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Betty Boop Blue Jeans

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Type: Collectible doll

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    1 Review
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      17.11.2011 13:46
      Very helpful



      Another cute Betty Boop figurine

      I am a huge fan of Betty Boop and despite repeatedly vowing not to purchase any new ones due to lack of space I have continued to buy the delightful figurines. My living room has been rearranged several times to house further glass display cabinets, which have subsequently allowed me to buy a few more. A delightful collectable that I purchased approximately six months ago was one of just 3,000 made worldwide. Consequently, I see this figurine as an investment, particularly as it has the hand painted number "096" on the underside and this review discusses Betty Boop Blue Jeans.

      The resin figurine stands at 30 cm in height and identical to that of the majority I own is firmly fixed to a black glossy circular stand. Whilst I have not placed Betty on a weighing scales I would guess that she is approximately 800g. Her appearance could be described as rather strange as although Betty has the most fantastic curvaceous and extremely slim figure, she looks rather odd. I say this because her body is rather contorted and her stomach is as flat as a pancake as is the front area of her pale blue jeans, which gives the figurine a totally unnatural appearance. However, perhaps I'm being a little picky and when displayed amongst my other figurines these "defects" are barely noticeable.

      As the name would suggest Betty wears a pair of pale blue jeans, which accentuate her long slim and slender legs. The jeans offer a slight shimmer and the resin has been shaped to create tiny creases, particularly around the knees where there are small slits and at the lower part of her legs. Betty is a lady who normally adores wearing her beautiful high heeled shoes, but in this figurine she has opted to go bare footed where we are able to witness her tiny feet and perfectly formed toes. Her hipster jeans display a darker blue coloured belt adorned with silver buckle and are slightly creased around the zip area, which has been painted onto the resin to offer the appearance of the real thing.

      Her chest looks huge in this figurine where Betty wears a bright red bikini bra and her mid-drift pale blue jacket gapes open and is tied with a small resin bow. Betty's left hand rests on her stomach and I am able to witness each and every one of her perfectly formed fingers. Her left hand is touching her right thigh and her overall appearance is that she is posing for somebody.

      Betty wears a pair of white hooped earrings and her cute huge green eyes look sideways, her eyelashes and beautifully long and her brows perfectly groomed. To complete her make up she wears ruby red lipstick on her puckered lips and a little blusher on her chubby cheeks. What I found unusual with this figurine is that whilst her black glossy curls are normally illustrated with eight curvy points running along the top of her head and a further eight curves around her hairline, there are a further four spikes on the rear of her head. I had to double check a few of my other figurines and just as I suspected, the back of her head is smooth with no additional spikes.

      Despite Betty's deformities, which give an appearance that she rarely eats, I absolutely love this figurine, particularly as it is numbered and I'm hoping in time that I will be able to appear on The Antiques Roadshow and make my fortune! In addition to the unique number on the underside is the name of the designer, namely David Kcracov, who has created a number of stunning figurines for the manufacturer and owners of the Betty Boop trademark, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc. The figurine has also been signed to authenticate this delightful collectable.

      Cleaning Betty is a relatively easy task and is undertaken with a plain white cloth and a small clean paintbrush, which enables me to access any hard to reach areas. Fortunately, my figurines are safely stored behind glass and due to the excessive amount I clean them only twice a year.

      As this is such a delightful figurine it receives 5 stars from me. I have not removed any due to her deformities as I feel the positives far outweigh my few grumbles. You can purchase Betty Boop Blue Jeans from the website Yellow Zebra for £50 although I cannot advise that I have used the company before. She also regularly appears brand new on ebay.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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