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Belle Doll Wardrobe Set

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Brand: Disney

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    1 Review
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      28.01.2013 17:55
      Very helpful



      A great doll dress up set

      First impressions

      My little girl loves Belle from beauty and the Beast, so when I came across this set reduced to £10 I decided to buy it for her. In the pack you receive a Disney Belle doll for little one to play with, two outfits to get Belle changed into, two pairs of shoes, two Tiaras and Belle is already wearing a lovely dress and accessories. There is also a small plastic brush in the set so you can style Belles hair after you have got her dressed. She looks very impressive waiting in her best ball gown in the box and I knew my daughter would just love her.

      Taking Belle out of the box you could see instantly she is very well made. She can move around easily, so she is perfect for small hands to play with. Age recommendation is four years plus which seems fair as the shoes and the tiara are tiny so it could be a choking hazard. It can be fiddly to add some of the accessories to the doll so again a younger child may find this difficult. My little girl was instantly in love with Belle. She got straight to getting her ready to play. She knew who it was straight away and was delighted it was her favourite princess she had received.

      Getting Belle dressed and undressed

      The main idea of this set is too get Belle dressed and change her into her different outfits. My little girl loved this and it really holds her attention. The clothes are big enough so that my little girl can get Belle dressed without any major problems. She found it tricky at first but as time went on she became able to do it independently. All three of the dresses provided are copies of the ones Belle wears in the films. My daughter loved this as she never knows which to pick between, and as they are all familiar from the movie she was excited. Belle is detailed very well and the hand warmer and extra accessories are perfect for any princess. Just getting this doll dressed can take up to ten minutes but for that whole period my little girl is really concentrating on getting her dressed correctly. In the set is a lovely little gold brush to run through bells hair. This is a lovely addition to the set which my little girl really enjoys. It runs through her hair easily, but she does have a lot so it is difficult for my four year old little girl to put back up. It can also be used on other dolls hair as my daughter had tried and tested. There is a small gem glued to the back of the brush and although it is a simple touch she loves it. It gives more of a princess theme to match the doll.

      One problem we did find with this set was the tiaras and shoes. The tiaras are lovely but they are really small. Also the small arms of the tiara to be pushed in to the masses of Belle's hair just spell disaster. It can be balanced on the doll but as soon as she moves around it will fall off. The shoes are the same they look lovely but are impractical. They are absolutely tiny and the small leave way they give on the dolls foot make them impossible to put on. They have added joints to the feet and the arms of this doll I presume to add to the ease of getting her dressed. This works perfectly on the arms of the doll, but on the feet it just makes the job more difficult. As you try to put some pressure on the shoe to add it to the doll it will turn and slip the shoe off again. Even I find it difficult to put them on, so there was no chance of my four year old daughter doing it.


      Once you have dressed the doll you can of course play with her. As she has movable joints she can do a lot more things than other dolls and so my daughter loves her. She is used in my daughters doll house, and visits different places depending on what she is wearing. It is only a doll but my daughter can use it to come up with a 10 different games and stories. She has tea parties and she dances with other dolls my daughter owns. She is a good size so that she is light and can be carried at all times by my daughter but also holds her interest. She is around the same size as a Barbie and found she works with Barbie accessories well.

      As she has received a lot of use this also means she has been dropped, pulled and fully tested by my three eldest children. Other than her hair looking a little messy the doll is in perfect condition. She can be moved into different poses because of her moving joint so she is able to move round more freely than her Barbie's. Her hair is absolutely wild now. Belle seems to have a natural curl to her hair and because there is lots of it over time it has mated. You can still tie it back she just does not look up to her original princess standards. The dresses are still in good condition and still perfectly usable. We did have to find a place for them to be kept safely as they are rather small and there is no storage for them. One of the dresses has begun to fray a little at the Velcro fastening at the back. It is unnoticeable once on the doll but it won't be too long before it is completely ripped. There are still the other two dresses available so all is not ruined.


      There are different variations of this set available depending on which your favourite princess is. We found Belle on sale for £10 at the Disney store, but they usual retail at £15 which I think is a fair price. There are a few pieces of the set that could be improved a little like the shoes and tiara but it has provided my daughter with hours of fun. The doll is pretty but very practical for little hands too. My little girl loves this doll and has already said she would love a Cinderella version. It is a practical medium size doll that can be used to boost little ones imagination, and it has been well loved by my little girl. I think these wardrobe dolls are only available at the Disney stores as I have never came across them before.


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