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Barbie I Can Be a Rockstar

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2 Reviews

Brand: Mattel / Type: Rockstar Barbie

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    2 Reviews
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      16.04.2013 15:15
      Very helpful
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      This is a very good Barbie that is very different to others

      WHAT IS IT?

      A Barbie doll that has been styled to look like a rock star.  

      THE DOLL

      I like this doll because it is very different to most Barbie dolls.  The doll is wearing clothes that make her look like a rock singer and has got pink streaks in her hair.  She is wearing all very funky clothes in pink and looks feminine but edgy too.  Her hair is very long and straightened, it is blond and the pink streaks stand out but I think the doll looks very sexual because she is wearing a lot of make up and the clothes are sexy.  My sister will not allow her children to play with such made up dolls but my daughter knows it is just fantasy.

      The doll can not stand alone and that is a pity because a rock star doll having to lean on the wall or a box is not very fun.  My daughter has got doll stands and this one fits the stand but because the clothes are so tight fitting you can see the waist loop of the stand.  


      Barbie comes wearing her dress that you can remove, a pair of knee high boots, a guitar that is made of plastic and a small headset that is also a microphone.   The headset was lost very quick but my daughter has kept the rest of the accessories safely.  The guitar is quite big and good quality like it has been thought of instead of being a poor accessory to bulk out the set.


      I think this is a good Barbie doll because my daughter owns many that are wearing ballgowns and horse riding clothes but this one has got a very different style.  My daughter plays with her Barbies all together and they all have different parts in her games, I have seen that her rock star Barbie gets a lot of heroine parts and she is seen by my daughter as having more girl power.  I am not against this.  

      I like that her guitar fits against her body because that helps to stop it from becoming lost. When my daughter puts the doll away she keeps the guitar with the doll and I think that is a good habit.


      I asked my daughter for her opinion and she likes this Barbie but she said she forgets that she is a Barbie sometimes.  She likes her clothes and likes to pose her with a microphone that came with another doll and puts concerts on with her rock star Barbie but I have noticed that she plays this Barbie more with her Bratz dolls than her other Barbies.


      The I Can Be A Rock Star doll costs £13 and I think it is worth that because it is popular with my daughter and very good quality like all Barbie dolls.

      5 Dooyoo Stars.


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        24.01.2012 13:48
        Very helpful



        Come on Barbie, lose the 'bits' and bring the price down!

        While looking for a few stocking fillers for Hollie I had the bright idea of getting her a Katy Perry doll as she loves her, unfortunately the already very doll-like Ms Perry doesn't have her likeness in doll form so that was my idea scuppered. Never one to be put off I decided to see what trendy dolls Barbie had on offer - eventually coming up trumps with Barbie I Can Be A Rock Star.

        This is a Barbie doll, as you've probably already guessed, only this is Barbie with attitude. Shes wearing (almost) knee high black heeled boots, a short pink shirt with obligatory purple tutu-style netting and a pink leather look bodice top. Long blonde pink-streaked hair, a head mic, studded dog collar, guitar and sunglasses complete the on-trend look. She's probably not for the Barbie purists but I personally think she looks fab, and so does Hollie.

        She's already in the perfect pose for holding her guitar, her legs will bend slightly so the doll can be put into dancing or general stage antics positions - Barbie dolls aren't exactly the most malleable toys available, but for the design of this one I think the positions it can be put in are just about right.

        Hollie loved Rock Star Barbie from the moment she opened it; it was the first toy to be unboxed (ahead of the more 'beautiful' Barbie I had also bought for her) and was played with almost constantly throughout Christmas Day and Boxing Day. My only criticism is the fact that Barbie's head is placed at a slight angle, which is ideal for putting the doll into 'performing rock star' pose but unfortunately looks a bit weird when Hollie is using her as a normal Barbie without the guitar and mic.

        The hair doesn't look like it's going to become particularly ratty over time, it's very long (bum length) and has the effect of being layered at the back. This makes it easy for Hollie to brush with a special Barbie brush and no hairs came out of the dolls head yesterday - even after some very vigorous brushing which would have left lesser dolls bald! It's going to be far more manageable than the slightly curly haired Barbie she also received, who I expect to look roughly ten years old by tomorrow!

        There are a few 'bits' that could become lost with this doll, actually Hollie has already lost her shades - I'm sure I heard them going up the vacuum this morning! The guitar is in perfect proportion to Barbie meaning it's slightly too big to be actually lost, although it will easily slip to the bottom of the toybox and become temporarily lost like that. This is the same for the boots, although Hollie loves Rock Star Barbie's footwear so much that I doubt they'll ever be unattached from her feet long enough for her to lose them!

        As a Barbie lover myself I think this is a gorgeous doll; different from the norm thanks to her funky rock chick clothes, and completely unlike any of the other Barbies Hollie owns. The main thing though is that Hollie herself also adores this Barbie, she has been playing with it practically all day and alternately singing with the doll and getting Barbie to 'perform' for her other dollies. It's very sweet actually and a lovely way for Hollie to express herself, she can be a little shy at singing in front of us all but yesterday treated us to a lovely performance in the guise of Barbie singing.

        I paid just under £13 for this Barbie, which I think was a bargain considering others from the 'I Can Be...' range were substantially more at the time I bought this one. Regardless of price, I'm sure this is going to become a much-loved Barbie (if it's not already!) so definitely money well spent.


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