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Disney Fairies Dolls Flying Fairies

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Brand: Disney / Type: Doll

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    1 Review
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      08.02.2013 16:51
      Very helpful



      A dissapointing toy

      The set

      My little girl loves Disney fairies and so when she spotted an advert for flying high fairies she was desperate for me to buy her one. I remember having a similar version when I was a little girl and really enjoyed it so I decided I would treat her to one. I typed Disney flying fairies into a search engine and found it on Amazon for a reasonable £5 so decided to order one. I was very surprised at the low price, and should have guessed what the quality would be like. I hadn't realised that there was more than one type available, and as it had been Tinker Bell on this one I thought it was the one from the advert as it has a similar name. The one we purchased was the Disney Fairies dolls flying fairies. There is a Disney Fairies dolls Sky high Tink which seems to be a newer version of the one we own. They are both TinkerBell and they both sit on a toadstool to be launched into the air but that is where the similarities end so it is important to know this.

      Upon opening the toy the poor quality started to shine through. With the set you receive a colourful toadstool that looks very attractive. It is a really good size and made of durable plastic. It does feel a little light and maybe a little hollow but other than that it looks nice. The main colours are pink and green but they are bright bold colours that work perfectly together to look nice. The flowers detailed over the toad stool are a nice touch and my daughter did think it looked magical. Tinker Bell is a good size so that she does not get lost after she has landed on the floor, but also not large enough she could cause a danger from falling. She does resemble the Tinker bell my daughter knows from the recent animated films, but to be honest the detailing could have been better. They have just added blonde hair, blue eyes and red lips which do resemble Tinker but they could have added more detailing.

      In use

      When it came to sending Tinker flying into the sky my little girl was very excited. You have to load tinker so she is sitting on top of the toadstool. Once she is sitting in place little one simply has to pull the flower cord attached to the toadstool, release, and watch Tinker going flying into the sky so it all seemed very simple. It is recommended from three years plus and as my little girl was soon to be four I was sure that she would be able to use it. Unfortunately it is difficult for an adult to successfully launch Tinker Bell so for my daughter it really is impossible.

      The first thing we noticed is just how hard it is to sit Tinker on the toad stool. At the bottom of Tinker Bell and at the top if the toad stool is little zigzag cut outs so that Tinker can sit in place, but they also work as cogs to launch the fairy into the air. The problem is this need to be done exactly right before you can even begin to pull the cord. This is not easy to do as if it is not sitting perfectly all the way round the bottom of Tinker Bell it will not spin at all. Also the cogs are very small so that most of the time the figure just falls off it needs to be lined up line for line perfectly.

      The cord has a large plastic flower on the end which seems like a great idea to give little hands something substantial to hold and pull. Unfortunately because of the shape it is cut into it can be uncomfortable for little one if they hold in the wrong way. A few times my daughter has become over exited and pulled at the flower so that it has dug into her hand a little. It is not something that could hurt or cut little hand but it is still uncomfortable for them. This means after just a few times of trying to launch the figure my daughter becomes bored and irritated so she gives up playing with it.

      Once the fairy is loaded on the top of the toad stool and you pull the cord there is a loud clicking noise. You can actually hear the two parts of the toy grinding together and to be honest the first time I thought it had broken. Next is the all important part and TinkerBell fly's into the sky. Well nine times out of ten she just makes a feeble swirl and falls straight to the floor. The problem is the large plastic strips that make up Tinker Bells skirt drag on the side of the Toad stool. These pieces of plastic are supposed to extend out as she rises into the air making her fly gracefully through the sky, but the designers really have not thought about it at all. As the pieces are too large they catch on the bumpy toadstool making it impossible for them to open and perform their job.

      To make sure the doll actually flies into the air it really requires a lot of time and patience. You have to place Tinker into the toadstool and check that the cogs will spin completely round with the way she is sitting. Once you have managed this you have to pull the string very slowly so you can see all of the pieces of her dress slowly lift up. Then you have to let go of the string as fast as you can and hope that the doll lifts into the air. If you manage every step correctly she does give a little twirl in the sky before dropping gracefully, but to be honest it nowhere near the height the advert shows.

      The description state that this can be used both indoors and outdoors which I do agree with as the Tinker Bell doll is very well made so she can stand being hit off the floor, but it is not overly large or heavy. Outside it works well as it is not too light that a slight breeze would carry it away, but of course it would be no good on extremely windy days. If she worked I would expect it to be a huge hit with my daughter but as it is useless we were very disappointed. My daughter will continue to try and make the figure fly into the sky, but I will be purchasing a different variation for her.


      Looking around I can see there is a flying high Tinker Bell which looks so much better deigned, and more like the quality you would expect for a Disney product. That is more expensive at just under £20 but I would 100 percent suggest you go for that variation as the one we own is terrible. It is poorly detailed, poor designed and just never seems to work correctly. The fairy does not fly through the sky as advertised, but instead slumps to the floor like a broken toy. There is no way I would even waste a £1 on this toy as it is so disappointing, and what is the point of a flying fairy if she can't fly? This was a huge disappointment to my daughter and there is no way I can recommend it. It retails at around £10 normally but I would not waste your money.


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    • Product Details

      If you like the Tinker Bell movie, you'll love Disney Fairies Flying Fairies Tinker Bell . Tink sits on her toadstool until you yank the petal pull cord to send her spinning daintily through the air . Flying Tinker Bell is suitable for girls aged three and up.

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