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Betty Boop Chef

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Manufacturer: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible dolls

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    1 Review
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      28.02.2011 08:26
      Very helpful



      A stunning Betty Boop figurine

      As you are no doubt aware, I am an avid collector of Betty Boop figurines although a few other items, such as a money box, calendar and tea towels have added to my huge collection. Whilst I do not purchase many figurines these days, particularly as space is becoming rather scarce, I had previously made a number of product suggestions to Dooyoo to advise you of my older pieces and the item I am reviewing today is the Betty Boop Chef.

      This figurine is extremely cute and weighs approximately a kilogram and stands at 30 cm in height where she is firmly attached to a 9½ cm circular black and white chequered base. This collectable was introduced in 2010 and she joined the remainder of my collection in the autumn of last year. Friends and family often ask me to identify my favourite figurine, but this is an almost impossible task, particularly as each of them mean something different to me, as a large proportion have been given to me as presents.

      What I love about the chef figurine is the colours, as Betty proudly wears a chef's uniform, although I would have to say that it is not what I would describe as typical due to the fact that the skirt barely covers her rear! The figurine is manufactured entirely from resin and as with all of my other pieces the craftsmanship is first class, as tiny folds have been created in the resin fabric, which gives an extremely realistic appearance. Her white dress fits tightly around her very curvaceous figure and for once we are unable to see her rather ample cleavage, as the bodice section entirely covers her chest up to her neck where we see a red neckerchief. Her sleeves are puff ball style and she wears a black and white chequered apron, which has a small pocket located in her tummy area where Betty stores her small rolling pin.

      In her right hand we see a large frying pan, which looks so realistic, particularly as the manufacturers, namely The Hearst Holdings have created it to look shiny to depict the oil where we see a large fried egg, two sausages and two halves of a fresh tomato. The food looks to be the real thing, as the colours and shapes are very realistic and you can almost feel that you can smell Betty cooking a gorgeous breakfast. Betty's long slender legs are bare, as with most of the figurines that I own and on her feet she wears an extremely inappropriate pair of white high heeled stilettos, which I am sure would breach Health and Safety Regulations, so let's hope Environmental Health don't step in!

      On her head she wears a typical chef's puffy hat, which sits neatly on top of her black glossy curls, which are depicted by curvy points. Betty wears silver shell shaped dangly earrings, which again would breach Health and Safety regulations, but this is Betty Boop, so why should she care?! Betty's facial features rarely differ from one figurine to the next, as we see her huge green eyes looking sideways and her long black eyelashes. Her eyebrows are always perfectly groomed and her perfectly shaped ruby red lips are puckered.

      On all of my figurines is the official Betty Boop stamp and the name of the manufacturer and this information is generally found on the underside, so I have the assurance that this figurine is the genuine thing and not a fake. When I purchased my first two figurines some three and a half years ago I never believed for one minute that I was soon to own such a large collection, which has rapidly grown, but sadly, it must soon come to a halt, as I simply do not have the room for any more. Cleaning the figurine is an easy task by way of a small clean paintbrush although I must admit to not cleaning them as often as I should, as it tastes so very long!

      If you are interested in purchasing Betty Boop Chef she is widely available on Amazon and tends to vary in price from one retailer to the next. I have checked to find the best price for you and would advise that at the time of writing (March 2011) you can purchase this gorgeous figurine for £45.69 inclusive of postage and packing. I was somewhat shocked to see this price, as it is considerably higher than what I initially paid.

      As this is such an adorable little figurine, I am sure you have guessed that it receives 5 stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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