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Betty Boop Scooter Girl

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Brand: Betty Boop 4U / Type: Collectible Doll - Betty Boop

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    1 Review
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      06.09.2011 11:21
      Very helpful



      My most extravagant Betty Boop purchase to date!

      As you are no doubt aware, I have had a passion for Betty Boop for the past 4 years and what initially started as a purchase of just two figurines has since grown to a collection of 117 beautiful collectables. Whilst I adore each and every one of the figurines and have spent a considerable amount of money, I also see my purchases as an investment, particularly as I own a couple of first editions and a number of figurines which have since been discontinued. Okay, that's a bit of a lame excuse, but I'm sticking with it! My most extravagant purchase and a figurine that I had been eyeing up for many months is named Betty Boop Scooter Girl and this review discusses my thoughts relating to this gorgeous figurine.

      As the imagine that I provided to Dooyoo shows, we are able to witness Betty sat on her very realistic looking vespa with the figurine being made entirely from resin and measuring 60 cm in height, 56 cm in width and 26 cm in depth. This is the heaviest figurine that I own and I would estimate that she weighs around 20 kg, so she needs to be handled with extreme care and moved with both hands. I ordered the figurine online; the price of which I will provide at the end of this review and was surprised to discover that it arrived in three parts; one of which was the scooter, the other the handle bars and the remaining part was of course, Betty. There is a lot of detail on this figurine and I shall begin with the scooter, which is of a creamy colour and designed to the highest of specifications.

      The cream and chrome coloured handle bars need to be pushed into the slot on the upper section of the scooter, which allows them to be turned left and right. They display the brake handles, which have been painted in black to give the appearance of rubber hand grips. The headlight located directly on the front of the handle bars has been painted silver around the edges and yellow in the centre to create the illusion of a bright light. Situated directly below is an additional light to provide Betty with improved vision when riding down the road. I was intending to use the word "speeding", but I cannot really associate the word speed with a vespa! The letters "BB" have been painted in large letters on the front section of the scooter, so that anyone in her path knows it's Betty Boop! A large red coloured mud guard edged with a chrome coloured paint is situated directly above the front tyre, which unfortunately, does not move.

      The black seat looks extremely realistic although I cannot admit to being familiar with vespa scooters. The engine panels have been painted in a shiny red colour and display the words "Betty Boop" in shiny silver text. On the rear of the bike is Betty's spare tyre, which has been painted to appear as if it is made from rubber with its' tiny etchings with the centre being painted in a chrome colour. The attention to detail is simply perfect and it is very easy to forget that the figurine has been manufactured entirely from resin. Situated directly below the spare tyre are two red rear lights and located underneath is a wide chrome coloured mud guard. The rear tyre is only partly visible unless the figurine is lifted into the air and situated to its' side is a small chrome coloured exhaust. To enable the bike to be securely displayed there are two chrome coloured feet situated on the underside, which in additional to the tyres prevent the bike from moving.

      Betty needs to be placed onto the saddle of the scooter and the fingers on her right hand are slightly outstretched to enable them to be placed directly over the handle bar, as if she is gripping it tightly. I was initially a little dubious about sitting Betty on the bike for fear that she would move and topple off. However, this is not the case and she sits firmly unless the bike is knocked. If you are familiar with Betty Boop you will be aware that she is a lady who enjoys displaying considerable flesh and this figurine is no different where we are able to see her wearing a very low cut black strapless dress decorated in sparkling silver glitter, which unfortunately, detaches itself. Her long curvaceous legs are positioned neatly in front of her and when placed onto the bike her feet rest firmly on the inner section of the bike. Betty is a lady who adores beautiful shoes and we are able to witness her bright red high heeled pair of stilettos, which are most definitely not the most appropriate footwear for bike riding, but she's Betty Boop and wears whatever she wishes! Her left arm is outstretched to her side and her body is slightly twisted in what I would describe as a very sexy pose.

      Betty's black glossy curls are identical in each and every one of the figurines that I own and are illustrated by eight curvy spikes that run along the top of her head and a further eight curves around her hair line. Betty has the most stunning huge green eyes, which always look sideways, she has perfectly groomed black eyebrows, long eyelashes and ruby red lipstick on her lips, which are always puckered. Betty normally wears plenty of jewellery, but in this figurine she is wearing a pair of white hoop earrings, which look identical to Polo mints!

      To ensure your figurine's authenticity, the manufacturer, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc generally place their trademark logo of Betty on the underside of the figurines. Cleaning the figurine is extremely easy, as I use a slightly damp cloth, as due to her size she is unable to fit into one of my Ikea Detolf glass cabinets, so is displayed on the floor, so tends to gather a considerable amount of dust. The price of this figurine is rather excessive and I often wonder if I was mad the day I placed my order, as this figurine will cost £225 inclusive of P+P. My purchase was made online from Collector's Friend who offer an incentive scheme where I am able to accumulate points with my purchases and as I had accrued £30's worth this figurine cost me £195.

      I can highly recommend this figurine, but I cannot state that it is worth such a huge sum of money and due to the fact that the glitter on the dress detaches itself each time I touch the figurine it loses one star from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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