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Character Options Mini Cinderella and Carriage

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Brand: Character Options / Type: Doll Accessories

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    1 Review
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      07.11.2008 15:48
      Very helpful



      I'm not impressed but then it's not for me!

      During a recent trip to hospital my four year old daughter became upset by the amount of fuss and ongoing treatment and constant need for an oxygen mask and heart monitor. Out of sheer desperation to get her to co-operate I told her she could choose anything she wanted from a Disney Princess brochure we had received through the post from Toys r Us.

      Whilst in hospital she saw an advert on television showing the Disney Mini Cinderella and carriage and so decided that this was what she wanted as her prize for being brave.

      Once we returned home I had a search on the Internet to see if I could get one of these carriages without going to Toys r Us. I found the carriage on Amazon for £14.99 with free postage so I ordered it straight away.

      I don't normally like to buy Character based toys as I find they are generally very disappointing. I had tried to encourage my daughter to choose something else but her mind was set on the Cinderella Carriage.

      It arrived within a few days and my daughter was very excited and wanted it opened immediately. It came on a cardboard backing with a clear plastic front. As with most toys these days it was secured to the box with about 10 bits of bendy wire and a huge amount of stretchy plastic bands.

      We eventually got everything unpacked and what you get for your £14.99 is a white horse with a flowing mane and tail, a little Cinderella of about 3" tall, a pumpkin shaped coach with removable top opening door and light up lanterns. You also get a tiny little plastic mouse figure and a plastic fairy Godmother.

      My daughter started playing with the carriage straight away and put all the little characters inside and pushed it around the floor.

      In my opinion this toy probably isn't going to last very long. It seems quite well made but there a few bits that I don't think will stand up to the punishment it will get from a four year old. The horse seems sturdy enough and has a pink bridle and crown. I don't think it will be long before the hair gets very matted. The coach is quite robust even though it is small and it does have some suspension. The wheels are simply plastic discs that are quite thin but the bits holding them on don't look too flimsy. The seat part is quite big and you can get the characters in easily but they do tend just to slide into a pile at the bottom. The door of the carriage is very flimsy and hangs precariously from it's one hinge. Shutting is takes a bit of force to make it click inside the main carriage body. On one side of the carriage is a heart shaped button to operate the lanterns you press it to turn the lights on and then they switch off by themselves. We didn't realise this at first and thought the button must have been broken. The top dome part of the carriage comes off completely but is quite tricky for little fingers to get back on as it only fits one way. Although the little mouse is cute he is far too small and will be lost or no doubt sucked up the hoover before very long. The Cinderella doll is a little stick creature with a big head! The bodice of her dress is molded plastic and her skirt is material. She is also wearing the tinniest pair of shoes I have ever seen one of which I have lost whilst examining her for this review.

      Had I seen the Cinderella and her mini carriage before making my purchase I don't think I would have bought it. If I had gone to Toys r Us I probably would have attempted to divert my daughters attention elsewhere. My daughter seems happy enough with the carriage and in the few days she has had it she has played with it a couple of times although it does spend most of it's time on the shelf away from her two younger brothers.

      There is nothing really wrong with the carriage at all but I was a little disappointed by it. Apart from placing the characters inside and pushing the carriage around the floor I'm not sure what else can be done with it. Having said that I'm sure every little princess would love one.


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