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Betty Boop Shimmering Surprise

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Type: Collectible dolls

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    1 Review
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      17.05.2011 08:16
      Very helpful



      A stunning Betty Boop collectable from Danbury Mint

      I'm certain that you do not need me to advise you of my obsession for collecting Betty Boop figurines, which began 3 years ago on my 40th birthday when I was looking for something special to purchase with some money I'd been given. If you are familiar with my reviews you will be aware of my extensive collection and the fact that I recently stated that I could purchase no more due to lack of space in my Ikea Detolf storage cabinets. However, my willpower has not been too good and as a result, several figurines have joined our household with my latest belonging to Danbury Mint and this review discusses Betty Boop Shimmering Surprise.

      I do not wish to spend too much time discussing Danbury Mint, particularly as I have mentioned the company in a few of my previous reviews. I will briefly advise that for the last couple of years they have been one of the sources for my Betty Boop purchases, as they sell a huge variety of collectables on every topic you could possibly think of. Whilst the Betty Boop trademark belongs to The Hearst Holdings Inc, Danbury Mint often commission exclusive pieces that you will not find in any other high street or online store. You will be aware that I regularly discuss the workmanship on my figurines where I often mention several flaws, such as painting imperfections. However, I would advise that the Danbury Mint pieces are created to the highest possible specification and as a result, it is very rare for me to discover a fault.

      My latest creation is manufactured from porcelain and measures 13 cm in height and displays Betty posing in a rather sexy position on a large and beautifully decorated floor cushion. Its' bright colours of deep purple adorned with golden coloured patterns give the figurine a spectacular appearance and together with its' golden porcelain tassels the beautiful colours are greatly emphasised by the spot lights located within my display cabinets. Betty wears a beautifully fitted cerise coloured dress with the skirt section flowing over her thighs and resting to the side of the cushion. The figurine has been hand-crafted to enable each fold of the porcelain fabric to create the illusion of silk and the manufacturer has captured this perfectly. The upper section of Betty's dress has a tight-fitting bodice, which allows us as always to witness her breasts, which are normally quite huge, but their description in this figurine could be classed as average. Betty loves beautiful shoes and on her petite feet we are able to witness a pair of pale pink stilettos. To complete her outfit she wears her famous white garter adorned with its' red heart motif, which can be seen worn on her slender right thigh.

      Betty wears a pink shawl, which is neatly wrapped around her and has been designed in such a way that we are made to believe it to be created from fur, as there are huge raised folds, which run along its' entire length. Her hands are outstretched where she holds a stunning cube shaped Swarovski crystal, which is neatly tied with a narrow length of silky red ribbon with a bow on top. The crystal is absolutely perfect with its' smooth edges, which capture both the sun and electric light and as a result, it throws off beautiful images of coloured light. Betty is a lady who adores her jewellery and around her neck she wears a string of elegant pearls, her left wrist displays a matching bracelet together with a golden hoop bracelet. Pudgy, Betty's pooch can be seen waiting patiently by her side, as he sits on his own deep pink sparkled cushion. Pudgy can always be seen smiling with his earn standing upright and his white tail displays a tiny black spot on its' tip.

      Betty wears golden hoop earrings to match her bracelets and in each and every one of the figurines that I own her hair is always in the identical style. It is depicted by eight curved points that run along the top of her head with a further eight curvy points along the edges of her face. Her huge green sexy eyes look upwards with her ruby red lips appearing slightly pouted and to complete her look she wears a little blusher on each of her cheeks. The underside of the figurine is covered in green felted fabric to protect the surface on which she will be displayed. To ensure the collectable's authenticity there is a large golden coloured label providing full details of its' name together with the manufacturers and the year of creation.

      Although this figurine is fairly small in comparison with the majority of the others in my collection, I would advise that it is fairly expensive with its' price tag of £59.90 plus £3 postage and handling. Betty can either be ordered on Danbury Mint's website or by telephoning their customer services. You can opt to make payment in full at the point of order, on receipt of your figurine or in two monthly instalments. The figurine is delivered by courier some 10 days after ordering and is securely packaged in two sturdy boxes. I absolutely adore this figurine, which displays so much workmanship to the highest possible standards. Consequently, this cute little collectable receives 5 stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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