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Corinthian Kitty In My Pocket Kitty Mum & Babies Siamese Family

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Brand: Corinthian / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      24.07.2009 01:51
      Very helpful



      Overall a nice little set.

      Another great 'In my pocket' playset that your children will love. In this 'In my pocket' collection there are eight different breeds of cats families for you to collect. The one I'm going to review is the Birman cat family you can buy it from various places including www.corinthianshop.co.uk where it will cost you £4.89 if you look around you will probably be able to find it cheaper. The set states that it is suitable for children aged 4 years and over. But my daughters are 3 years and there fine with it you wouldn't want to young children playing with them though as they could put them in there mouth.

      We had another trip to the shops in the weekend and decided to buy a little something for our girls and one of my daughters chose this set. It was reduced to £3.75 which we thought was a good price and my daughter hasn't put it down since she got it.

      There are many different 'In my pocket' toys that you can collect but this particular collection has 8 to it. There are 4 in the first series and 4 in the second series. The reason I say in this collection is each set is the same except it has a different breed of cats in it. The 8 breeds of cats are: Siamese Family, Persian Family, Tabby Family, White Family, Selkirk Rex Family, Birman Family, Bengal Family and Ragdoll Family.

      Each set come with a mother cat and 3 kittens each of them have names the mother cat is called Ethel and the kittens are called Shelly, Eloise and Markie. I think having names for the cats helps add character to the cats and you will soon find your children calling them by the names.The kittens are quite small so you have to be careful your children don't lose them. The set comes with a little pink soft basket that you can put the cat and kittens in. The set also comes with a little ring that you can fit the kittens on to as there is a small hole in the kittens so that you can slot them on to the top of the ring. The ring is plastic and green it has a paw print shape on the top. There is also a pendant that is shaped like a heart which has small paw prints on the kittens can also fit on the top of this. There are other various accessories you can get with differerent collections like ones that the kittens can can fit on to bracelets and hair clips etc.

      I think that this set is great as not only do the sets act as little toys they can play with they can also fix them on to the ring as accessories. My daughters have added these in to there 'In my pocket' collection which has quite a range of animals in it now. They have already started looking for the next set that they want to collect. I find the sets are an average price and they keep my daughters happy and entertained to so I'm happy.


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