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Bratz Ice Champion

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Brand: MGA Entertainment / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      21.03.2008 11:13
      Very helpful



      One of the best Bratz ranges

      My grandaughter collects Bratz dolls so for Christmas I brought her some of the Ice Champion dolls and also a special skating rink so that 2 of her dolls can skate at the same time and put on a show for us.

      I got her the Yasmin and Vanessa dolls because they were a nice pair together as one has got dark hair and the other is blond. They both come in a pretty ice skating outfit and are wearing a pair of proper white ice skates and I could not fail to notice straightaway that they are going ice skating.

      Each doll comes with a pair of winter boots and a hat and scarf set so that when they have finished skating my grandaughter can get them dressed to walk home from the rink.

      Vanessa and Yasmin are very pretty. They have both got long silky hair and very pretty faces like all the rest of the Bratz dolls. The Ice Skating Bratz are bendable so that children can make them look like they are really ice skating and put them into different positions. When you lift the dolls leg up and raise her arms in the air she can do a pirouette and she will also bend at the waist and all her arms and legs move independently so she really does look like she is skating. When my grandaughter has set both of her skating Bratz up together they look very cute together and look like 2 girls out skating and having fun. When she puts their winter outfits on she makes them go for a walk together.

      I think these are lovely dolls and they have given my grandaughter hours of play time and she is not bored with them at all. I like to play with them with her as well because it is fun watching her enjoy her dolls and making up adventures and skating competitions for them to take part in. It is better than her sitting in front of the playstation because these dolls let her use her imagination and not just her thumbs.

      They are tough dolls like all Bratz are. The only trouble with them I think is because to change their shoes you have to take off their whole foot and these can get lost easily even though they are quite big. I had to buy my grandaughter a little suitcase to keep all her Bratz bits and pieces in because her mom said she had to keep searching all through the house for the dolls feet. Bratz are also more flexible than Barbie dolls so children cannot accidentally bend their arms too much and break or crack them. They wipe clean very easily as well and if my grandaughter gets dirt on their faces it only takes a minute to wipe it off with a damp cloth.

      I brought my grandaughter the Ice Champion ice rink playset at the same time as the dolls and this has made her get even more enjoyment from her dolls. She got a doll with the playset so now she has got 3 dolls out of this set and I think she only needs the Dana doll. She can position 2 dolls on the ice rink and make them spin and twirl around using a special remote control. The ice rink looks like a big chunk of ice and is very clever the way it makes the dolls dance like real ice skaters. When she is not playing with her Ice Champions Bratz she sets the dolls up on the stands that they come with around the ice rink and it makes a nice display on her bedroom cabinet. It lights up and glows when the Bratz are skating and this makes it look very pretty while she is playing.

      Bratz ice skaters cost about £13 each and the rink cost £39. 99. This is about the right price for Bratz things because they are quite expensive but I think they are worth the money because my grandaughter has so much fun with them. The only thing I have to complain about is the way Bratz are packaged because they are very hard to take out of all the plastic and cardboard. The people who package Bratz even thread a plastic wire through the dolls hair to keep it tidy in the box so that I am scared to take one out of the box in case I accidentally cut her hair because that would never do.


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        02.01.2008 10:00
        Very helpful



        Flash in the pan toy with limited appeal.

        ce Champion

        Not only are we the proud owners of many things Barbie related but we have also been lucky enough to acquire our own fair share of Bratz dolls, this being the latest in quite a long line.

        This is basically a rather glamorous Bratz doll who wears skates on her feet. This is so that she can be slotted into the base which is an ice skating rink. Attached to the skating rink is the control device, with two switches, one being for the individual spoke on which the doll stands and one being for the whole rink. They can both go forwards or backwards depending on whether you press the button up or down. These buttons are quite small and the middle point which is stop is quite tricky to get in place so children will have to be shown beforehand.

        Once I get through the huge amount of packaging, and untie all the knots, we get the figure nicely on the rink, and realise that it takes 6 AA batteries. They are easy to put into the base of the rink, and thankfully there is no need to struggle with a screw driver.

        The instruction leaflet gives us some ideas of the poses the skater can master (4 in total) and then tells us to "hit" the rink. There are two connectors in total so should we wish, we can add another doll to the rink, but at the moment, we have only one. When she is on the connector, as mentioned before, we can watch her go round and round individually, and for added effect, make the whole edge of the rink turn forwards or backwards. Not really a lot going on!

        It does however do one more thing. With the doll and skater comes a mini plug cable which can be attached to an MP3 player or other audio device, and the music will play through the speaker on the base of the rink. In this way, children can have the doll "skating" to music of their choice, although obviously not in time to the beat!

        ~~Other bits of information~~

        The toy is not suitable for children under the age of 3 years because of small parts.

        I believe this retails at about £30, but it being after Christmas, they will probably be in the sale now.

        ~~Made by~~

        TM and MGA Entaertainment, Inc


        In my opinion I don't think it does a lot, but obviously, in the case of toys, my opinion doesn't really count! From my point of view, the toy is easy to set up once you get the thing out of the box, and although it takes a lot of batteries, repeated usage has proved that they do last quite a long time- we haven't had to change them yet. The base is sturdy, and when put on the connector, the doll thankfully stays put and doesn't fall off, as has happened with toys we have had before. It does do exactly what it says it will do on the box!

        The addition of the cable to play music is quite interesting, and we have noticed that the music plays quite well- I was expecting a lot of distortion to the sound, but not so. Little Miss enjoys playing the music and sending the doll into a spin forwards and backwards.

        She has played with it quite a lot, although now that the controls have been mastered I do think that interest will wane, and I notice the base lying disgarded in one room and the doll in another. It's now a case of the doll just being another Bratz doll on the pile of dolls with no notice being taken of the fact that she has ice skates and not removable feet.

        Bratz fans will probably like the initial idea of the skating rink, but it's not a toy I would particularly recommend. Removing the doll from the incessant turning will give more options for creative play, so I would suggest buying a normal doll or two for the price.

        Flash in the pan toy with limited interest.

        Thanks for reading.

        Daniela x


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      • Product Details

        Two Bratz can spin and skate in different directions with the use of remote control.

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