the quality of the romper suit is bad, it won't stand many washes as it is such cheap material.


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      03.01.2013 18:13
      Very helpful



      I wouldn't pay anymore than I did for this

      I pay close attention to money saving sites such as moneysavingexpert.com to try and grab a bargain or two throughout the year. One of the bargains I purchased this year was this doll from Tesco for only £5 that got put away and given to my daughter on her third birthday (alongside three other dolls argh!)

      --- Price and packaging ---

      The Baby Born mummy pick me up doll had a full RRP of £40 so £5 really was a bargain for this type of doll. It is available to purchase from places like Amazon and Toys'r'us for around the £40 mark.

      Baby Born recommend that the doll is for children aged three years and over. The mummy pick me up doll requires 3 AAA batteries.

      The doll comes inside a large cardboard box with a transparent plastic front so you can see exactly what you are getting inside. After taking the initial cardboard off, the doll is then tied into place with those stupid ties that take an absolute age to get off on another piece of cardboard. Once the doll has been parted from the packaging you have to remove a plastic strip that is attached to the battery pack then it is ready to play with.

      --- Mummy pick me up ---

      This baby born doll is what I would call a proper doll, it is interactive and relatively hard bodied, different from all of my daughters other dolls. The doll mainly stays in the sitting position, when she is like this she measures approximately 30 centimetres high. She is quite cute looking, I know some people get freaked out by the overall look of dolls but the facial features on this one are nice and subtle. The blonde hair adds to the overall look and feel of the doll, it's quite short but is thick looking. My daughter has been going through a phase most of her life where she pulls hair out and sucks it and it's the same with this doll, however the hair seems to be rooted deep inside so my daughter finds it really hard to pull hair out from the doll (hurrah!). The doll only comes with a basic bodysuit, whilst it's nice looking being a girly pink colour with the Baby Born logo, I would have liked one kind of outfit, even if it was a piece of material designed to look a little like a dress it would have made her looking even more cute.

      The legs are full moveable so you can get the doll to lie down if you wish, the arms can only move a certain amount before you hear a loud clicking noise, this is because the arms are used during the interactive sequence. To get the doll to do anything, slide the on/off button (located at the top of her back) and press the belly button, this will start the doll off where she giggles, puts her arms in the air, tilts her head back and says 'mumma'. If you rub the dolls left cheek she will coo cutely, and if you touch her lips she makes a mwah kissing sound. If she's left idle for a few seconds she will start cooing and making random noises until she is played with again or after a few minutes (around five) she will turn herself off. The noises and actions are quite cute, they are at an audible level so you can easily hear them, I don't get annoyed with how loud it is as it isn't that bad. The thing that annoys me the most is the mechanical sound that you hear when the doll moves her arms and head, it is almost the same level of volume as the sounds, its aggravating.

      My daughter received this doll along with a few others for her birthday and we named all of them as we've got too many called 'doll' 'babydoll' 'baby' and the like, we opted for Blondie for this Baby Born, very original! Blondie was the doll my daughter was intrigued by most on her birthday, she was almost dazed by her and would just sit there pressing the belly button and watching her move. After time she did pluck up the courage to pick her up and play with her properly. She would often lay her flat to take her for walks in the pram, the only trouble with her doing this was that Blondie found it difficult to put her arms up and tilt her head back whilst in the laying down position. Blondie definitely isn't played with the most out of her dolls, I think this is because she doesn't suit anything other than the sitting position and this limits the amount of role play you can have with her. Her arms don't make it easy for my daughter to pick her up and cuddle her as they are pretty much stuck where they are unless you move them and click and risk breaking them!

      --- Overall ---

      At only £5 I do think I got a bargain for a fully interactive 'proper' doll. The full RRP or even half price at £20 would be too expensive for this doll, in my opinion. The amount of play is definitely limited due to the lack of arm movement and having to be sat up to get her to do the full sequence of tilting her head back. The sounds and overall look of the doll are pleasant compared to some others available to buy. Blondie still gets played with, just not as much as I thought she might, and since my daughter does like her I would recommend it, just don't pay too much or you'll be disappointed!


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        02.02.2012 23:37
        Very helpful



        A lovely doll suitable for age 2 and up.

        I really should introduce my daughter I talk about her alot in my reviews , her name is Hollie and she turned three a week before Christmas. Like most girls of her age she is really into dolls and role playing.
        I purchased the Baby born Mummy pick me up doll aka mama doll for her birthday from Amazon uk as she was on sale for £13.00 free postage. The price made me want to get her as normally Mummy pick me up doll costs £38.00.

        When the doll arrived it looked big and the pink box makes it look really good. The packaging is hard to get into as once removed from the cardboard box it takes ages to get through the plastic packaging and undo all the metal twisted ties.
        Hollie instantly wanted the doll open after unwrapping, I was pleasantly surprised to find batteries already inside the doll , did have a plastic strip to pull out to activate them. Should you need to change the batteries Mummy pick me up doll takes three AAs. The battery compartment is on the lower part of dolls back and needs to be opened with a screw driver.
        Mummy pick me up does not come with any accessories just the doll.

        Mummy pick me up doll is around 18 inches tall when she is in the sitting position where she is meant to be. She has blonde rooted hair, it is really soft ,you can brush it with ease, although her hair is short she does have a small pink clip to keep her stubby fringe out the way.
        Mummy pick me up doll is made from hard plastic but has a vinyl skin covering that feels nice. She is not a cuddly doll but very cute all the same.
        Her clothing is only a pink romper suit with the Baby born brand tab on it and a small pattern at the top with some blue coloured ducks. I have purchased some Baby born socks and shoes these are compatible with Mummy pick me up doll.
        Lastly Mummy dolls face, mostly everyone that has been introduced to Hollies Mama doll says she really is an ugly doll, or ek she freaks me out or where did you get that thing ha ha. We think Mama doll looks lovely, she has big blue eyes a happy looking face with cute little pouty lips.
        On one of the Amazon reviews some person refers to Mummy pick me up doll as a Debra Meanden look-alike, I am glad the review didn't put me off because Hollie truly loves her.

        Mummy pick me up doll makes babbling, sounds until you do the secret code. The code was in the instructions but all you do is rub Mama dolls right cheek twice then rub under her chin, after doing these actions Mama doll puts her head back and lifts her arms up saying MAMA , MAMA wanting up its so sweet and tickles my daughter. This is why Hollie calls her Mama doll. I like the fact no mechanical noises can be heard when her arms go up this would have put me off her.
        When you touch or kiss Mama dolls lips she kisses back making the KISS sound. That is all Mummy pick me up doll does , not sure older girls would enjoy the doll however Hollie takes Mama doll everywhere and enjoys role playing with her.
        Mummy pick me up doll can have her legs straight so she can lay down however her mechanical arms cant be moved or pulled down so Hollie just plays with her the way she is. This doesn't matter as she can still sit in the dolls pram , high chair and dolls car seat we have.
        Hollie loves Mama doll.

        My only small complaint is the the speaker on the dolls back where all the sounds come from is very loud and I can hear when Hollie plays with her from upstairs, the doll gets annoying from an adults point of view hearing it all day long.
        Amazed the original batteries a month later are still going a huge plus, hate battery munching toys.
        I think this is a great doll for younger girls and I recommend Baby born Mummy pick me up doll aka Mama doll.


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