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Danbury Mint Betty Boop French Maid

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Brand: Danbury Mint / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      03.08.2011 12:23
      Very helpful



      A pretty figurine, but most definitely not worth the money

      For those of you who are familiar with my reviews you will be aware of my passion for Betty Boop figurines. I have vowed so many times in the past not be make any further purchases, particularly as space in my home is becoming extremely limited. However, a couple of months ago saw the manoeuvring of our living room furniture to enable two further Ikea Detolf glass display cabinets to be purchased. As a result, I have space for some more Bettys! I am a real fan of the collectables sold by Danbury Mint, an online trader that sells unique items that cannot be purchased on the high street. I have been purchasing from the company for the last couple of years where I own approximately twenty of their gorgeous Betty Boop figurines; the majority of which are finished to perfection. Unfortunately, the company rarely introduces a new Betty Boop, so imagine my delightful when a month ago I noticed Betty Boop French Maid on their website and was even more delighted when my husband offered to pay for it.

      When the delivery arrived I have to admit that I was bitterly disappointed, as the box was much smaller than the other figurines that I have purchased from the company. I was even more disappointed when I lifted out the hand painted figurine from the considerable packaging, as she was only 10½ inches in height and I had expected a lot more for the money, particularly as the majority of my figurines measure between 16 and 18 inches. However, this was my own fault, as I had clearly not read the product description prior to purchase. If you are familiar with this lady you will be aware that she believes in displaying a considerable amount of flesh and as the image above shows, she wears her sexy French Maid's outfit, which has been created entirely from different fabrics. The doll is manufactured from porcelain, so is very delicate and fairly heavy.

      There were several parts included in the box where I had to fix the long pins that are situated underneath both of her high heeled black shoes into the black circular stand to enable her to be firmly positioned. Her long slender legs have been painted black to create the illusion of stockings and I had to place her signature white lacy garter adorned with a red heart onto her right thigh. The bodice section of Betty's dress has been painted with a black glossy paint and white puff ball sleeves had been added to begin to create her French maid appearance. This is the first fault I have with this figurine, as the sleeve hems had not been correctly finished and there were various lengths of twine hanging from them, which I needed to snip and remove. The neckline of her dress has been beautifully finished with pretty white lace and there is a matching band of white scalloped lace with a red bad fitted snugly around her tiny neck. To complete the upper section of her dress she wears a huge red bow, which is neatly position on her chest area.

      Her tiny fingers have been hand painted in white to create the illusion of gloves and situated around each of her wrists is a length of white scalloped lace to mirror that of her neckline. In her right hand she carefully grips a feather duster, which has been made from a length of sturdy black plastic and tiny strips of white material; the texture of which resembles that of a very thin curtain lining. The skirt section of the dress is the most spectacular with its' layers upon layers of white netting to hold it upright. A black satin material has been used for the skirt and pretty white lace has been neatly sewn along the hem line. Lifting the dress and peering up Betty's skirt is somewhat of an eye opener, as I am able to see the lower section of a sexy black corset together with a perfectly created suspender belt that fits neatly on top of her stockings.

      The final touch to Betty's outfit is her red and white apron, which again has been hemmed in a scalloped white lace with a red ribbon tie. This is now where my grumbles begin, as located on Betty's ankle is a red plastic heart, which fell off the moment I removed the figurine from the box, so it required super gluing. A French maid's hat was supplied, which is white lace with a wire running through its' length and it was necessary to attach the two twisted ends to Betty's curls to enable it to sit firmly. However, it continually falls off and spoils the overall appearance of the figurine. Another grumble is that when I turn around the figurine I can see the ends of a length of red wool around Betty's neck, which is the band on her lace necklace. I feel this is a very poor attempt on the part of Danbury Mint, particularly for such an expensive figurine and a satin ribbon would have been a much better choice.

      Betty wears a pair of red and white beaded earrings and as with all of the figurines that I own her black glossy curls are depicted by eight curvy points that run along the top of her head. Her facial features always display her puckered ruby red lips and her beautiful green eyes, which are always wide open and looking sideways. To ensure the authenticity of the figurine the manufacture, namely The Hearts Holding Inc can normally be found on the underside of the base. However, for some unknown reason, this has been omitted from the figurine. A welcome addition to this figurine is that four small circular pads have been placed on the underside of the base to prevent Betty from marking any surfaces. Whilst I have not yet cleaned my figurine, thanks to the advice of a helpful Dooyooer I will use a small clean paintbrush to reach into any awkward areas.

      The price of the figurine is £111.00 + £4 postage and packing and as someone who has purchased all of Danbury Mint's Betty Boop collection I would say that this one is definitely not worth the money. To be honest, had I realised her size I would not have made a purchase and I pondered for a while on whether or not to send her back. As for rating this figurine, unfortunately, she loses one star due to price and another due to the few grumbles that I have discussed in this review.

      I hope you found my review useful and would thank you for reading.


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