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Betty Boop on Bar Stool

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Brand: Yellow Zebra / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      06.04.2012 09:59
      Very helpful



      A beautiful hand painted Betty Boop figurine

      I'm a huge fan of Betty Boop and whilst there is a considerable amount of merchandise carrying the face of this cute little woman it is the figurines measuring 12 inches and above that have captured my interest. My madness for this character began in September 2008 when I decided to purchase my very first two pieces with some money my parents had given me for my 40th birthday. I had absolutely no intention of making any further purchases, particularly as I cannot bear clutter and favour the minimal look in my home. However, my collection seemed to grow and grow as I could not resist the temptation as well as receiving many figurines as gifts from family and friends. Thankfully, I located some suitable glass cabinets from Ikea, so all of my precious figurines are now safely stored behind glass although it is now a rarity that I make any new purchases. A figurine that I bought with some Amazon vouchers during the Autumn of last year is named Betty on Bar Stool and this review discusses my thoughts.

      I must admit that I didn't thoroughly read the product information on Amazon prior to my purchase and had believed that Betty was of a standard size of 12 inches in height. Consequently, I was rather overwhelmed when my delivery arrived, particularly as Betty measures 18 inches and far exceeded my expectations. The hand painted resin figurine is fairly heavy and I would estimate her to be approximately 3 kilograms in weight. Betty's appearance is quite exquisite where she sits on a bar stool with the seat being made from resin and the legs from black metal. My Dad normally turns his nose up at most ornaments, but he has repeatedly spoken positively of my Betty Boops as he is very impressed with the workmanship and I couldn't agree more. The appearance of the bar stool is extremely realistic and the manufacturers and owners of the Betty Boop trademark, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc have even considered tiny ripples, which are located behind Betty's bottom to illustrate her lightweight sitting on the stool. The metal is securely fixed to the underside of the seat by way of a small bar, which is screwed on both ends and it is here that we are able to witness the authenticity logo of the figurine.

      Betty is a very curvaceous lady and as a consequence, I don't blame her for flaunting her beautiful figure. Her left slender leg measures approximately nine inches in length and is fully outstretched with her foot touching the floor. Whilst Betty adores beautiful clothes, jewellery and shoes, her red high heels offer a rather weird appearance as the heel is slanted and should Betty attempt to stand she would fall backwards! The attention to detail is always spectacular as evidenced in Betty's right leg where the heel of her shoe rests on the top bar of the stool. Her leg has been created to perfect proportions where her scantily clad body is barely covered with her bright red bunny girl outfit with its very revealing high cut legs. In all of the figurines that I own Betty proudly displays a rather ample chest, which is considerably emphasised with the outfit she is wearing with its pretty rippled white lace effect on the upper section. The outfit is skin tight and clearly displays Betty's hour glass figure. Betty's left arm is slightly bent where she wears wide cuff style bracelets on each of her petite wrists with her left hand being outstretched with a metal tray firmly fixed on top. I am always amazed at the thought that goes into creating these figurines, particularly as Betty's fingers are perfectly formed together with tiny markings to depict her fingernails.

      Despite Betty being of very slim proportions she never seems to display a neck as her oversized head sits directly on her body. This is what I find so adorable about her character as the lack of neck and large head add to her overall appeal. She wears a tiny black coloured bow in the upper centre of her chest although I haven't a clue how she's attached it as there are no ribbons. Consequently, I am presuming she has blu-tacked it to her skin! To complete her cute appearance Betty wears a pair of huge golden coloured hoop earrings, which are firmly fixed to the side of her head, particularly as she doesn't have any ears. Her black glossy curls are always depicted by eight curvy spikes which run along the top of her head with five curves located at the nape of her neck. Her beautiful green eyes look upwards and her eyebrows are always perfectly groomed whilst her ruby red lips are puckered.

      Cleaning my figurines is a task that I carry out only twice a year, particularly as it is so time-consuming due to the amount I own. When I first made my purchases I made the mistake of using an ordinary yellow household duster and discovered that the tiny fibres would attach themselves on any pointed areas of the figurines. Consequently, I now use a lint free cloth and a small clean paintbrush to enable me to access any hard to reach. Whilst I purchased my figurine last year from Amazon it is not currently available. However, I have looked online and this collectable can be purchased for £60 from a site selling Betty Boop figurines named Yellow Zebra although I would advise that I have no experience of using them. I have regularly seen this collectable on ebay with a low starting price, so it's always worth keeping an eye out if you're interested.

      I cannot recommend this figurine highly enough and as a result, it receives 5 stars from me.

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