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Brio 90111 Doll Pram Gull Red with Dots

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Brand: Brio / Type: Pram

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    1 Review
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      14.01.2013 16:28
      Very helpful



      Brio pram

      This year for Christmas my little girl received a baby Annabell from one of ehr aunties which is absolutely her favourite toy of all time. Her grandparents then knew that a baby doll need a baby pram and so they bought her this lovely Brio dolls pram. They like to spend a lot of money on my little girl and I think this pram was fairly expensive in the £60 region but it is really well made and looks lovely as she pushes is around where we live. She absolutely loves this pram and always tucks Annabell into it when we go for a walk and always asks to push the pram when we go for a walk too. I don't mind as I think it looks really cute and she definitely enjoys playing mum.

      The pram came in a big cardboard box and on the side it said, "It´s a fact: children love dolls. And dolls need prams. With a folding metal chassis, wide tyres, foot brake and shopping basket, this classic design ensures that your child gets the full pram pushing experience. Not even bad weather can dampen the fun. Should it get too windy, simply slip on the padded cover and unfold the hood What more can a doll ask for? NOTE: This pram requires partial assembly by an adult. After that it's all child's play!.BRIO pays attention to every detail through the design process and has always been dedicated to creating products that add extra play value, encourage learning and develop fine motor skills."

      The pram came flat packed but it was really easy to assemble. The metal chassis unfolded and then each tyre clipped into place by pushing them on. The the top pram section just clipped onto the top of the metal frame and the sunshade/hood clipped onto it and then it was done.

      The pram is really cute looking and is red white white spots all over it. I think the fabric is made from quite a good quality material and is quite thick and not flimsy like some toys pram materials can be. The handle to push the pram goes all the way across and its nice because it is at just the right level for my little girl to be able to push it well. Its quite easy to push and although I would say the pram is quite stable and somewhat heavy its light enough for her to manoeuver well. She can tilt it up when she gets to a pavement and the wheels will actually lift off the ground, enabling her to get up the curb without my help. The wheels are quite robust too. We just took this pram out this morning in the snow and it actually did better making its way through the snow than I did with my Bugaboo pushchair.

      You can fit a big doll like Baby Annabell in this pram, lying down flat obviously and there is still room for a teddy, bottle of milk etc. The hood goes over the top of the pram nicely and has little knobs on the side just like a real pram hood which allow you to put it in an up or down position. We have it covered over when Annabell is asleep so we don't disturb her!

      Underneath the pram there is a little shopping basket section which is basically another piece of cloth that comes up at the sides enabling you to put things like little bags, or like my little girl has, a pair of high heeled dress shoes!! Well, a girl never knows when she needs to change into her nice shoes, its hard working pushing a pram around don't you know.

      There is one section on the pram that I don't think is that well made and presented. THe bottom of the pram is just a cardboard slat which obviously forms the bottom of the pram but all that covers it is a basic white very flat mattress and this is not held in place or anything so it moves so you really see the cardboard underneath and I think this looks a bit cheap. We are going to look for something a bit better to cover it. Also the cover that goes over the pram is not attached in any way and the only way to attach it is with a hook either side but this comes off very easily and we keep on having to attach it. I think it would have been better if this had of had a zip.

      Overall though I think this pram looks really well made and grown up and my daughter loves pushing it so that is all that count.


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