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Bratz Forever Diamondz Funky Torso - Cloe

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Brand: Bratz / Type: Doll

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    3 Reviews
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      08.11.2012 11:48
      Very helpful



      Not worth the £30 price tag, I'd struggle to say it was worth a tenner actually - not good!

      My sister bought this Bratz styling head for Hollie last Christmas, at the time she was four years old and as a Bratz lover I thought she'd absolutely love it - my older girls have had styling heads in the past so this present made sense as Hollie likes to emulate her big sisters as much as possible, she was so excited as she unwrapped the huge box this came in and it was the first present she played with after dinner on Christmas day.

      Unfortunately, and I won't beat around the bush, this styling head has been an absolute disappointment - it looked gorgeous when it first came out of the box, maybe a little sexualised due to the small but perfectly formed breasts and exposed midriff but the Bratz range all have a slightly sexed up appearance which you'll either love or hate. I'm a fan as I personally don't find Bratz any sexier than Barbie (I can't believe I'm talking sexuality in relation to dolls, but it's a consideration for some people so...), and if nothing else this Chloe doll has made a nice girly ornament on Hollie's bedroom shelf and injected a bit of glamour amongst her Peppa Pig and Pooh Bear breakables.

      The quality is there, our disappointment comes from the fact that this is possibly the most boring styling head ever. For starters the base is quite narrow in relation to the height of the doll so it's wobbly and brushing Chloe's long blonde hair is a bit of a mission as when Hollie is even slightly too heavy handed it'll cause the doll to fall over backwards, when the doll is used on display it's fine because it's not top heavy enough to simply drop but in use I find Hollie has to either hold the doll between her knees to keep it still or ask someone to hold it for her. Not ideal.

      The next issue is the fact that the dolls face is already so overly made-up that there's barely any bare skin for her to use her imagination and apply her own make-up to it. There seemed little point in the included lip gloss as Chloe's lips are already a glossy pink and the various glitter accessories are equally pointless due to the fact that the doll is wearing eyeshadow anyway, admittedly you can use the glitter pen to create your own designs on her shirt but this wasn't terribly successful either thanks to the gloopy and very sticky nature of the glittery gel.

      The hair is excellent quality to be fair; it hasn't become ratty after being played with and 'styled' numerous times, even when Hollie attempts to create a plait (and thereby knots up every single hair on Chloe's head) it'll brush out straight again with very little effort - I've found a quick spritz of Avon Kids detangling spray works wonders on this hair if it's gotten into a particularly knotted state, but this isn't always needed. I was surprised that there were no hair accessories included with the doll as this is surely the main draw for this type of toy, there's a small and very badly made hairbrush but no bobbles or hair clips at all - having three girls this wasn't an issue for me as I've literally hundreds of bobbles lying around the house, but do bear it in mind if you're planning to purchase this doll as you'll need to purchase some separately in order for your little one to get the most from it.

      We haven't been impressed at all - and I say 'we' as even at 36 I've been known to play with Hollie's dolls long after she's got bored and wandered off to fetch something else. There's just nothing to do with the doll; there's only so much time you want to spend styling her hair and once this has lost it's attraction there's very little else to do with it. The lack of accessories is neither here nor there to be honest as frankly the Bratz manufacturers could have added a thousand different cosmetic accessories as they still probably wouldn't have been used due to the fact that there's already so much make-up on this dolls face that even a smidgen more makes her look like a clown, or a hooker. Not great.

      I've just asked Hollie what she thinks of this doll and after thinking for a moment she said it's 'boring' and 'I don't like it as much as my other dolls' - which, out of the mouths of babes, is all you can say really. Considering my sister paid just under £30 for it I think it's appalling really, it's the same old story of creating a toy simply to give it a popular branding (Bratz in this case, but Peppa Pig toys tend to be the same) but paying absolutely no attention to how a young child is going to use it/play with it. Admittedly the packaging states that it's suitable for children over six (Hollie was four when she first played with it), but this shouldn't make a difference really considering the idea of this type of toy is to bring out the artistic streak in your kids - artistic as in learning how to apply make-up from a very young age, which obviously isn't everyones idea of art!

      I can't recommend it. It might be beautiful but it's so boring (oh, how Cheryl Cole!) that Hollie rarely even glances at the doll on the shelf, let alone asks to play with it. We're moving house very soon and Chloe won't be coming with us, she's currently in a black bag awaiting collection by a lady from the Freegle site and will be heading to a local kiddies care centre at some point tomorrow - something I feel quite guilty about really as those little ones have enough to worry about without giving them crap toys!


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        27.07.2010 20:29
        Very helpful



        DO NOT BOTHER!!

        My daughter has had a few styling heads over the years. It is one toy which I know she will have great use out of. She loves to style the dolls hair and apply makeup. However, like everything else there are trends and whilst barbie styling head was cool a few years ago and top of the Christmas list, It is now a 'won't be seen dead with toy' and last year it was a Bratz forever funky torso that was top of the wish list.

        I deligated the purchasing of this gift to another family member who had no idea what to get. I know she paid around £25 for this styling head. I do think this is quite expensive when compared to ordinary non brand styling heads. But Unfortunately, I have noticed that once it has a Barbie, Bratz or High school musical sign on it, the price inflates incredibly.

        On Christmas day, I was really curious to find out what this doll actually looked like. I had heard my daughter rave on about how cool it was, but hadn't had the pleasure of seeing this cloe Bratz funky torso apart from on the computer screen.

        I have to say, the packaging was impressive. The box was large enough to house a small family. Which in turn made for a great christmas parcel. But when all this was stripped, what was actually left was in my opinion quite poor.

        This 'Cloe' styling head has got long flowing blonde hair, Which would be fantastic to style. Except that's where the problem lies, there is not much in the way of hair accesories. Infact, apart from a flimsy plastic brush, which is not really strong enough to go through the dolls hair when it is knotty. There is nothing in the way of elastic bobbles to tie the hair back or velcro curlers. I found this very disappointing as I had not bought extra accesories and so apart from brushing the dolls hair there was not much else to do.

        What helps to seperate this dolls head from others on the market, is that it has arms and a torso. But I failed to see what this added to the toy. In theory it should have provided great fun and amusement as they included glitter gel pen so that you can put a design on the black t shirt. But this just didnt work well at all. The glitter pen was of very poor quality. It was clumpy and came out in blobs which was most impossible to create into any design. My daughter who is usually very patient and artistic, lost patience in this within minutes.

        On a lighter note, there were a couple of jewellery accesories which came with this toy. But I was really quite annoyed by the quality of these cheapy plastic jewellery. The earings although quite pretty and very bling to look at were so flimsy, I was frightened that they would snap before we put them on the dolls ears.

        This toy has the potential to be a great, no fabulous girly toy. But due to the cheap and nasty accesories and lack of any quality makeup or gel pens this toy was disguarded within half an hour.

        My daughter never played with this toy. Apart from half an hour on Christmas day. This dolls head, was used for nothing more than an ornamental feature in her Bratz bedroom. Even this was a nightmare as I personally think these dolls are really wierd and have the most bizarre features. So walking into her room to see that dolls head staring at me was not a pleasure.

        When you pay such a hefty price tag for a toy, I think it is fair to expect a good quality. But I have to say I was both disappointed and annoyed by the cheapness of this toy. The doll itself had some good qualities. Granted, the hair was pretty, long and shiny. The t shirt and jean combo worn by the doll looked really cool and funky. But none of this mattered because the accesories and make upwas so cheap and tacky that it just spoilt the whole experience. My daughter is no fool, and knew that this toy was not of a very good quality. Which was reflected in her decision to not play with it again.


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        09.01.2007 16:02
        Very helpful



        Better than My Scene, but messy.

        Bratz Forever Diamondz Funky Torso - Cloe
        About Bratz Funky Torso.
        This is the latest in creations from the makers of Bratz. It is a styling head to encourage children to design and create great and exciting hairstyles to share and wear. This products differs slightly from the usual Bratz Styling range due to the fact that this toy has the Torso included up to the waist to allow you child to use there imagination in designing great T-shirt designed on the toy as well.

        The toy is the Cloe Bratz Doll in a larger version, which is cut off at the waistline where it becomes the base. The Doll has 18-inch straight blonde nylon hair and is wearing a black T-shirt. The Base is a star shape, which is attached to the waist, and this doll has arms included.

        The Toy Content.
        1 Bratz Doll Torso (in the case the Cloe doll)
        1 pair of plastic earrings
        3 bracelets
        1 brush
        2 pots of glitter
        1 clear lip-gloss
        1 red glitter gel
        1 red nail varnish

        My Opinion.
        I myself bought my daughter the My Scene Bling Styling head but due to lack of communication between my mother, and myself my daughter also received this toy as a Christmas gift. I was rather relieved really due to the disappointment of the My Scene toy (see my review on this product). This torso doll was retailing for £26.99 prior to Christmas at Woolworths and Argos, however, it is now retailing in the sales for £20.00 on average (typical).

        Removing the Bratz Torso from the box was a lot easier than the My Scene Bling, I have to say and an added bonus is that the Bratz doll comes with straight hair, which does not seem to tangle very much at all. So far so good, I think to myself until we get to remove the accessories. Tiny fragile plastic bracelets and fragile plastic earrings come with the doll, which you have to be very careful not to creak whilst removing from the packaging.

        The Brush was a good quality, I have to confess and very easy to use on this doll as it has straight hair. Then to my horror came the pots of nail varnish, glittery gel and glitter dust. Oh no, my daughter and glitter don’t mix. I think my mother does it on purpose some times to keep me busy. The idea suddenly came to me that perhaps my daughter would not notice if I was to hide the glitter away, but I was, too late she had spotted it and like a flash of lightning off went the toy, glitter and all. I have to say that although this toy is given an age range of 6 years and over I think it is a little messy for a child that age and the accessories are definitely unsuitable for a child of six.

        I must say I think that these Bratz dolls are extremely ugly and quite scary in my opinion with there great big eyes and there two fat lips. Yes, this toy has gone one stage further than the MY Scene Bling doll as Bratz is from head to hips, but why? What can a child learn from a belly button on a plastic torso? The main idea of the doll is to be able to create hair styles for the Bratz Torso Doll which given the length and quality of the dolls hair is great and quite easy for a child to manage, but I fail to see the point in a child having to try and glitter gel the plastic T-Shirt on the doll, especially when the glitter gel does not work properly and fails to stick to the plastic torso.

        Finally, the Bratz doll allows you child to try and give the doll a nail varnish manicure, which is very hard when actually see the size of the nails and that the nail varnish is a cheap one with a chunky brush and lumpy liquid. Come on you manufacturers, isn't it about time you put in the quality to the accessories on these products, especially when you consider the prices you are charging us for them.

        Overall, better than the My Scene Bling Styling Head, but still room for improvement.

        Welshwickedone © January 2007.


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        Makeover your Bratz from head to hips with this cool styling head.

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