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Betty Boop Walking Pudgy Red Dress

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Manufacturer: King Features Syndicate / Type: Collectible Dolls

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    1 Review
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      30.10.2011 15:27
      Very helpful



      A gorgeous collectable for the Betty Boop fan

      I have been collecting Betty Boop figurines for just over four years and have amassed over 125; the majority of which are displayed behind glass. What was intended to be just a few figurines for my 40th birthday simply grew and grew, but my stunning collection is my pride and joy and this review discusses one of my earlier figurines named Betty Boop Walking Pudgy.

      Betty stands at 34 cm in height and weights approximately one kilogram and is firmly fixed to a circular stand, which has been beautifully created to give the impression that she is standing on small grey coloured paving stones as she walks her faithful four legged friend named Pudgy. Normally, the stands are of a glossy black colour, but considerable thought has been put into the creation of this figurine to provide that perfect finishing touch. Betty's cute little dog only appears in a handful of my figurines and he is pure white with a black patch on his back and a further one that is situated on the end of his little tail.

      In this figurine Pudgy stands on his two back paws with his long ears in the air and his tail excitingly wags as his owner takes him for a walk. Pudgy has been created to perfection as his tiny paws have been carefully formed together with his cute facial features. There is a brown fabric collar situated around Pudgy's neck with Betty tightly holding his stretchy brown lead in the fingers of her right hand. Pudgy's mouth is slightly open where we are able to see his tiny pink tongue as he eagerly waits in excitement to go for his long awaited walk.

      Betty wears a beautiful low cut red dress adorned with a small amount of red and golden coloured glitter and I love the way in which her short sleeves have been shaped to appear full and puffy. Betty's waist is the tiniest I've ever seen it and her dress fits extremely tightly where it begins to flow from her hips to her perfectly shaped calves. Betty wears a pair of pearly white coloured gloves that are almost the length of her arm and these give her a very ladylike image. She stands with her right leg positioned in front of her left and the resin fabric displays tiny ripples. Betty wears a pair of high heeled black stiletto shoes, which are clearly not the most sensible of footwear when walking her furry friend.

      Betty's red hat is absolutely stunning with its' huge brim and perfectly completes her outfit. Her black glossy curls are normally illustrated with eight curvy points that run along the top of her head with a further eight running along her hairline, but we are only able to witness five spikes due to her large and very flattering hat. Betty loves her jewellery where we are able to witness a string of white pearls around her tiny neck and a matching pair of hoop style earrings on her ears. Her facial features display her huge green eyes looking sideways together with her long black eyelashes, perfectly groomed eyebrows and ruby red puckered lips.

      Cleaning Betty is a twice yearly task and is carried out with a dry cloth and a small clean paintbrush to access the hard to reach areas. On the underside of the base is the familiar logo of the manufacturer, namely The Hearst Holdings Inc, which authenticates this gorgeous collectable. This is such a cute figurine and is available on Amazon for £49.99 inclusive of P+P. I normally grumble about the glittery Betty Boop figurines, as the tiny particles seems to constantly fall to the floor, but not so much has been used on this collectable and as a result, it stays where it is intended. Betty can also be purchased in the same pose wearing a black glittery dress, but from the images I have seen I presume an excess amount of glitter has been used and out of the two figurines I would recommend the red. As this is such an adorable collectable Betty Boop Walking Pudgy receives 5 stars from me.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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