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Betty Boop Cross Legged

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Manufacturer: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible dolls

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    1 Review
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      30.11.2010 08:05
      Very helpful



      A cute Betty Boop figurine

      For those of you who are new to reading my reviews I would advise that I have written numerous on a cute little woman named Betty Boop. I'm absolutely mad about anything relating to Betty as the regular Dooyooers will know and this review discusses the second figurine that I purchased back in 2007 and her name is quite simply Betty Boop Sitting.

      I was quite taken back whilst in work the other day when a colleague informed me that she had never heard of Betty?! Surely, everyone knows Betty Boop as she has been around for eighty years where she started her life as an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer with her first appearance in 1930 in a cartoon named "Dizzy Dishes". Betty has an extremely high-pitched voice and the most famous used from 1931 until her death in 1998 was that belonging to Mae Questel.

      Her popularity seems to have continually soared, as you are able to purchase so many products carrying her name, such as tee shirts, nightdresses, crockery and cigarette lighters. A fellow Dooyooer left a comment against one of my previous reviews advising that it was a pity that there were no Betty Boop toiletries, as he is aware from reading my reviews that I am mad for this woman! I would advise that they now actually sell toiletries, but these are aimed more for the younger fans and are decked out in bright pink girly colours.

      The figurine in question is the smallest that I own and measures only 15 cm in height and is manufactured from resin. As you are no doubt aware from reading my previous reviews the Betty figurines generally tend to appear in sexy poses where she displays a considerable amount of both leg and cleavage, but this cute collectable is very tasteful and perfectly suited for the younger collector. We see Betty sitting cross- legged and the expression on her face appears thoughtful, as if she's contemplating on what to do next or perhaps she's reflecting on her day. Her hands are stretched in front of her and are overlapped where she slightly leans forward to rest on them. The workmanship is absolutely perfect, as the designers have even created tiny fingers where they have scored the resin.

      She wears a pair of blue trousers with narrow vertical black stripes, which run from the waistband to her hem and a black belt around her waist, which is adorned with a large silver buckle. Betty wears a pretty pink cropped style tee shirt, which allows us to see her bare but perfectly shaped tummy. The design of the tee shirt is simply perfect, as the designers have created tiny ripples between Betty's breasts to depict folds within the resin fabric.

      Betty wears a cute pair of dangling silver heart earrings and as you are no doubt aware there are eight cute points, which run along the top of her head to depict her black glossy curls. To complete her hairstyle there are a further eight curls that are displayed around the edges of her face. Betty's huge green eyes look upwards as opposed to sideways with my other figurines and this look gives us the impression that she is deep in thought. All of the figurines provide Betty with long stunning black eye lashes and ruby red puckered lips. On Betty's rear is the official logo of the manufacturer, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc who are the owners of the Betty Boop trademark.

      I tend to use a small paintbrush for cleaning the majority of my figurines where there are hard to reach areas. However, this one is easily cleaned by way of a normal household duster and is a task that I carry out about half a dozen times per year, as Betty is securely stored in a glass display cabinet to minimise the risk of dust.

      When I product suggested this cute little figurine to Dooyoo she was readily available from Amazon, but I can no longer find her on their site. Whilst she is one of the older figurines I would advise that she can still be purchased from most Betty Boop stockists. There are quite a few retailers on the internet who stock this figurine, which tends to sell for around £28. As this is such a cute figurine with a more realistic price tag that some of the others I own she receives 5 stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and I would thank you for reading.


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