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Betty Boop Love Heart Jewellery Box Figurine

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Manufacturer: Four Seasons Liverpool / Type: Betty Boop Figurine

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    1 Review
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      15.01.2012 11:37
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      A gorgeous Betty Boop collectable

      I am a keen collector of Betty Boop figurines although I am now at the stage where I am able to purchase only a few more due to lack of space. A figurine that has been part of my vast collection for a couple of months is Betty Boop Love Heart Jewellery Box and this review discusses the gorgeous collectable. Betty is 15 inches in height and is fairly heavy weighing in at well over a kilogram. Similar to almost all of the figurines that I own Betty is dressed extremely provocatively in her sparkling black dress with a revealing sexy split located well above her right thigh.

      Betty is a very curvaceous and slender lady and this figure hugging dress perfectly displays her trim body. Her strappy dress fits tightly around her chest and she often gives the impression that she has undergone a boob job as she is rather large in this figurine that has been made entirely from resin. The dress fits neatly around her tiny waist and flows in beautiful folds where it fans out on the ground behind her. The manufacturers, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc have perfectly created this figurine, as they always manage to achieve a fabric appearance of Betty's resin dresses.

      I adore the fact that the figurine is sparkling and very appealing to the eye. I own quite a few Betty Boop figurines where glitter has been used and I have always been rather disappointed as the tiny glitter particles seem to constantly fall off. However, this is the one and only figurine where the manufacturers seem to have resolved the frustrating problem. I am of the opinion that in relation to my other figurines the glitter has been added to the wet paint whereas on this figurine it seems to have been mixed into the paint and as a result, it does not fall off each time it is touched. The tiny particles of silver glitter add a really eye catching appearance as when displayed in my glass cabinet the light catches them and gives them a multi-coloured look.

      Betty's long slender legs are almost fully displayed and situated on her right thigh is her signature garter, which has been created to give the appearance of high quality white lace. This is a lady who owns a huge amount of shoes; the majority of which are high heeled stilettos and in this figurine we see Betty wearing a black pair of court shoes that have been perfectly painted onto her petite feet. An issue I have experienced with a handful of my figurines is that they will not firmly display as they tend to rock back and fore. However, in addition to Betty's feet the rear of her dress forms part of the base, so she will display firmly and safely.

      Betty's arms are adorned with a long pair of shiny silver gloves with her wrists displaying golden coloured hoop bangles. She tightly clutches a large red heart box, which displays a golden coloured band and a tiny golden bow on the front. This is the only Betty contained within my collection that has a section that can be opened, as the box is intended for storing jewellery. The lid is easily removed and replaced and small items can be placed inside. Whilst there is space for only a few pairs or earrings I do not use the figurine for this purpose as she is always safely displayed behind glass.

      If you are familiar with the character of Betty Boop you will be aware of her rather large head that is not really in proportion with her body. However, it is this feature that I feels gives her an adorable and rather unique appearance and in this figurine we are unable to see Betty's neck, which is normally displaying a sparkling necklace as instead her head rests considerably low on her shoulders. Betty does not have ears so her sparkling red heart earrings are attached to the sides of her head with a tiny golden coloured hook. Betty's shiny black hair is identical in all of my figurines where eight curvy spikes run along the top of her head with a further eight located around her hairline. Her huge green eyes look upwards and she possesses the most gorgeous long black eyelashes and perfectly groomed eyebrows.

      To complete her look she wears ruby red lipstick on her puckered lips and a little blusher on her cheeks. Located on the underside of her dress is the familiar logo belonging to the manufacturer to guarantee the figurine's authenticity. Betty Boop Love Heart Jewellery Box is available from all good Betty Boop stockists and at the time of writing is listed on Amazon for £58. As you have probably guessed, I love this figurine and for that reason it receives 5 stars from me together with my recommendation.

      I have been contacted on a few occasions by Betty Boop collectors who have enquired what cabinets I consider best for display purposes. I own seven of Ikea's Detolf cabinets, which each contain four glass shelves with three being removable. Each cabinet will hold approximately 20 - 30 figurines measuring less than 12 inches in height. However, I own quite a few figurines with a height of 18 inches, so it has been necessary to remove one of the shelves to display them.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.

      This review will appear on both Dooyoo and Ciao under the same user name.


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