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Bratz Magic Hair Cloe

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2 Reviews

Brand: Vivid Imaginations / Type: Doll

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    2 Reviews
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      07.02.2009 02:59



      Doll with great hair

      I bought this doll for my little cousin`s birthday because she said she wanted one but her mother didn`t bought her onw so I decided to make a good surprise.I bought the doll which later I found out was name Cloe and it came in a plastic box full of little objects and a doll with great looking hair.After we opened the box we found two tubes of glitter,color steaking tool and three colors for it but I can`t remember what were they.There was also a crimer tool inside it and a hair brush.My little cousin was happy to have this doll and we got all the stuff out of the plastic box and I was able to take a better look at the doll.The doll was like all the other Bratzs-great made and with huge had and small,but cute lips.The hair was great on touching and soon the doll was all colored.


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      25.08.2008 18:02
      Very helpful



      A nice idea that doesn't actually work!

      On our recent trip to Chapel St Leonard's, (this may sound familiar, this is how my last review started, lol!), and after we (myself and my husband), had managed to persuade our youngest to finally spend some of his holiday money, it was time to spend........ I mean advise our daughter on what was a good buy, and try to get her more for her money, I felt, at the time, this was what we had managed to do, hence this review!

      The product I will now review is "Bratz, magic hair colour"

      Ok, so anyone familiar with my reviews will be aware that my daughter is at the age of High School Musical, Hannah Montana and of course Bratz, so seeing this set in the sale, even though it is a relatively new set was to much of a temptation!

      The set was the follow on set to the set she received from my younger sister for her birthday, (but that's another review in the writing!).

      The set comes in a large plastic box with a clear front, through that the doll and extras inside are visible, across the front of that is the statement that this particular doll is called Cloe and that these are "the only girls with a passion for fashion"
      There is, finally a set of pictures down the left hand side of the box of the doll within, at different stages of having it's hair dyed, with the bottom picture showing the child who owns the doll with a streak of the hair colour on her hair, therefore saying the dye can be used on both human and plastic! (lol)

      My first gripe with this set is the same one I tend to have with all Bratz sets, the packaging. Not so much the outer packaging as the securing packaging. In order to display the dolls and accessories in all the different positions and poses that they do for the display, there has to be an incredible amount of securing tags used within the box, these vary from tags for the feet and legs to secure them to the box, the shoes to the feet even to the hair being actually sewn onto the cardboard scene at the back of the doll, just so the dolls hair "splays" out in a natural way! Although this, with a little prior experience can be removed somewhat easily, my daughter didn't find it so easy, actually cutting half of the previous dolls hair off!

      So you have successfully removed the doll and all the accessories from the packaging, and, if your anything like me, you will have had to retrieve the afore mentioned packaging from the recycle bag to find the "plastic" face guard, which may I add looks like a securing tag!
      The first thing you will notice is the fact it looks and feels like the dolls hair has been drenched in a can of hairspray, so you will have to spend a good ten minutes brushing the dolls hair so you can actually apply the dye to it!

      The doll in question is Cloe, I hadn't realised until getting it home (literally!), that these come with a varying selection of dolls, with each doll comes a corresponding set of hair dyes, when we purchased this particular set there was only the Cloe doll available, this doll comes with two tubes of hair glitter in silver and purple, three "spray" cans of hair dye, in pink, blue and purple, I will get to these later! Also in the set is a small hair clip, the sort that hairdressers use in salons, a face guard to stop the dolls face being dyed, a small hairbrush, a hairdressing coat and finally a dye mixing bowl with a brush applicator.

      The second gripe I have with this set is the fact the pictures on the front of the box specifically show the doll with defined and bright coloured streaks in the colours of the spray dye, the instructions give you a step by step guide to applying the dye to the dolls hair, sectioning a piece of with the hairdressing clip, then applying the dye with either the brush method or spraying it directly on with the bottle.

      The final effect is of course, nowhere near up to the standard the picture is, in reality the final effect is NOTHING like the pictures.
      For start off the so called "spray" bottles are not actually spray. If they were spray bottles the effect would be the right one, the bottles are in fact pump action, with the dye being very thin, almost the consistency of water. So as soon as you spray the dye onto the hair, bearing in mind the dolls hair is synthetic, so has no porous qualities to it, runs straight of.
      The fact that this set also has no way of sitting the doll upright, so you don't have two hands to concentrate on the styling , with the reality being that the doll has to be held with the spray being applied in that method, it's hardly surprising my daughter struggled with it!
      In the end, to save my furniture, fixtures and fittings from being liberally coated in a concoction of colours, and believe me just because it didn't go on the dolls hair that well, it seem to dye everything else in the vicinity with split second speed! I lay some sheets of newspaper on the table were she was working, she combed the hair out on top of the paper, sectioning the bit off she was dyeing, then saturated the hair strands.
      The dolls hair took three days to dry!! It sat on top of my microwave for all that time, and trust me I came close a few times to throwing the damn thing away!

      Finally, once the dolls hair had dried, my daughter brushed it through to admire the effect, and surprise surprise ......... the dolls hair hadn't even changed colour!
      When we bought the doll it had pre dyed hair, in this dolls case thick purple streaks, these were the only things still visible on the hair.

      My daughter was of course adamant that she wanted to dye her hair with this set, but after seeing the state it made of my pine table I have refused, my daughter has white blond hair, knowing my luck she will be going back to school with green hair!

      The glitter, fortunately, worked as it should, and washes out easily, so she has to make do with the glitter effect on her own hair!

      Would I recommend this set ........... Yes, but only because it was £15.99 in the sale, and a single Bratz doll will set you back that amount, as for the hair dyeing aspect of it, steer clear, it was truly worse than useless!

      For more information on this product and others in the range visit - www.bratz.com

      Thanks for reading x


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    • Product Details

      1 cool outfit and accessories. Each doll has long memory hair for colouring and styling. Accessories include a crimper tool, no heat curling irons, colour streaking tool and glitter hair mascara, for you and your Bratz.

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