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Cloud Babies Baba Pink

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Brand: Vivid Imaginations / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      10.08.2013 09:26
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      Cloud Babies Baba Pink

      Cloud Babies is a children's cartoon on CBeebies and is one of my little girls favourite shows. It is quite girly and fluffy and quite a nice little cartoon for little ones to watch. It sort of reminds of the Care Bears in a way, it's that kind of cartoon for a different generation. The show is based on four childlike characters who live on a cloud and help look after the sky. It's really cute actually and I think it shows some really nice sentiments in the show and also shows people the benefits of being good friends and helping one another. They will do things like help the moon get her breakfast, and help Baba Green stop his flowers from making everyone sneeze, some really cute little situations that we really enjoy watching.

      One of the characters is called Baba Pink and according to the website information from CBeebies, "Baba Pink is the slightly bossy one, she loves to clean, mend and stitch with her caring kit and is always looking out for the others and their sky friends."

      My daughter was out with her Dad when they saw this toy and he talked him into buying it for her, she's very good at that but I must admit I didn't mind because I think its actually a really cute little toy. Baba Pink is basically a soft toy but then she has a fairly large plastic head. Her body is fairly basic looking with fabric arms and legs that dangle and she is wearing what she wears in the cartoon, a little pink slip dress with a white star in the middle. I think her body being soft means she is quite funny to cuddle and she is just the right size for my little girl to carry about and play with which is nice. Baba Pink has a really nice smile on her face and looks really cute and I think is just a nice looking sweet doll.

      It's her head that the coolest part about her in my opinion. Baba Pink wears a really cool rainbow turban on her head and then there is another big star on her head too. When you press Baba Pink's tummy this star lights up and changes colours as she sings. It goes from red to bluey/purple to yellow. It's fairly hard to see this in the daytime but as she's singing a bedtime song I think it's better when my little girl presses this as she's in bed with the lights out because then you can see the star completely lighting up. The tummy is really easy to press and my little girl can do it herself which is nice. There is an off switch at the back of Baba Pink underneath her clothes which is easy to switch on and off and my little girl knows how to do this also!

      The song that Baba Pink sings goes like this:

      Snuggle up, close your eyes, it's time to sleep...... it's time to sleep. It only plays one round when you press her tummy so you do need to press it again to hear it.

      All in all this is a cute little doll from the CBeebies series.


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