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Disney Princess Swirling Lights Cinderella

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Brand: Disney / Type: Doll

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    3 Reviews
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      19.04.2013 15:44
      Very helpful



      4 stars

      Disney Swirling Lights Cinderella is a beautiful and magical doll for any young girl who gets carried away by the magic of Disney. This is one of my favourite Barbie's that the girls have (they have hundreds - or it feels that way), although this is purely on the looks of the dolls and it has several flaws.

      There are so many Barbie's / dolls on the market now that I struggle to keep a track of which ones the girls have and don't have. When I saw this one for sale just before Christmas, I knew it would be an instant hit, so the details were sent to an aunty to purchase for my youngest daughter (who is nearly 5), and with little surprise it was one of the most played with toys on Christmas day. The Furby was quickly discarded, as was every single other toy which was double the price of this doll. My eldest daughter (who is nearly 7), has pretty much dismissed her large collection of Barbie's over recent months as she is now apparently too old for Barbie's, however this one seems to have grabbed her attention and captured her imagination once more, as she favours this doll over any other toy she owns. So much so, that I had to buy this doll again, so they had one each as I was having to ration it between them!

      My biggest problem with this doll is the battery and electrical pack which is under the skirt. This works to light up Cinderella's dress and play a short selection of musical notes when Cinderella's necklace is pressed. The pack underneath the dress is so bulky that it takes up the whole of the area, I didn't think this would be a problem when we first unwrapped the doll from its copious amounts of packaging, however we soon realised that the doll doesn't really move as such because of the sheer size of the stuff going on underneath her dress (that sounds so wrong!). We bought a Cinderella horse and carriage to compliment the doll and the mobility issue is so much of a problem that Cinderella can't actually fit in her carriage! Luckily we have a Snow White doll so she has had to take on the role of Cinderella while she rides in the carriage and then they quickly change places again when she arrives at the ball!

      We (by pure chance) found a Prince Charming boy doll for sale in Toys R Us and also ended up buying this for her to compliment the horse and carriage and Cinderella, and I must say that although an £18 doll has now turned into a rather expensive little toy with the carriage and Prince Charming, it has really heightened their play time with the set as one of the girls will be in charge of the carriage and a Cinderella and the other is in charge of Prince Charming and the second Cinderella. He has been forced to choose which of the Cinderella's he would like to marry most on several occasion as you can imagine!

      The effects of the light up dress is enthralling to the children and is I must admit, very pretty, however I think the 'swirling lights' product description is a little on the optimistic side and is done in more of a haphazard fashion. It is of course impressive that it can do this anyway, however I do think just a little more time could have been spent on this at the point of product design.

      Quality wise, we haven't had any issues with the doll at all, and she seems well made and robust enough that she has survived several limb pulling arguments before we gave in and bought Cinderella number 2!
      The age range of 3+ again feels slightly optimistic. Given the nature of the electrical components (which I am sure are extremely safe), I would be extremely nervous letting a young child of 3 play with this doll.

      Cinderella's slippers do come off as you would expect to allow the child to play with the doll to its full potential, however given the tiny size of these, they have been lost since around day 3 of owning the doll, and I wouldn't be at all surprised if they are currently residing in my Dyson. Going back to the age range again, I would also be nervous of a 3 year old swallowing these. I know most are out of this stage by now but it would still be a concern for me.

      One last issue with the doll is that she doesn't stand and has to be held during play. I would have been happy to pay a few pounds extra and receive a stand with a base which then would have allowed the doll to be displayed when not being played with, but it would also make playing with the doll a little easier if one child is playing with the set alone. She does bend at the waist (although in a rather rigid way), so she is able to sit.

      With an RRP of £29.99, like most Barbie's / Disney products, it is on the higher side of what you would expect to pay, however I have seen this on offer continually since before Christmas, and I believe my sister paid around £18 on Amazon.

      I have still rated the doll with 4 stars despite the many flaws that she has. This is because I believe that for a young child, this doll is extremely magical, and to look at she is beautiful which makes imaginate play with her so much better!

      *For an increased imaginate play with this doll, I would recommend buying the Prince Charming too.


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      27.03.2013 12:45
      Very helpful



      Pretty but not entirely practical .

      ==Disney Princess Swirling Lights Cinderella.==

      Whilst browsing Amazon for idea for Christmas last year i came across the swirling lights Cinderella. It was on offer for £15, half the r.r.p of £30 . [ Although I could of kicked myself when it was then reduced to £10 the week after !]
      My daughter already had a normal Cinderella doll , but princesses are like shoes you can never have too many , and the fact this had the extra lights and sounds I knew she would love it . The product description reads :
      It is an unforgettable movie moment when magical dust swirls around Cinderella and transforms her tattered pink dress into a gorgeous, elegant blue gown perfect for the royal ball. Swirling Lights Cinderella comes dressed in that iconic blue gown and a matching necklace that, when pressed, re-creates that fantastic moment: just like in the movie, twinkling lights travel up and down Cinderella's dress as magical music plays. Now Cinderella is truly ready to meet her prince.

      ==The Box.==
      Cinderella comes on a cardboard backed box, with a clear plastic front . You can try the swirling effect from the outside of the box by pressing her necklace . She was fairly easy to open with a pair of scissors for the ties that tie her to the cardboard.

      Cinderella has lovely blonde hair that is tied up in a pony tail , with a sweeping fringe . I do prefer a princess to have a hair style rather than just long hair as i find the hair is not the best quality and looks messy and gets tangled very quickly , this is still looking nice and neat . She has a small blue plastic crown which you can remove.
      Her dress is the classic blue , the tops part is made of plastic and is fitted to the doll's body and is not removable. The skirt is a full skirt coming down to her feet , it is covered in little glittery stars, spots and swirls and very pretty . Around the waist is a organza petal shaped fabric detail . The skirt is also fixed and can not be removed.
      Under her dress is where the battery and light pack is , This takes 3 x AAA batteries which were included when purchased and we haven't had to change them yet . The pack is attached to Cinderella's legs and is quite large and bulky . This can not be removed , and because it is attached to her legs and dress you will not be able to dress Cinderella in any other clothes .
      Her necklace is again fixed to the doll and this is what you press for the magical effect.
      Her shoes are beautiful , clear glittery [ plastic] glass slippers and fit very well and stay on which is always a bonus with doll's shoes .

      ==The Magic.==
      To create the swirling lights magic you press Cinderella's jewel in her necklace . This starts by lighting up the bodice part to the dress then the lights moves from side to side of the skirt and go up and down , creating the swirling effect. [ Make sure you pull the tab out of the battery compartment or you will not have the full effect only the shorter demo lights and sound.] The music plays throughout the swirling and is perfect for a princess, the whole lights and sound spectacular lasts 14 seconds , so long enough to enjoy without you looking for the off button , especially when there isn't an off button .

      My daughter loves the lights and sound effects , she particularly likes pressing the button before entering a room and saying ' announcing princess her own name' . And this doll always comes out when we are watching Cinderella so she can recreate the scenes herself. Cinderella is a good quality doll, everything is still working as it should be.
      But there are a couple of things that niggle me , because of the way the battery pack is attached she is very bulky , but not bulky enough to make her stand up . Which is a shame as she would make a nice collectors doll if she could stand up . She can be sat up, if bent at the waist and she does stay there . Also you can not take any of her clothes off , and if like my daughter you child likes swapping the clothes over it might be a problem.

      All in all it is a lovely doll especially at £15 , it is not however worth the r.r.p of £30.
      Bought at sale price, 4 out of 5.


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        25.01.2013 15:08
        Very helpful




        When I was younger I used to play with a lot of Barbie dolls and loved playing with them so for my little girls 3rd birthday I asked my parents to buy her a Barbie doll. The selection was really terrible though, not sure if they have changed from years ago but these days they look a bit tarty and slutty and not something I want my little girl to play with so in the end my parents bought her a Disney Princess doll which I think was a bit more appropriate for someone her age. They decided upon a Cinderella doll and obviously did not look at it too hard when they bought it as they were unaware it lit up and so was I until I read the packaging and saw that it was a magical Cinderella doll.

        The doll looks just like a Barbie doll in the she is plastic and looks like a person with a head, arms that move in their sockets and then a body and legs underneath. She even has the same sort of face as a Barbie doll, a very pretty looking face with pink painted lips and blond hair piled up on her head. However, Cinderella is way more exciting than that. When I first held her she felt quite heavy and I thought it was a plastic stand that she was standing on as her long ball gown covered something quite hard and solid. Turns out it is her battery pack which makes her light up and play a little tune. According to the information on this doll, "It is an unforgettable movie moment when magical dust swirls around Cinderella and transforms her tattered pink dress into a gorgeous, elegant blue gown perfect for the royal ball. Swirling Lights Cinderella comes dressed in that iconic blue gown and a matching necklace that, when pressed, re-creates that fantastic moment: just like in the movie, twinkling lights travel up and down Cinderella's dress as magical music plays. Now Cinderella is truly ready to meet her prince."

        She is a very pretty looking Princess. Her dress is a gorgeous blue colour and all over it are little stars and swirls. Underneath there are cut out little stars too so when the lights go through the back of the dress you get this twinkling lights effect to the dress. It probably only lasts about 10 seconds but its very fun to watch. The music that accompanies it is very dramatic too and very befitting of a princess making her entrance at the ball. The bodice of the dress on Cinderella is solid and plastic and a sparkly blue colour. This also glows and lights up when you press Cinderella's blue jewel necklace. The jewel is easy to press and my one year old boy likes to do it too, just to hear the music probably.

        My favourite part of Cinderella is her shoes. She has a gorgeous pair of glass slippers and I would love a pair just like it too. In fact, these are actually see through plastic high heeled shoes but they obviously are meant to resemble her glass slippers and look very effective. I was going to take these away as they are quite small and could probably be a choking hazard for my little boy but they fit onto her feet quite tightly and you can't see them because the dress is long and covers them so so far they have lasted on her feet well.

        Cinderella does not stand up on her own but you can bend her at the waist so she will sit down and you can prop her up and she will stand like this. At the moment my little girl is 3 and all she really does with Cinderella is press her jewel to make her light up, she loves this aspect of her. At the moment as she is our only doll like this she doesn't really play with her too much but I think give it another year or two and she will be playing with dolls like this and if we get some other ones then I'm sure they will all be like one big family. In the meantime Cinderella is fun to watch and light up.


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      • Product Details

        Disney Princess Swirling Lights Cinderella Doll: It is an unforgettable movie moment when fairy dust swirls around Cinderella and transforms her tattered pink dress into a gorgeous, elegant blue gown perfect for the royal ball. Swirling Lights Cinderella comes dressed in that iconic blue gown and a matching necklace that, when pressed, recreates that fantastic moment: just like in the movie, twinkling lights travel up and down Cinderella's dress as magical music plays. Now Cinderella is truly ready to meet her prince! Doll cannot stand alone.

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