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Betty Boop in Lemon Dress

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Manufacturer: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible dolls

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    1 Review
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      22.01.2011 20:30
      Very helpful



      A stunning figurine for the Betty Boop collector

      As you are aware I absolutely adore Betty Boop and have a huge collection of figurines, which I have accumulated over the last 3½ years. I have to say that I initially only intended purchasing a couple, but somehow the collection grew and grew with me now owning just over 70 of these beautiful collectables and yes, I am insured! My obsession for Betty started in September 2007 just after my 40th birthday when my parents gave me some money for a present and I wished to purchase something special, so my first two Bettys were introduced to my home! I am thankful that there are very few Betty Boop stockists on the high street, as otherwise I think I would have ended up owning many more!

      A figurine that I have owned for approximately 12 months is Betty in a yellow dress and I have been unable to review her until now, as I was not able to locate a photograph on the internet to accompany my product suggestion to Dooyoo. Fortunately, this cute figurine is now available on Amazon, so I would like to tell you all about it.

      Betty is manufactured entirely from resin and stands at 16 inches in height and is one of the heaviest that I own, as she weighs in at almost 1½ kg. What I love about this figurine is the colour, as other than the Danbury Mint collectables, which are always brightly coloured due to the use of fabrics, Betty is generally presented to us in red or black. This is the only yellow Betty I own and although I don't own every figurine that is available for purchase, as far as I am aware there is no other in this gorgeous colour. I originally saw this cute figurine on ebay, but unfortunately, the seller was asking well over the recommended retail price, so I decided to wait to obtain her at a reasonable price and fortunately, a couple of months later I managed to find an online retailer. Whilst my experience of them was extremely disappointing and is another story, Betty arrived several weeks later.

      Betty proudly wears a stunning lemon dress, which is scattered in a beautiful and extremely eye catching silver glitter. If you have read any of my previous Betty Boop reviews you will be aware that this adorable female loves showing rather a lot of naked flesh and this figurine is no exception, as the slit on her dress reaches to the top of her thigh. Betty's dress is strapless and low cut where we see one of the straps falling slightly from her left shoulder. The bodice section tightly fits around Betty's tiny waist and falls into huge folds of fabric, which gather in a swirl below her left leg. The rear of the figurine shows Betty's naked back, as the dress is completely backless.

      Betty's long and slender left leg is displayed where we see her beautiful high heeled matching lemon shoe with the other hidden underneath her flowing dress. Her left arm is bent where we see her resting her hand on her hip and her left arm and hand is outstretched to display her pearly bracelet. Betty wears a pretty string of pearls around her neck and to complete her jewellery she wear a matching pair of hoop pearl earrings.

      The hair on all of the Betty Boop figurines is identical where we see her cute glossy black curls depicted by eight spikes, which round along the top of her head. A further eight swirls of resin have been created along her hair line and we nearly always see her ruby red lips puckered and her huge green eyes looking to the one side. The figurine is manufactured by The Hearst Holdings Inc who are the owners of the Betty Boop trademark and their official logo can be found on the underside of Betty's dress together with a small image of Betty.

      I have only one grumble with this figurine and that is the base of the dress doesn't sit flush with the base of Betty's right foot. Consequently, the figurine rocks when touched and I am always afraid that she is going to topple. As a result, it has been necessary to place a small piece of blue tac underneath her dress, which firmly secures her to the glass shelf within one of my display cabinets. Cleaning the figurine is extremely easy by way of a small clean paintbrush, but I have to say that this is a task that only gets undertaken several times a year.

      This figurine is also available in red, but in my opinion the yellow dress is more eye catching. I have checked Amazon and at the time of writing (22 January 2011) I would advise that you can purchase this gorgeous figurine for £50.00 plus £5.10 postage and packing. Unfortunately, due to the uneven base this figurine loses one star from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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