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Betty Boop in Pink Bath Towel

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Manufacturer: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible dolls

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    1 Review
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      25.11.2010 08:15
      Very helpful



      Another gorgeous collectable for the Betty Boop fan

      As Dooyoo have kindly agreed yet another Betty Boop product suggestion I thought I best tell you about one of my latest figurine that arrived a couple of weeks ago. I've previously reviewed Betty in her luxurious bath and this figurine shows her after she's just stepped out of the glorious bubbles and her name is Betty Boop Pink Bath Towel.

      This cute squeaky-clean Betty is manufactured entirely from resin and stands at 33 cm in height and weighs just over a kilogram. She stands firmly on a circular stand measuring 10 cm in diameter and where we would normally see a simple glossy stand this figurine shows considerable detail, as small brown tiles have been painted with tiny silver nails in each of their corners. Located next to Betty's left foot is a mass of bubbles, which she has evidently dragged from the luxurious bath water. Their appearance is very realistic, as each bubble has been painted in silver to depict their shine. Nestling on top of the bubbles is Betty's blue sponge, together with her oval bar of white soap that even has the word "soap" etched onto the top. Located adjacent to her right foot is another mass of bubbles with a yellow bottle of shampoo resting amongst them. The bottle has been perfectly shaped including its' lid and the word "shampoo" is painted in black lettering on a label located on the front.

      On the underside of the figurine you will find a small image of Betty, which is contained within a heart and it is this that evidences its' authenticity. All official Betty Boop figurines are manufactured by The Hearst Holdings Inc who are the owners of the Betty Boop trademark and you will always find their logo generally located on the underside of all of the genuine figurines.

      Betty stands in a rather sexy pose with her left foot slightly in front of her right. Her pink bath towel is modestly positioned around her slender naked body and rests at the top of her left thigh and right knee. She holds her left hand tightly to the side of her head as if she is drying her ear and her right hand hugs the towel across her breasts to show a rather ample cleavage. The workmanship in the towel makes its' appearance very realistic, as the resin has been designed to fall into "folds", as it cascades around her body. The rear of the figurine is also perfect, as we see Betty's naked back with the top of the towel positioned at the base of her spine. It was only when I turned around the figurine that I realised that there were three small pieces of polystyrene still clinging to Betty's head! This is the only problem I find with these figurines, which are always superbly packaged when purchased from new, as the polystyrene seems to cling to everything and is sometimes very difficult to remove.

      Betty's facial features very rarely differ from one figurine to the next where you will see her huge green eyes looking towards her left hand side. She always has beautiful long black eyelashes and perfectly groomed eyebrows and to finish the look she wears ruby red lipstick on her puckered lips and a touch of rouge on her cheeks. Her gorgeous black glossy curls are always depicted by eight cute points, which run along the top of her head and there are also a further eight curls, which coil around the edges of her face.

      You will no doubt be aware that I'm Betty Boop mad and it is very rare that I will rate a figurine with less than 5 stars, although I have been known to do so if on the odd occasion I discover any design faults. However, I can find absolutely nothing to criticise on this very cute collectable, so this too receives 5 stars from me. Unfortunately, my rather large collection is slowly drawing to a close, as I really do not have any more room for any more glass display cabinets. Saying that though, I still have a few more of my older figurines waiting to be reviewed!

      Cleaning some of my figurines was somewhat of a challenge until a kind Dooyooer left a comment against one of my earlier reviews and suggested I use a small paintbrush, which now makes the task so much easier. As this figurine has so many hard to reach areas, such as the folds within the towel and the bubbles, there are many places to gather that much hated dust!

      If you are interested in purchasing Betty Boop Pink Bath Towel I would advise that she is part of the recently launched 2010 collection and is available from most Betty Boop retailers. I say "most" because a few days ago I received a telephone call from a retailer following a recent order and they advised that not all will participate in selling the new collection due to the fact that they are stipulated the selling price and the retailer in question had wished to sell them for less. However, I have checked Amazon and would advise that you can purchase this cute collectable for £42.98 plus £4.49 P+P.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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