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Betty Boop on Chopper (Union Jack)

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Collectible Dolls - Betty Boop Figurine

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    1 Review
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      26.04.2012 08:35
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      A beautiful Betty Boop collectable

      I'm an avid fan of Betty Boop and my madness for collecting the beautiful figurines began in September 2007 where I purchased two with absolutely no intentions of obtaining any more pieces. However, I found it rather difficult to resist the gorgeous collectables and my collection grew and grew to where it stands today with me owning 136 stunning figurines. Friends and family regularly ask me to point out my favourites, which is something I am unable to do, particularly as many have been bought for me and have very different and special meanings. Whilst I have never been a fan of motorbikes I own quite a few figurines in the bike collection such as an American bike and St George's. The bike I am discussing today is Betty Boop on Union Jack Chopper, which is a figurine that I absolutely adore and one that joined my collection several years ago.

      The figurine measures 14 inches in length and is approximately 8 inches in height and whilst Betty Boop has been created from a hard wearing resin the remainder of the bike has been created from a sturdy and high quality plastic. I find this figurine absolutely stunning due to the fact that there is so much detail and although I'm not that familiar with real life choppers I have to admit that it looks very realistic to me. The majority of my Boop figurines are fairly heavy as they generally weigh in at around a kilogram or just under, but due to the plastic this figurine is fairly lightweight. I will begin my review with Betty herself who is positioned on the chopper in an extremely sexy pose with her tiny hands positioned on the seat and resting in front of her. Betty is an extremely curvaceous lady and she wears what I would describe as punk rock attire with her skin tight black trousers, which have been perfectly painted onto the resin.

      I love the detail on this figurine, such as her lower legs where a couple of red lines have been painted to depict the top of her long black boots, which display silver painted buckles and shoe laces on the foot area. I have to admit that loved the gothic/punk image during my teens and Betty wears a belt very similar to one I owned, which rests over her trim hips with the belt being created from painted resin and giving a studded appearance. Betty is a lady who possesses a rather ample bust and as a result, she enjoys flaunting herself with this figurine showing her wearing a tight bright red bra style top. The upper sections of her slender arms are adorned with black strips and have been painted to depict studded leather bands, which are are identical to those she wears on her tiny wrists.

      Betty's black glossy curls are always depicted with eight curvy spikes running along the top of her head with a further eight running around the edges of her hairline. She displays a pair of white sun glasses, which rest on the top of her head although I've not a clue how she intends seeing through them as the lenses have also been painted white! Consequently, I think these are solely for her to pose as she speeds along the roads on her chopper. The appearance of the chopper is absolutely exquisite and whilst I am unable to identify each area due to my lack of motorbike knowledge, it seems that the majority of the mechanics have been considered. The handle bars, which have been painted black on the ends to depict hand grips, gently move from left to right to enable the front wheel to be manoeuvred. Despite having owned this figurine for a number of years it is only now when I am scrutinising it for the purpose of this review that I have realised that the wheel spokes display the etching wording "Betty Boop". To enable the tyres to effectively move they have been created from rubber and display tiny markings to resemble the real thing. However, despite the front and back tyres being able to fully rotate the chopper is unable to move a centimetre due to the display stand located on the underside, which I will discuss further on in my review.

      The mud guards and the area directly in front of where Betty sits display the brightly painted colours of the Union Jack and whilst the figurine has been hand painted I can see no flaws in the workmanship. It is the mechanical areas of the bike that have been created from a sturdy plastic, which have been painted in a shiny silver colour and despite me having owned this figurine for a number of years there are no signs of wear and tear nor is there any evidence of the silver paint losing its shine. The underside of the bike displays a small stand and it is this in combination with Betty's right leg that ensures the figurine remains in a sturdy position whilst being displayed.

      The majority of the figurines that I own display the familiar logo of the manufacturer, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc who are also the owners of the Betty Boop trademark. However, there is insufficient space for all of this information, so it is just their name that appears so that you are sure of the authenticity of this figurine. Betty is a lady who always displays the most flawless make up and in this figurine her huge green eyes are framed with her long black eye lashes and perfectly groomed eyebrows. As with all of the figurines that I own her ruby red lips are puckered in readiness to plant a huge smacker of a kiss on any unsuspecting male. To complete her look Betty wears a pair of yellow earrings although she doesn't possess any ears, so they are simply attached to either side of her oversized head.

      Cleaning this figurine is somewhat of a challenge, particularly as there are so many areas that can gather dust and whilst I will use a lint free cloth on Betty I use a small paintbrush for the areas of the bike. However, due to the number of figurines that I own, which are all displayed behind glass, this is a task that I undertake only twice every year. This is a beautiful figurine, which I can highly recommend with my initial purchase costing me around £60. However, this particular collectable has increased rather rapidly over the last few years and at the time of writing she is available on Amazon for £79.50. Consequently, if you are interested, I would suggest keeping an eye open on ebay as the choppers are regularly listed as used and brand new.

      I hope you found my review useful and thanks for reading.

      This review will appear on both Dooyoo and Ciao under the same user name.


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