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Bratz Movie Starz Funky Fashion Make Over Yasmin

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Brand: Vivid Imaginations / Type: Doll

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    3 Reviews
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      01.02.2009 00:33
      Very helpful



      A beautiful doll, but is she too sexy for a child's toy?

      For Christmas a friend of mine bought my nine year old granddaughter a make over doll, a Bratz Yasmin to be precise, and as she actually received two of these from Santa this one I decided to keep at my house for when she visits as there is little point in her having two identical dolls at home.

      The first thing I liked about this doll is the fact that it has a body, those of you with little girls will know what I mean. The old fashioned Girls World and more modern Barbie Styling Head are simply heads with long hair and this has always looked very odd to me, this Bratz styler is an over sized Bratz doll without movable limbs so looks much better.

      Yasmin is completely plastic apart from her hair which is made from nylon, and before you panic about this the hair is very easy to brush and keep looking tidy unlike other dolls which have nylon hair that is a nightmare to brush and will rip out from the roots. Her clothes and everything are made of the same sturdy plastic, if you're interested her trousers are black and her strapless top is a gold colour.

      The doll comes with a small range of accessories to style and colour her hair and nails, plus some lip gloss, body glitter and blusher for her cheeks. These cosmetics can also be used on your child, although my granddaughter has her own bag of 'girly' goodies so doesn't use these tiny applicators as they'd be gone in no time if she did.

      The nail varnishes in particular are good and because the brushes are small it means my granddaughter, who is not the most adept make up artist in the world, can do Yasmin up in a few different styles and it all looks neat and well done. If I had to complain about anything it would be that the make up and cosmetics are rather basic so you can't create too many different looks with this doll unless you're prepared to spend quite a bit of time on the hair or use some of your own cosmetics.

      The only problem with this would be that the cosmetics which comes with Yasmin are made to be easily washed off with warm water, whereas my granddaughter ruined her Barbie Styling Head by using her mum's lipstick on it and the grease in the lippy stained the head and left it looking a real mess.

      There's another issue for me but I'm not sure whether it's a personal dislike or a real issue. I personally think Yasmin has too much sex appeal for youngsters, the doll is suitable for kids' aged six years and above but she's sitting in a seductive pose which I'm in two minds whether is suitable for young girls. Don't get me wrong, my granddaughter has lots and lots of Bratz dolls which I do not have a problem with but please look above and see if you can see what I mean.

      Overall this is a nice enough doll but I'm glad it hasn't become a favourite toy in all honesty, she played with Yasmin more or less constantly when she stayed with me in New Years week but since she ran out of body glitter and one of the brushes snapped on the nail varnish she hasn't really bothered with it.

      This Bratz Fashion Makeover Doll costs £19.99 from Argos which is what I'd expect to pay for something like this considering most of the normal sized Bratz cost between £9.99 and £14.99.


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      03.01.2009 01:19
      Very helpful



      Bratz doll

      Bratz funky fashion makeover

      With Christmas over and Santa Claus having visited our house we have acquired a few of the Bratz dolls, this being one of them.
      It's advertised as being "Hollywood looks for your Bratz and you" so I assume that the make up can be used on the small person although I don't encourage this and haven't suggested it to Little Miss.


      This being a Bratz doll, it's a total nightmare to actually get to the doll- large box with very thick card and plastic and then once this is off there are the obligatory ties to untie.
      Once inside, and untied, we can get the doll out. This isn't the usual head but is instead the full doll who is sitting down with knees bent, and although she is plastic, the design is such that she looks like she is wearing some black trousers and gold top.
      This being Yasmin, she has wavy brown hair (not plastic, but brushable nylon), larger than possible green eyes and pouty Bratz lips. Her feet are bare so that her toe nails can be painted.
      As well as the doll we get the make up and accessories- black brush for keeping her floor length hair neat, a pot of pinky colour nail varnish for finger and toe nails, one pot of lip gloss (pink and glittery), two pots of body glitter (silver and pink) an applicator brush for the glitter, some silver hair glitter in a mascara type tube, and a tube of pink highlighter which I think is for the cheeks but can't be sure.

      The large pictures on the back of the box encourage us to: gloss the lips, body shimmer, beautify eyes, paint nails, glitter and colour the hair, and there are certainly the products to do this. The make up products themselves are quite good quality and I have noticed that even when Little Miss and her friends manage to get it all over their hands it causes no nasty reactions and just requires some soap and water to remove. Because the brushes are quite small the make up doesn't tend to get all over the doll, and even with a vaguely steady hand they can make a relatively good job of the finger and toe nails.


      There are of course some warnings:
      * Suitable only for children 6 years and over
      * The make up may stain some fabrics, so don't let children play with the stuff on cream carpets.
      * Cosmetics may cause a reaction
      * Keep nail polish and glitter away from eyes


      This costs around the £35 mark which is quite expensive but seems to be the going rate for this kind of product.


      The product will appeal to fans of the Bratz dolls. I actually like the fact that it's a full body doll and not just a decapitated head which I always think look a bit weird. The doll is nice and sturdy and although the hair is nylon, it is quite easy to brush and keep it neat and so far hasn't become just a tatty mess.
      Although it's quite expensive for what it is, Little Miss has had a lot of fun with this doll and continues to do so. If she makes a mistake with the make up she only has to use a baby wipe to clean her up and start again.

      A good gift for a Bratz fan.

      Thanks for reading.

      Daniela xx


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        13.03.2008 19:09
        Very helpful



        A full body makeover on a Bratz doll

        My cheeky little daughter had a very big Christmas list, so out of this a couple became birthday presents. This was one of them. Priced at £34.99 in Tesco we thought it was one she could wait for.

        The Bratz funky fashion makeover is the first ever full body makeover doll. You can style everything from her head to her toes. The doll is a good size and measures approximately 11 1/2" (29 cm) high and 10" (26 cm) from toes to back. She is available in 2 different characters. She comes complete with:
        1 applicator
        1 hair brush
        1 lipgloss
        1 pair of earrings
        1 hair glitter
        2 hair highlight cream tubes
        2 containers of glitter (to use on lips, apply lipgloss first)
        1 nail polish

        All the makeup items can be used on either the makeover doll or yourself and the doll comes complete with full instructions on how to apply the various different types of makeup.
        What does my daughter think?

        When she unpacked the doll, she was quite disappointed as immediately she noticed that the hair seemed to be covered in hairspray around the back (out of sight when in the box, guess its to control it so it looks nice when its in its packaging) but this did brush out with a bit of effort.

        After sorting out the hair, she went straight to work with the makeup but found its not the easiest thing to do... it went everywhere!! Obviously it doesn't rub in to the plasticy doll so just spreads everywhere. I think the trick here is to use little as it does go a long way. The hair glitter was easy to apply after the hair had been thoroughly brushed and it was probably the best result out of all the different products you get with this doll.

        I was quite worried about how to remove the nail varnish after it had been used. I had the idea that I would use acetone free nail varnish remover (which I have in huge amounts due to having nail extensions) as this wouldn't melt the plastic... but would it take the colour off the doll? I decided the doll would have been a waste if she couldn't use the nail varnish so I let her do it anyway. After a while she was bored and decided to remove the work she had done so far. Surprisingly the nail varnish just wiped off as easy as the rest of the makeup! What was all the panic for? If I would have read the instructions a bit more carefully, I would have realised it said to remove the nail varnish off of the doll with a wet towel or tissue paper but I didn't see this on the back.

        The makeup included can also be used for the child themselves and Megan did try it out. She doesn't have sensitive skin so these products are fine for her to use. She loved the hair glitter and the lipgloss especially and I think she will probably be using them again in the future for partys, even though she already has a collection to outdo me!

        Megan wanted to give the makeover doll 5/5 because she absolutely loves it, then she said to knock one off for the hairspray and the nail varnish. Personally I think its more of a 3. Yes, she loves it and enjoys playing with it and I suppose you cant expect much more from a makeover doll, but I think its terrible value for money. For £35 I expected something quite spectacular. To be honest, if I spent that much money on a makeover doll again, I would want it to talk or something, not just sit there! I do think its massively over priced but then again what did I expect? If you were still considering buying this doll, I have seen it in Tesco for half price recently.

        Safety Precautions

        1. Cosmetics are recommended for children 6 years and over. Adult supervision is recommended. Cosmetics are laboratory tested and safe for use as prescribed. As with all cosmetics, some individual skin types may experiece minor skin irritation. If this occurs, discontinue use.
        2. Cosmetics are for external use only. Discontinue use if irritation or rash appears. Do not use on broken skin.
        3. Do not consume any of the make up in this playset.
        4. Avoid direct contact with eyes. If this occurs, flush with water immediately. If inflammation occurs or pain persists, contact your doctor immediately.
        This product contains CI 19140 (tartrazine) which may cause allergic-type reactions (including bronchial asthma) in certain susceptable persons. If skin rash, irritation, sensitization or other allergic reaction occurs, seek medical attention immediately.

        Do not cut your Bratz hair. Unlike real hair it does not grow back!

        Written by me and also posted on Ciao under my user name lizngaz


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      • Product Details

        Red carpet inspired full length makeover body Yasmin! Makeover her face, hair, finger nails and toe nails! Includes make-up, nail varnish and lots of other glam accessories for you and your Bratz! One supplied. Colours and styles may vary.

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