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Betty Boop Ballerina

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Brand: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible dolls

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    1 Review
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      01.07.2011 15:12
      Very helpful



      A cute collectable for Betty Boop fans or little girls who are aspiring to be a ballerina

      Sorry folks, but this is yet another of the new additions to my rather large Betty Boop family. Some people may think I am mad with my compulsion for these beautiful figurines, but I don't drink, smoke or travel to exotic holiday locations, so I am simply spending my money on something that I enjoy. This cute little figurine is available in a choice or three colours, namely lilac, pink and my favourite, which is white as shown in the image that I provided to Dooyoo and this review discusses Betty Boop Ballerina.

      The gorgeous resin collectable is firmly attached to a black glossy circular base and is the same height as the majority of my other figurines and that is 30 cm. She is fairly heavy and I would guess that she weighs around a kilo. If you are familiar with Betty Boop and/or my previous reviews you will be aware that she is somewhat of a cheeky lady who dares to show too much flesh whilst stood in her rather sexy poses. However, this is quite a girly figurine where Betty is wearing a beautiful ballerina's outfit. As the image shows Betty stands in a perfect pirouette where her shoulders are pulled back and her arms elegantly positioned about her head.

      Betty's long slender legs are well toned and her calf muscles are evident in this figurine, so she clearly enjoys a workout in the local gym. She wears a pretty pair of matching white ballet shoes that have narrow resin straps securing her shoes to her feet and ankles. The attention to detail on her shoes is simply first class, as the underside of her feet shows small folds to depict both the shape and movement of her feet. The bodice of her white tutu has been fitted neatly around her chest and located in the middle section are hundreds of silver sparkles.

      However, the manufacturer, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc has used glitter, which keeps falling off and making a mess on the shelf where I display her, so I try not to handle her too much. The tutu pulls in tightly around Betty's petite waist and falls into a beautiful skirt, which has been created to perfection, as there are tiny creases in the resin fabric to give the illusion of flowing fabric. The underside of the skirt has been painted in such a way that it allows us to believe that there are several layers of petticoat and skirt, as I am able to witness glitter followed by a white layer of fabric and so on.

      The reverse of the figurine is equally as beautiful, as Betty's bodice section is backless where I am able to witness two narrow straps that run vertically up towards her shoulders. Betty's hair very rarely alternates in any of the figurines that I own and in this one we are able to see her black glossy curls which are depicted by eight curvy spikes that run along the top of her head and a further eight curves are situated around the edges of her face. Unfortunately, a considerable amount of the glitter from the tutu bodice has transferred itself to both Betty's hair and face and this is something that I find extremely frustrating, particularly as cleaning the figurine loosens even more glitter! The manufacturer always seems to make this mistake when painting glitter onto any of these collectables, as in my opinion, they should be using an adhesive to enable the glitter to remain where it is intended.

      Betty's huge green eyes look upwards and they are perfectly framed with her stunning long black eyelashes and to complete her look she wears bright red lipstick on her lips, which are always puckered. Whilst I appreciate the figurines are placed in moulds and mass-produced, Betty's fingers on her left hand look somewhat odd, as they are not separated as they should be and as a result, their appearance is rather disfigured. Betty is a lady that adores beautiful jewellery and in this figurine we see her wearing a simple pair of sparkling silver hearts that mirror the sparkles on her tutu. As previously stated, cleaning this figurine is fairly problematic, as the glitter transfers from one place to another, so I tend to dab it gently with a normal household duster ensuring that I do not use the same area of cloth a second time. To ensure the figurine's authenticity the manufacturer always displays their name on the underside together with a small image of Betty.

      Betty Boop Ballerina is available from all good Betty Boop stockists, but tends to significantly differ in price, as I have seen her ranging from £40 - £55. Whilst I adore this figurine I have removed one star due to the annoying glitter, which I hope doesn't vanish entirely over the years.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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