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Betty Boop Fitting Shoes

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Manufacturers: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible Doll

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    1 Review
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      19.09.2011 10:41
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous Betty Boop collectable

      As you are aware I am a keen collector of Betty Boop figurines and will regularly trawl through the newly listed items on ebay, as there are still quite a few pieces that I don't own. One figurine that had been in my Amazon wish list for quite some time was Betty Boop Fitting Shoes, but due to her price I decided not to purchase. However, approximately six weeks ago I was delighted to discover a brand new one on ebay as a "buy it now" or "best offer", so yet another cheeky offer was made and Betty became mine for £25 and this review discusses my gorgeous figurine.

      The resin collectable is approximately a kilogram in weight and measures 23 cm in height and is firmly fixed to a glossy black circular base measuring 14 cm in diameter. If you are familiar with my previous Betty Boop reviews you will be aware that she is a lady who adores beautiful clothes, jewellery and shoes and in this figurine we see her at the shoe shop where she is sat on a beautifully shaped brown coloured stool style seat; the appearance of which has been created to resemble that of real wood. The upper edges of the seat swirl into circular shapes and the top of the legs have been designed with an eye catching golden coloured emblem on both the front and back. The attention to detail in this figurine is absolutely breathtaking, as each section has been designed to the highest specifications. I will begin with Betty herself who wears an extremely tiny strapless black mini-dress with a white edged bodice, which barely covers any of her modesty.

      Betty sits on a bright pink cushion and her signature yellow garter adorned with ruby red heart is worn on her slender right thigh. She wears a high heeled pair of white slip on shoes, which are obviously the most easiest to take on and off when trying on new shoes. Betty's facial features are identical in each and every one of the figurines that I own and that is her huge green eyes looking sideways, perfectly groomed eye brows, long eye lashes and ruby red puckered lips. However, I love the way in which the position of Betty's hands create the illusion that she is deep in thought, as her left arm is positioned inwards with one of the fingers on the right hand almost touching her lips.

      Her left arm is bent upwards with her palm outstretched as she ponders on whether to purchase a pair of high heeled red shoes; one of which rests in her hand. Whilst her facial features are no different to the other figurines that I own I feel she has an expression of contemplation. Scattered around her tiny feet are a number of items such as two green coloured boxes with golden lettering spelling out the word "shoes". Betty has evidently tried on a pair of high heeled blue shoes with a cute bow together with a pair of red wedged slip ons. Situated to Betty's left hand side is a rather expensive looking cream coloured shopping bag with the word "shoes" etched in black paint. However, the bag is totally empty and is clearly awaiting Betty's decisions to purchase.

      This is an absolutely beautiful figurine and despite my studying it extremely carefully I can find no imperfections, as she is made to the highest of standards with superb attention to detail. Betty wears a large pair of yellow coloured hoop earrings and her pretty black glossy curls are illustrated by eight curvy spikes running along the top of her head with a further eight around her hairline. On the underside of the base is the small Betty Boop image, which is the authenticity stamp of the manufacturer and owner of the Betty Boop Trademark, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc. My figurine is safely stored on glass shelves within a glass fronted cabinet, so I do not need to worry about any surfaces being scratched. Whilst the underside of the base is extremely smooth it may be advisable to purchase a few small stick on felt pads if you were to display this on a surface that could easily scratch. Betty can be cleaned with a small clean paintbrush, particularly as there are a few hard to reach areas, such as inside the tiny shoes.

      Betty Boop Fitting Shoes is a stunning figurine and receives a high recommendation from me together with 5 stars. Whilst I was lucky to purchase mine for £25 brand new from ebay, this figurine seems to considerably differ in price and ranges from between £50 - £60 and at the time of writing she can be purchased on Amazon from a few sellers.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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